Best Songs On Lana Del Rey's Born to Die


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1Video Games

This was the first song I heard by her and it's so magical, one of my all time faves

I thought this was Ready To Die, I think I made a wrong turn, whoops. - cachu

2Summertime Sadness

Seriously.. The beat, her stutter on "S-s-summertime", and the bridge? Incredible.

I would like my boyfriend to listen to this song, this song has feeelings emotions.

3Off to the Races

The sound her voice makes in the chorus... it's great and fun and different

So many different things to find and like about this song.

I could listen to this song on repeat forever

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4Born to Die

Lana's voice is beautiful and Born to Die is the best song from her. Can't stop listening to this song.

This song is my fave from the album besides Dark Paradise and Off To The Races.

Seriously, I can't stop listening to this song.

A very Calm voice with great music!

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5Blue Jeans

Hauntingly beautiful. Similar to Chris Isaac's Wicked Games

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6Dark Paradise

I've never heard a song that felt so smooth and unique... Heard it in a movie and I was smitten by the voice, I know it was Lana, but I haven't heard the the song till then, this song should definitely be in the top 5. Surprised to see that it didn't even make your top 10.

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7National Anthem

This song literally makes me sway my head every time I listen to it. The lyrics are really awesome, her voice sounds nice. If that is not enough, the CHORUS IS WORTH DYING FOR!

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To be honest, this is one of my favorites, apart from Summertime Sadness, BTD and Video Games. By the way all of the songs in BTD album are great as well, but this track is a 'must-listen' for those who had this album.

I love this song for countless reasons. One of them is because I love Lana, and her music can be so dark, and I love hearing her making songs about being happy. The song has such a classy tune to it, and the lyrics are absolutely genius.

Hearing Lana being so happy, and her putting it into a lyrically beautiful, fun song... It's just wonderful

Only an idiot would pick Summertime Sadness as #1. Radio is truly one of her best songs.

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9This Is What Makes Us Girls

Can't you guys relate? This song is just so wonderful...

A reminder that all good things come to an end.

10Without You

Best song ever. Words can't describe...

This is one of her best song lyrics wise. I have no idea why it's so low on this list.

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11Million Dollar Man

This song is daring, unique, haunting, and much different from her other songs. The lyrics are exquisite and unusual, so is the tune and she kills it live.

The instrumental is brilliant, the lyrics comes next but the strangeness in the song is quite an undeniable dimension.

12Diet Mountain Dew
13CarmenV1 Comment

This is probally my second favorite. My fave would be Lolita on the target album

16Body Electric
17Lucky Ones

Wild Lucky One I Don't Give A Florida Kilo.

19Bel Air
20Gods & Monsters
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1. Dark Paradise
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1. Video Games
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3. Blue Jeans
1. Video Games
2. Million Dollar Man
3. Summertime Sadness

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