Best Songs On Maroon 5's It Won't Be Soon Before Long


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Makes Me Wonder
Listen to sample

2Won't Go Home Without You
This song is a nice mix of current and classic rock with a Sting & The Police vibe and emotion evoking lyrics that make this song perhaps the best so far.
Such a sad song. And Adam is amazing.
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3Wake Up Call Listen to sample

4If I Never See Your Face Again Listen to sample

5Goodnight Goodnight Listen to sample

6Nothing Lasts Forever Listen to sample

7Little of Your Time Listen to sample

8Not Falling Apart Listen to sample

9Better That We Break Listen to sample

10Can't Stop Listen to sample

The Contenders

11Back at Your Door
I absolutely love this song!
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12Until You're Over Me

13Kiwi Listen to sample


15Losing My Mind

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