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The Man Who Can't Be Moved
I love this song, I cried when I first listened to it..
It is so touchy... <3
And I also love the lead singer, Golden Audio Cords!
The music is Awesome, and the Lyrics, What can I say more? <3 <3 <3
I REALLY LOVE THEM <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I LOVE to hear the song... It touches the heart who will listen on it.
It's my favorite song! It's so touching... And I also love the voice of their vocalists...
[Newest]It has always been my favorite song this honestly gets to me. Whoever loves this song has a great taste in music
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2Hall of Fame
One of my favorite songs right now, really inspiring can't stop listening to it. Please vote for this song should go higher in the list.
Just superb! Very inspiring... Please vote it should be in top 5
Awesome song this is! I heard this song from the radio, and loved it from the very beginning!
[Newest]I just love this song, very beautiful lyric and video...
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Simply Awesome!
Fell in love with Script after listening to this song
Script is one of the most refreshing band ever
All their songs are wonderful
I am so obsessed with this amusing song and the lyrics!
I just cannot get it out of my head and my daughter sang the song for her variety show!
LALALA. Oh wait. 2 words. SUPERB STUFF. It was totally magnificent! Pure quality comparing to the others.
[Newest]Love this song! Forever best!
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4For the First Time
'Oh these times are hard
Yeah they're making us crazy
Don't give up on me baby'

Love the lyrics and the way he goes 'woho-oo-woo-ooh'
"woo-hoo-wo" -> the touching part and the "shot to the heart" part of the song. It was the CLIMAX!
Total goosebumps and made me cry! Heart touching song by the script... But we're gonna stop by drinking all cheap bottles of wine, sit talking up all night saying things we haven't for a while...

[Newest]This is an awesome song it should #1 I can listen to it over and over again it gives me chills. I love love the song
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I AM OBSESSED WITH THE SCRIPT I'm from the same area as danny whoo, I went to their concert in belfast last night and glen was saying that they wrote this song because danny was a drunk phoner and that he always phoned people when he was drunk and then danny was all like no I don't LIES and then he was all like so how many of you drink drive and everyone put their hands up and Danny was all like LIARS they actually seem like really down-to-earth guys, they're really funny, really gorgeous and amazing singers after they finished singing this song there was an applause for 3 minutes straight and I am not joking danny actually sat down waiting for us to finish he was laughing his head off it was AMAZING you really should see them in concert. Absolutely brill this song is amazing too xx
They know how you feel after getting out of a disastrous relationship. I don't know how they do it but I am always left in awe with all their songs. An Amazing Band, making beautiful music. I love them <3.
LOVE THE SCRIPT! I Wish I could see them in concert but I probably won't be able to cause I am going off to college. That's pretty depressing since they are awesome.
[Newest]Yo I'm in deep love with this song

6If You Could See Me Now
This song should be WAY higher! It's so full of meaning and the lyrics are beautiful. Best song on thos album!
This song tells how much Danny and Mark miss their parents, it's so personal that I can feel the pain they're feeling. I'm in LOVE with this song because it tells what it feels like losing someone you love and care. Well basically The Script writes about life, that's what I love and am always amazed by them.
Nobody has heard this song or what, this song belongs in top!
[Newest]The song contains the best lyrics ever
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7If You Ever Come Back
This song should be at least in the top 3... The music is fantastic and the lyrics are even better... The video is good too
I am totally a The Script fan, and I honestly love all their songs. But "If You Ever Come Back" should at least rank above "Breakeven" or something. Danny O'Donoghue did a superb job on this song, and so did the rest of the band members in providing the drums and guitar. This is totally underrated, and deserves more than a #6.
This song should be at 1st. I wonder its in 12. Its lyrics is awesome as well as video. Really mine all time favorite song. What the hell it is doing in 12.. This song rock
[Newest]This should be in top 3. This song can really make you cry. The lyrics are just out of this world. I listen to this song a million times a day but just don't get bored. I just totally love this song.
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8Six Degrees of Separation
I think this song has the perfect words to explain how we really feel after separation. And I also think this song's realistic.
The absolute best song from the new album
First, you think the worst is a broken heart
What's gonna kill you is the second part
And the third, is when your world splits down the middle
Fourth, you're gonna think that you fixed yourself
Fifth, you see them out with someone else
And the sixth, is when you admit that you may have messed up a little

Just listen to it,
It should be on top
[Newest]BLasts Blue October out of the water

9We Cry
The Script make the best music in the world! It is so hard to choose when all their music is so perfect... So often their songs just explain exactly how I feel... And when it doesn't, it sounds great anyway... Almost every script song is my favorite song, but 4 me We Cry will always be the first and best, should be higher... The Script are AWESOME!
Together We-cry as a broken hearted man reveals his exit-wounds as he can't stop loving the woman that has left him, even though she won't-feel-a-thing for him. Not for-the-first-time, his friends try to face him to the reality that she is long-gone-and-moved-on but he's already a deadman-walking because their hearts didn't break-even and she decided to walk-away leaving him as a wreck and she never-came-back. The moral of the story is that even if you think that this-is-love, be wise, don't just fall-for-anything, or you shoot yourself with a bullet-from-a-gun and will be an emotional wreck as someone who-can't-be-moved, with a broken heart and have noth-ing and will always be reminded of what happened before-the-worst when we were with that person we will forever love. But whose we will never again have in return The End. (yea I was bored) Great Band! Thankyou the Script!
This song sympathizes with and accepts Today's problem's rather than pretending they don't exist. Or preaching about change as if it's that easy, we all know it's never that easy. The world is not black and white. Not all questions are Yes or No questions. Getting off topic but the point is that they're amazing and this song is amazing.
[Newest]This song is a great reminder of why we need to be less selfish and care for the world more.

