Best Songs On Green Day's ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré! Trilogy

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Ashley are ya foolin around, classic

22Baby Eyes

Love the feel to it.

Amazing song - cachu

23Lady Cobra

This is my favorite Green Day song

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People hate this song so much. That's why I like it. - Stjimmy101

Is it because of the female rapper this song is hated? - irismatidia

A bit of a departure for the band, especially with the guest female rap, but still so recognizably Green Day!

26Makeout Party

This song is one of the best in the trilogy and should be rated much higher

One of the best songs in the trilogy

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I don't think it's the best in the trilogy, but it is severely underrated. Not only is Amanda an awesome name, but the song is my favorite on Tré. It has everything you would want from a Green Day song.

This needs to be in the Top 10 at least!

One of my favorites in the trilogy

This song needs more attention

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28Sex, Drugs & Violence

Such a solid song deserves to be so much higher!

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29Angel Blue

I love this song my personal favourite of the trilogy, great tune!

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30Drama Queen

This song is diffrent and awesome! Its about a dad sending his daughter in to the world its really sweet.

I even put this song as my ringtone, which tells a lot about how much I love this song

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318th Avenue Serenade

I know this one probably wouldn't be the first choice for most of you, but I am in love with it...!

I really really love this song, I don't really understand why it isn't higher rated, it is definitely one of THE BEST songs that not only are in the trilogy, but I have heard from Green Day, very underrated.

'take a walk out of my life, sing to me a lullaby'
Isn't this one of the best ways to say how love really is?

I remember when everyone was hyping this song up

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32Wild One
33Loss of Control

What people mean when they say the trilogy sucks

This is so underrated sure I prefer x kid and DRB but 24th? COME ON PEOPLE!

34Walk Away

I cannot understand how can such an awesome song be so low on this list... Definitely deserves a place in top 15

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35See You Tonight
36A Little Boy Named Train

This is easily the best song in the whole trilogy, should be much higher

What? I thought this was the best one and it's #32?

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37Sweet 16

Why is this song so low? It's awesome! So much better than Fell For You and Lady Cobra.

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