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81This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now
82Original of the Species

My favourite Amazing battery rythm and such a great musical experiment indeed.

Moving, gripping, and filled with the emotion of a lasting group

This is in my top 10 favourites. Just a gorgeous song through and through.

83Fast Cars
84When I Look at the World
85Cedarwood Road

From cedarwood cedarwood road don Na na Na na don Na na Na love the guitar solo

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86Cedars of Lebanon

This song is so great with the broken chords and the fantastic bass. It is my favorite song on No Line on the Horizon and I can't believe it's so low on this list! It's excellent!

87The Electric Co.

The highlight of Boy!

88Staring at the Sun

Wait, are you all serious? Staring at the sun, 82? ! This song deserves to be on the top 20's... But it's U2, so many songs and all are awesome!

Definitely a top 10 song, best song on POP.

89Xanax and Wine (Demo of Fast Cars)

One of the band's greatest songs in my opinion. Lost on an album the band didn't ultimately believe in, unfortunately. The album was too rushed at the end for their liking, but this song is so other-worldly, ethereal, and just damned good. I've listened to it before so many major life events to psych me up and it never fails. If you haven't listened and consider yourself a U2 fan, take 5 minutes - you won't regret it. I especially prefer the live version on their greatest hits album.

Surely this is one of their best songs from the 90's.

92Trip Through Your Wires

This song isn't even mentioned...such a great song...!

This song deserves to be higher than 93.

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93CaliforniaV2 Comments
94A Man and a Woman
95VolcanoV1 Comment
97Zoo Station

How can this be so low on this list

This song kicks ass. Should be WAY higher.

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What an intro to this track superb. Brings me back to summer 93 in Paris

One of their less conventional ones, but one of my favorites

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99The Hands That Built America

People! You're undervaluing this excellent work. Gangs of New York (the movie it was written for) only received a 75% rating on the famous vegetable movie review site, which may be part of why the song didn't get more air time. Bono's soaring solo toward the end reaches the skies and the interwoven melodies and harmonies make you want to play this on repeat.

"Best song ever... I just can't get enough of it... It makes me feel different, it reminds me the history of mankind and how we've evolved!

The most beautiful song, I'd say!

"From the stony fields to hanging steel from sky" --- what an evocative line

The Orchestral Version should be the first of U2

100Do You Feel Loved

It feels better and better every time I listen to it.

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