Best Songs From Slipknot's Self-titled Album


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Um who the hell is Chad aplin its corey taylor

This and (sic), the best songs on the album.

This list has the funniest comments! - Metalmaniakkk

Chad aplin is the best singer ever!

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2Wait and Bleed

Who is Chad aplin is it suppose to be corey taylor

Wait and Bleed is an awesome song for Slipknot. Happy this is the best on the album.

First off this song is awesome and also who the F@&$ is Chad Aplin.

Chad aplin is slipknot enough said

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3Spit It Out

The Riff is totally awesome but I don't really like the chorus at all

I don't really like the chorus at all

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This song is indeed (Sic), it's so aggressive and bad ass, grizzly guitars, amazing drumming and percussion, pure awesomeness - RustyNail

It's what got me into Slipknot in the first place so it's got to be

This song is awesome my favorite part is when corey chris and the clown scream sic.

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The guitar at the beginning is amazing better than spit it out ( I still like it though)


Man.. This song is so underrated, it should be top 5. Can't believe more people are voting for sic and liberate.

This song is trademark slipknot and deserves so much more recognition! Whatever happened to slipknot after IOWA was a let down... Go back to the original stuff!

Chad did a great job with this song live

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If anything, the best misheard lyrics after Nightwish's Wishmaster.

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8No Life

Who on earth is Chad Aplin? He's not in Slipknot but everybody's talking about him. Can somebody explain?

Yeah exactly who the hell is Chad aplin

The lead singer is called Corey Taylor you idiot.

Chad is the real lead singer any REAL fan would know that...


Well f you whoever said Corey lip sinks

Can you all shut up about Chad Aplin? Anyway, this song is amazing and very underrated. - NikBrusk

I love this song and Corey doesn't lip sync. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Its true corey does lip sink his voice is gone the band is not what it once was

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10Me Inside

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This is one off the most underrated songs ever!

Chad aplin did a great job singing on this one I agree

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12ScissorsV3 Comments

It is, it's the bonus section after scissors finishes - IronSabbathPriest

It is not on slipknots self titled album.

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14Only One

What the hell?! How is this song not in the top 5? This is probably their fastest song ever. The rap is creative and amazing. My favorite song by them.

This Is The Best Song Off The Album So I Voted Because I listen to it eberyday when I wake up

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16Get This

Aggressive intro. Should be up higher.

17Tattered & Torn
18Frail Limb Nursery
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