Best Songs On Deftones's Koi No Yokan

One of the founding nu metal bands has released arguably their best album to date, let's see which song is your favorite.

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Best song on Koi No Yokan and one of the best Deftones Songs of all time


I think this is the most intense song off Koi No Yokan
Its really good though
If you haven't heard this song and you call yourself a Deftones fan
Your lying to yourself

Love the intense interchaning prospect in this song which keeps you engaged till the end.


Like this is like one of the best songs on here I think I would be
1) Tempest
2) Leathers
3) Rosemary
4) Poltergeist
5) Swerve City
6) Entombed
7) Gauze
8) What Happened To You?
9) Romantic Dreams
10) Goon Squad

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I've listened to the whole album a few times, but this is the one I distinctly come back to. The chorus is beautiful.

6Swerve City

I love this song, it is one of my favourite deftones songs already - dragon13304

7Romantic Dreams
8What Happened to You?

Swerve City - 10/10
Romantic Dreams - 8/10
Leathers - 10/10
Poltergeist - 10/10
Entombed - 9/10
Graphic Nature - 8/10
Tempest - 8.5/10
Gauze - 9.5/10
Rosemary- 10/10
Goon Squad - 8/10
What Happened to You - 10/10
All the songs are amazing but for me, this one stands out. VOTE FOR IT!

10Goon Squad

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11Graphic Nature
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1. Tempest
2. Leathers
3. Rosemary



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