Best Songs by J. Cole


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The Top Ten

Lost Ones
One incredibly deep song. The lyrics have a strong meaning, and I can tell that J Cole wrote this track from the heart.
"And I ain't to proud to tell ya that I cry sometimes, I cry sometimes about it.. "
J Cole KILLED every single verse. And the hook immediately pulled me in. This is easily my favorite J Cole track. Every man should hear it, and they should pay attention to the lyrics, and think about em.
Incredible song. He pours his heart and soul into this song, a song with meaning and truth, not a song about pussy or weed, just real song with a real meaning. Had this song on repeat everywhere I went, and it'll always be a top track from him.
Lost ones has to be by far the best song from J. cole no doubt. I completely agree with this one hundred percent and more! Not only men, but women too should listen to the lyrics. Men are always pushing women in to abortion and women are being forced into it, however it is terrible on both their parts. I will always love this song because unlike other songs there is a true meaning. cole will always be on top, no one can take his place.
[Newest]Absolutely the most sincere song that we have seen Cole drop. When he says "I cry sometimes about it", it feels like Cole is saying that. It feels genuine.

2I Get Up
I get up is pure rap and is deep. Cole proves he's the best modern rapper. I say he's the best ever no matter what anyone says because him Kendrick and are the only two modern rappers not past their prime who are lyrical
By far this is his best song, the true insight of todays youthful minds and African American ingenuity. I pray the sun gon shine my way actually all of our way.
One of the deepest songs I've ever listened to. Easily the best song on my ipod. "Cole World"
[Newest]Song that made me a fan

3Return of Simba
An amazing beat with sick lyrics, this song is definitely one of Cole's best. The intro sampling Lion King is just a genius idea. 9/27
Though every Cole song is a classic, this should have been saved for the album. The best J Cole song yet and is just an example of how amazing he will be. Cole will soon be the G. O. A. T
Terrific Beat, definitely should've been on the album. Simba represents J. Cole trying to become king. Best Line: "Cole under pressure, what that make? Diamonds..
[Newest]Can't go through a day at work without listening to this song. Its simply amazing. Was expecting to see it in the top 3

4Born Sinner
This song is the best J Cole song in existence in my opinion. The beat is amazing and the chorus is my favourite chorus of any song ever
This song is amazing and it's music video is very deep

5Lights Please
The song that impressed HOV enough to sign him. Without this song, J. Cole might not be on Roc nation. Just for that reason alone its his best.
He puts his view and most Hood girls view into different perspectives
This should be number one for it represents where he started
[Newest]This is a cool song

6Let Nas Down
This song makes Cole appear as though he let his role model down through his album. If you like the vulnerability in this song, listen to the remix where Nas says that Cole made him proud.
Long the idols may they never be your rivals.
Great sampling of Nas at the beggining and the lyrics where from the heart. J Cole rapping is music and hip hop at its finest all from the heart that's something we don't always see today a true jem of hip-hop
[Newest]This song is G. Whoever wrote the first comment on the #2 song is g too.

7Power Trip
This song caught my by surprise and made me into a J Cole fan! It tells such a sad story. I've been through it, so this song means a lot to me.
Best song ever.. It was released on Valentines Day and I always play this for the girls I like :)) A Really Good Song
[Newest]This made me a J. Cole fan, check out the producing that went into making this

Best line: "These hoes the same all that change is the outfit. "
Amazing Kanye sample, my favorite beat he's ever used. Great Lyrics, as usual for Cole. All around awesome song.

9Before I'm Gone
Beat= extraordinary. Lyrics= sensational. 3rd verse could not have been done by a human its that good something special
Song Gives Me Chills, Man.
He's painting pictures of hope

10Blow Up
Should've been his first radio single. I actually know ladies who vibe to this MUCH more than “Work Out.” The perfect anthem for every college hustler.
Too addictive. Too addictive. I wanna sing it, but it's such a cool song I don't want to because I might disrespect the song. Damn. Catchy.
Sick beat, great lyrics. Love this song, it never gets old.
One of the best pieces of hip hop

The Contenders

11Crooked Smile
Made me cry. Real ass lyrics. Something that actually makes sense in 2013. The lyrics relate to real life.
Love this song, my favourite J.Cole song.
Great J cole song. Every girl should listen to this song.
[Newest]Can't believe this song hasn't made it to top ten... I love this song it's so perfect.

