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21 December Will Be Magic Again

I love this song, it really catchs the magic of christmas, the silence of christmas eve, the happiness of christmas day, and the mmystery of december

22 Suspended In Gaffa Suspended In Gaffa

Love the melody, lyrics, vocal. Very interesting single.
Personally the best from "the dreaming"album

23 Waking the Witch Waking the Witch

Along with "Get Out of My House" it's her most upredictable song, it's a REAL Kate for my

24 Kashka from Baghdad Kashka from Baghdad
25 Deeper Understanding Deeper Understanding
26 Army Dreamers Army Dreamers

One of the most beautiful and poignant anti-war songs ever written. It should be compulsory listening for all those who think war is a game.

The first time I heard the piece was like, total shock over its beautifulness. Easily, best song of her, at least for me.

27 Oh England My Lionheart Oh England My Lionheart
28 The Sensual World The Sensual World

Amazing. Inspired by Molly Bloom's soliloquy in the James Joyce novel 'Ulysses' Kate Bush takes us on a journey into 'The Sensual World'.

29 Rubberband Girl Rubberband Girl
30 Jig of Life Jig of Life

No love for this? One of my favorites

31 Get Out of My House Get Out of My House

One of my two favourite Kate Bush songs (the other being Running up that Hill), this is so intense and really replicates the tone of the shining well.

32 Rocket's Tail Rocket's Tail

This is my favorite Kate Bush song, its got one of the best guitar parts I've ever heard. - Doom

33 Mother Stands for Comfort Mother Stands for Comfort
34 Moving Moving

This is the song that opened Kate's first album, THE KICK INSIDE, and it opened her one and only live tour. Haunting, ravishing song performed by Kate as if she's water nymph come back from antiquity. Exquisite.

35 A Coral Room A Coral Room
36 Hammer Horror Hammer Horror

Not one of her more popular songs, but to me it shows here vocal range the best, plus the music video looks really good.

37 In Search of Peter Pan In Search of Peter Pan
38 Watching You Without Me Watching You Without Me
39 The Morning Fog The Morning Fog
40 The Big Sky The Big Sky
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