Best Songs From Papa Roach's The Connection

This is an Amazing new album form Papa Roach so it's going to be really hard to vote!

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1Where Did the Angels Go

This is one their best songs ever - SeLeR

Best song by them period, let alone on the album

2Give Me Back My Life

This song is an amazing one from papa roach...! I love the way shaddix has sung it... This song is incredibly awesome
The whole album is just an again another awesome one from papa roach... Hell I love them.. - Greengirl

3Leader of the Broken Hearts

As the saying goes good bands stay true to their roots, great bands evolve their sound. And this song proves Papa Roach are the kind of band who can experiment with different soundscapes like rock, rap, electrics, dubstep and still make beautiful songs with inspiring lyrics such as this.

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4Before I Die

The most heart-baring song on the record. Shaddix opens up just like in "Scars" and "Broken Home". 10/10

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5Not That Beautiful
6Still Swingin

I found it more much like an anthem for Papa Roach and us fans. Yes, We indeed are the ones STILL SWINGIN!

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7Walking Dead

My favorite song on the album. There is so much energy in it and a catchy chorus

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8Breathe You In
9Wish You Never Met Me
10Silence Is the Enemy

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11Won't Let Up

It doesn't matter which song I vote
'because all are awesome songs!

12Set Me Off
139th Life

All songs are equally awesome so it doesn't matter which song I vote! - abhisheksrivastava

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14What's Left of Me

Listen to it and you will see how awesome it is! :) I am really being serious! Please listen to it and you will find how brilliant it is. Trust me, it will worth it. It's THE BEST SONG!

I hear this song it amazing Like I can t stop listening this song

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15As Far As I Remember
16You Gotta Want It
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