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1 Breaking All Illusions Breaking All Illusions

Balances contributions most evenly between all the members in addition to just being awesome. Great opening riff and fantastic development.

This song is the most melodic and progressive. I love the breaking part when rudess play the keyboard. And the 9' part is the best

Best John Petrucci solo. Only the Best of Times can even come close. - IronSabbathPriest

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2 On the Backs of Angels On the Backs of Angels

The riffs and chorus rocks Jordan also did amazing at pianos

Petrucci intro is amazing and Rudess choirs in this entire album is beyond awesome!

I really like this song but it should stand a little lower.

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3 Outcry Outcry

Outcry is my second favorite ADTOE song, after Breaking All Illusions. One thing I love about it is how it tells a story, and builds it up with seriously EPIC results. Very catchy chorus, great solos. - Operation_Fortitude

I REALLY REALLY like the lyrics. It's so inspirational, well written. Instrumentmal... WOAAAHww

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4 Bridges In the Sky Bridges In the Sky

Best one after On the Backs of Angels, The Chorus is so amazing and beautiful... Not to mention the wonderful playing from every member. - fidelcanojr

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5 Lost Not Forgotten Lost Not Forgotten

I remember attempting to make a video for this song for a competition. The best video made would be shown behind the band when they play the song live. I didn't win but I was 11 at the time so my video making skills were pretty sub-par. - IronSabbathPriest

Underrated I must say. It's really awesome and well written, too. This song gripped me quickly and didn't let go - Songsta41

1. Lost Not Forgotten
2. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
3. Breaking All Illusions
4. Bridges in the Sky
5. On the Backs of Angels
6. Outcry
7. Beneath the Surface
8. Far From Heaven
9. This is the Life - Derrick_Fox

Catchy song and relaxing

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6 Build Me Up, Break Me Down Build Me Up, Break Me Down

It�'s a song which has the melody, a good lyrics and good instrumental power! Woohoo, I replay it day after day

I like how they scream BUILD ME UP BREAK ME DOWN! And 7 srriously should be under outcry heck this is my second favorite. Dt album (images and words can't be beat) I'm glad I own this cd its ausome

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7 This Is the Life This Is the Life

It�'s a vocally strong song, but the instruments are also to die for.

JP can really make you feel things in this song... Most emotionally gripping DT song since Space-Dye Vest (except maybe the Best of Times) - Songsta41

8 Beneath the Surface Beneath the Surface

This is seriously the only song I get goosebumps of. Woah

Wonderful and emotional song

9 Far From Heaven Far From Heaven

Beautiful, its just so emotional and so powerful without heaving heavy powers... you know what it izzz

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1. On the Backs of Angels
2. Breaking All Illusions
3. Beneath the Surface
1. Breaking All Illusions
2. On the Backs of Angels
3. Outcry
1. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
2. Outcry
3. Beneath the Surface

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