12Who Dat
Its one of the best if not the best n just watched the video and oh men! Simple n nyc... My ring tone now
Lyrically amazing over a dope beat he comes too hard to not be a top 3 J Cole song of all time

This song belongs on the top 10 no doubt. Easily a classic! This was the first song I heard that got me addicted to J. Cole, his story telling is phenomenal. The voice of the people.
Amazing that someone could write a song and tell a story at the same time. Only J. Cole could do it while making it hard to forget.
Real relatable! He's so specific with his lyrics & it seems like whenever you feel a certain way, you can listen to some J. Cole which talks exactly how you feel.
I'm pretty sure not a lot of people listen to this song because it is at the bottom. Take a minute and listen to it please

14Cheer Up
J Cole really expresses what he's going through in this great song of his. He really just pours his expressions emotionally. Going through his past as a child. This song reflects j cole at his best. Enough said.
Amazing! Not really a big fan of j cole but this song has so much meaning about it. Unlike most rappers (not talking about Emenim he is my favourite rapper) now days he isn't rapping about doing drugs, drinking or getting girls. Two other J cole songs I would recommend are crooked smile and daddy's little girl.
This is one of his best. Rap with meaning is so underrated. Crooked Smile is another good song.

15Rise and Shine
The opening words are great- Jay-Z talking about j cole n stuff... Interesting - then cole just hits it... The beat is great though really makes this song
Starts with that intro by Jay Z and Cole just comes in and Kills it! So glad it was actually on an album and not a mixtape.
Cole top 5 for sure

16Can't Get Enough
* Amazing hook
* Superb music
* Awesome delivery
* Great lyrics

Cole goes hard on this song. It's a great song to listen to, especially in car. It's one of my favorite J Cole songs. It's not his best song, but it deserves to be in the Top Ten!
I bet the music is real good... J cole is good enough but with trey its really fantastic... Love the beats and the beach...
Best song my J. Cole! Needs to be higher

This is one of cole's deepest songs and the way he progresses through the story shows his true talent. He's also said it's one of his most personal songs but it's still relatable for anyone.
Unconditionally one of the dopest J. Cole'songs. He made a markable writing where everyone can see this guy as a talented one.

18Pass Me By
The lyrics are so ill.

I think that this is one of Cole's top three
Songs. I think it's the best off of Friday night lights. Great beat, lyrics, and just sounds raw.

20Sideline Story
This song is what got me to love j cole and all his music
Great song. Their a reason the album had it's name, it was because of this song. Shoulda been higher
If you wanna get into the roots of his career, listen to this melody. His wants and his courage says it in this song.
[Newest]Deserves to be higher. Put a lot of work into this one masterpiece.

21She Knows
Best song ever! It's a must have one of j Coles best works this is my favourite song I got this song the first time I heard
Easily the best j cole song, awesome beat. my personal favorite I can't believe it's not higher
Great song. A must listen

22Losing My Balance

23Rich N*****
This is one of the best songs off J Cole's New Album this shows how people are oppressed and still find their own path through their struggles because of dedication and hard work. Or about how people want to take the easy way to fame but don't know what it really takes to become successful "how much for your soul" You can even take into account saying "You got what I want I got what you need" that industry heads need a new artist and he knows it and that some people are willing to give up everything to become famous hence the next line "how much for your soul". There are multiple areas to touch on in this Cole song besides just the chorus. Listen to this Man.
One of the deepest rap songs I've ever heard. So much self-reflection as opposed to the self-glorification that normally comes out of the industry. A breath of the freshest air.
I love this song, I listen to it almost everyday it had a true meaning behind it

24Work Out
A Cole Classic. Yeah it is radio and may have Let Nas Down, but you can't resist the beat! It's fresh, youthful and has a great instrumental.
His best song in my opinion
Best song of all time the lyrics is amazing

25The Badness
One of coles best songs for sure top 20 maybe not 10

26Too Deep for the Intro
What? This Is Like #2 Easily. Very Disappointed That Its 37th.
How is this # 34? Its honestly the most touching song he's ever written
This is my song it should edleast be top 10

Cole be spitting verses like it's Armageddon
"Sometimes, I brag like Hov, sometimes I'm real like Pac, sometimes I focus on the flow to show tge skills I got."
Come on this should be higher

28Premeditated Murder
I had a old school whip and this is all I played in it. His flow is too smooth. This song truely shows the difference between him and Drake. And he destroys drake
Unbelievable how this isn't Top 10
The hook on this one on its own deserves for the tune to be higher


30Chaining Game

31Dolla and a Dream
The third one is the best one!

