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22The Right Profile

I dedicate this and The Guns of Brixton to anyone who say they "sold out" and somehow became worse because they expanded from being a punk band. in my opinion better than anything( with a few exceptions) off of their first few albums. I'd rather have a masterpiece of rock than the same 2 minute song regurgitated album after album with minor differences in structure and composition.

This song gets me super pumped when I listen to it. It has an awesome buildup.

23Janie Jones
24Capital Radio One
26Revolution Rock

Excellent blend of punk and reggae, with some killer drum fills thrown in. - ProfessorMercury

27Guns On the Roof
29Police On My Back
30Clash City Rockers

I think this is just the most punk song they have. It's pure energy and I like it far more than some of their main songs. "Clash city rockers" shows the spirit of punk rock band.

31The Card Cheat

Should be here. Not a typical Clash song... But it would have got my vote.

32London's Burning

The guitar kicks some serious ass - GuyInANateGrinder

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33English Civil War

Just so catchy, why the hell is it so far down this list?!

Simpy a great song. It has a wonderful solo and an upbeat tempo. I just love it.

35Remote Control
36Wrong 'Em Boyo

Such an underrated song! One of my favourites from London calling.

37I'm So Bored With the U.S.A.

So, I think it is the best song in their first album. Awesome part from 2:17.

39Police & Thieves

Great song! Right up there with London calling and should I stay or should I go. - matty925

I love this song wich was also song by others groups in reggae version.

40Safe European Home
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