Best Songs From Lacuna Coil

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Our Truth
The Powerful Whoosh of the guitar says it all! Vocals are as rhythmic as ever. Number 1 for sure! Whats it doing at number 4?
This song must be in the first place. "Enjoy the Silence" is also very good song, but it's not totally original. The guitar rifts of "Our Truth" are perfect. Their best song, for sure.
! This Song I Like It! It must be number one!. I really really sure!
[Newest]This song has started my never ending love for Lacuna. Vocals and guitars have so much power and I love to listen it again and again! It never gets boring.

2Enjoy the Silence
Better than the original one! The music and vocals are beautiful, it sends a chill down my spine...

3Trip the Darkness
Come on, Trip The Darkness and Spellbound are amazing.


Gees... I like when she says "follow me, follow me..." I'd follow her anywhere :P

More seriously, to me this song is the best they made.. and the best song I have heard for a long time.
Follow me follow me... Really Amazing!

4Heavens a Lie
It should be on the first position... What a song it is... No comparisons with any other song of theirs... Its class apart
This song gives me a kind of feeling I can't explain! Damn great!
Best song of lacuna coil...

One of the signature songs of Lacuna, it has a powerful intro with Scabbia belting it high, followed by Ferro's aggressive vocals.. The riffs and drums are electrifying all the way! The overall effect is enchanting!

By far better than Our truth! This song should be no. 1
Listened to all the top songs and this one wins hands down.
What is the best song of Lacuna Coil is doing this low?

7Within Me
I think that this song is just amazing. It is a massive high for me when I'm feeling low. I really love this one. My drug
What a power! Their voices really fit each other.

I found this song in guitar hero 3, and I very much enjoyed listening to it

9Kill the Light

10End of Time
My first song of this band that I ever heard, This should be on top 5.

The Contenders

11Daylight Dancer
Hell yes! This song is just shivers down your spine. Beautiful!

12The Ghost Woman and the Hunter
By far the best song of Lacuna Coil. Such deep and beautiful vocals...

13Tight Rope

14Falling Again
I can't believe this song isn't even on top 5.
This is the best song by Lacuna Coil

Needs to be top 10

16I Like It

17What I See

18Wide Awake

19I Don't Believe In Tomorrow

20Nothing Stands In Our Way
Their Best to date.

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