Why isn't it even in the top 10! This song is the greatest rap song ever! So sleep on...
One of his best songs I totally agree! Why isn't this higher up on the list?! Wow, J Cole has a way with words and he most definitely proves it in this joint. Get those votes higher...
Its such an amazing song I honestly think it should be on the top ten
[Newest]Probably his best song

33Show Me Somethin'
EASILY should crack the top 10. Amazing hook, beat, lyrics, message. Everything about this songs is great, too bad it's not one of his most popular songs, if more people knew about it it could be a #1 hit.
Every J cole Song ever made is Great but this should be in the top 10

34LAnd of the Snakes
Sick beat real good song
Very catchy and awesome beat

35Nothing Last Forever

36Song for the Ville
This is easily top ten its insane that its all the way down here at 36 this song is almost as good as return of simba

37Kenny Lofton
This song touch my heart it should have place here

So you telling me yall forgot this song! Of all songs! Forget that lost ones! Listen to the born sinner album and see if you can keep lost ones #1
He's right this song is one of the best
Cole best song lyrics touch me

39Can I Live
Some thing is definitely wrong with this list if this isn't in the top 10. Easily one of his deepest, tear jerking, true heart touching songs. Give it a listen, and you wont regret it. Trust me.
This song just is so emotional. When you listen to it, you can feel the great storytelling come to your ears. Amazing song and one of his best
Seriously in his top three best songs. Easily. Something is definitely wrong with this list. This song has some DEEP lyrics. This list is crud if this doesn't even show in the top ten...?
[Newest]This song is ill! Listen to warm up if you haven't yet, Cole's best work in my opinion

40Forbidden Fruit
Amazing beat
Good lyrics
Overall good song
Vote for it so it can be higher
Best J Cole song ever! This is my favorite song of all time.

41Mr. Nice Watch
This is the first Cole song that I heard and made me fall in love with him. Definitely needs to be higher
Cole's voice and that guitar is perfect harmony!
Best of the bunch

42It Won't Be Long

43Home for the Holidays
Just a great overall song

44Grew Up Fast
I love this song. The sample is great and he did work
I love you the bast

Number 5. Deepest, Most sickest track. Just hits you straight away
This is one of the deepest lyrical songs by J. Cole. He goes deep into the heart telling the story. This accorfing to me should have been on an album and deserves to be at top 10.

46Nobody's Perfect
This song is good. It definitely deserves a top 10. The chorus is so calming... Always listen to it when I'm down...
This is a great song should be way higher
Chilling song Top Ten Worthy

47Grown Simba
J Cole go hard

48Miss America
This is top 10! His views on America and the norm of things such as miss America are called out for their ignorance. Real song j cole lets you in his deep thoughts and fears

49Never Told
A killing bit of self analysis.

50In the Morning
Damn he really killed it
This is a top 10, for real!

51Lil Ghetto N****

52Can I Holla at Ya
Best J Cole song to be honest
To real.. top 10 cole
Great work by J

53Get Free
Awesome POVs, and dope collab with major lazer

54Is She Gon Pop
One of my favorites on Born Sinner
One of his toughest songs

55I'm On It

56Visionz of Home
Visionz of home is just pure genius. The lyrics I swear builds you up to take on the world. In my opinion this song should easily fall in his top ten, not down grading any of his songs but this one is a truw classic.

57Purple Rain


59The Cure


61Fire Squad
This track is fire! One of my favourite songs of 2014

62Love Yourz
Best song in the universe


63Love Me Not

64The Good Son

65Dead Presidents
Oh man.!
His puns are better than shakespere.
This song is great

66Knock On Wood
He kncoks too hard on that wood. The type of remix you would think its and original song. He outplayed Common.


68Dolla and a Dream II

69Be Freestyle
Awesome freestyle with a awesome beat. Surprised this wasn't on the list, definitely should be at least top 20


71Be Free

72Cole World
This song is too dope. Real talk its one of the best use of words put together
Cole world, Cole lights, Cole blooded
J Cole at his finest, rap excellence
A cool hook. Great show of lyrical skill and a good beat more of a less emotional style but j Cole proves he can also rap sawgger style

73A Tale of 2 Citiez

74Wet Dreamz

75January 28th

76No Role Modelz
This is fire definitely deserves a spot in the top 10

77You Got It

78I'm a Fool

79New York Times


81Crunch Time
Cole talks about how some men would rather take the easy road and just hustle their entire life. They worry so much about the money they make rather than being successful they don't even worry about jail. They forget about their dreams and just focus on drugs. Deep.

82Rise Above

83Last Call
Just Listen to the Song!

84Split You Up

85Back to the Topic
Seriously? I had to put this on the list this song has a great combination of lyrics, metaphors, and production. j cole kills it here. best song, no doubt, just listen to it.

86Tears for ODB
This should be in the top ten! This is poetry ! ♥♥♥

87Dead Presidents II
"ahead of my time like I live my whole life backwards" that's cole flexing his lyrical prowess

88Chaining Day



9103' Adolescence

92See It to Believe It
Easily one of his best

93Wet Dreams
This song can be related to anyone during high school

94God's Gift
This holds Top 3 of my favorite J. Cole songs.

95Daddy's Little Girl
Great song.J. cole is just one of the best of all time and more people need to see that.

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