10Talk You Down
This song is fabulous
I adore the script
I can't believe somebody could write such amazing lyrics
I'm a new fan of the script and it is the better than of my recent favorite bands, this song should be at least at the top 3, so please vote. Very nice song, worth to be sung and retain in our hearts
I think this song is the best because... The script are amazing! Danny has great vocals and the other boys are so talented. The music video is so cool because danny gets to fly through the air and I just think he's adorable!
Good luck boys
[Newest]I am greatly inspire this song and everything on the lyrics had ever mean to my life. Hope it would be the top 2 in the list because my number one is "The man who can't be moved".

The Contenders

11Before the Worst
Well it was very difficult to decide and vote for this song because all script songs are great but the vote had to go somewhere, right?
I love the lyrocs and it's like this song really has a meaning. and well, I once saw a video related to this song and it may rise some positive feelings.
I absolutely love the script and everyday before I leave for school I purposely listen to this song so it's in my head all day! I just love them and I don't know why but this song has always been my favoutite.
[Newest]This song is amazing and it's a song that pretty much anyone could relate to

12Science & Faith
Such a good song! It's really one thing that always makes a person feel better! Such an amazing message and feeling! One of my favorite songs, honestly. I'm a scientific thinker and this is like a wake-up call. It's my dream to have someone sing this to me
I absolutelly adore! I literally adore it! I have science and religion related problems: I can't connect purely with either if the other one is in the picture. So this song kinda makes it all better...
I love this video because every lyrics and steps of the video makes me cry. because I had a crush who doesn't know my feelings so sad...
[Newest]The most soulful song in the whole world I can't describe.
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Oh my god! I just don't understand why this song is at number 33! It should be number 1. I love this song. This song inspires me more than anything! If you're feeling down or heartbroken or anything this is the best song to hear! There could not be a better song than this. THE SCRIPT YOU ROCK! LOVE THIS SONG! LOVE YOU DANNY!
First song released on the new album. The Script have done it again, my friends!
Everyday, every hour, Turn the pain into power.
[Newest]It's a good song it should be 1st

14Exit Wounds
Great down to earth beautiful song... Amazing to listen to, and even better to play. Should be a lot higher...
LOVE IT! Absolutely awesome song for any broken heart to hear... Music just can't really get any better than this, and if its this good it must be by the Script! Vote!
This song. One of their best EVER! It helped fix my broken heart a lott!
Definitely should listen to this if you haven't. It's so beautiful and pulls on your heartstrings
[Newest]According to me this is their best song!

15Good Ol' Days
Such an amazing song, one of the most upbeat songs that the script actually do, I am a massive fan of the script and this song really shows another side to danny and the lads. Man who can't be moved, talk you down, nothing... All amazing songs... In fact... They all are... But this JUST edges it for me on current choice.
Love, love, love The Script!
Absolutely love this song. It never fails to cheer me up. I sing it constantly and am always playing the drum sequence. Very upbeat and lively and great use of lyrics!

16Broken Arrow
No words to say how much I love this song. My all time favourite song.


Wow, This Song is really awesome, with the rap and the message behind the song! I m really in love with it
I just love this song. its easy listing just sit back and enjoy
[Newest]This song must be on the top 5! I love this song so much ♥

17No Words
There are literally no words to describe how beautiful and perfect this song is.. Love it! The Script Rock!
I'm completely in love with this song. It's so special when you're thinking about that wonderful person in your life. I love how much I love this song. It's perfection.


The song sets me on fire. The music is amazing and the lyrics are so damn lovable. I mean come on people what else one does need in a song..
[Newest]Because when it comes to this song, there are just no just no words... Just love it!

Why do I vote this song? Because its just amazing. The lyrics are unbeatable, and they say so much. The background music is so touching, and the chorus just makes me want to sing along. This song is for sure their best work, and deserves to be in the number one spot.
Amazing song! The Chorus is unbelieveably catchy
This ought to be on the Top 10 list!
[Newest]This song should be in the top 10! Lets get it up there people!

19Dead Man Walking
Dead Man Walking is the best "The Script" song I've ever heard. It's packed with so much emotion of losing someone you love, and anyone who is heartbroken can totally relate to it. I'm just so surprised I found it on the #11 spot. Listen to the sample; you will be mesmerized.
It is as beautiful as it hurts to me. The lyrics are like, stabbing me right in front of my face, even though I'm a female
This The Script best song ever
i really love this song, Greaat lyrics <3


[Newest]This is the most under rated song of the script... It deserves at least top 3 position.

Most of the other songs above are cool too but millionaires is better than songs like exit wound or if you see kay and more... So I say that millionaires should be at no. 13 or somethin... Believe me this is also a cool song... The script is awesome and actually to tell the truth almost all of their songs are pretty... My favourite is for the first time... My list:
For the first time
Man who can't be moved
Then the rest... So the script is like 1 of my favorite bands and is ther in my everyday playlist and I'm pretty sure they are cool for you too... The script rocks
Great song
The script rocks!
Millionaires and For The First Time are the best songs by The Script, in my opinion. But then again, all of The Script songs are amazing.

21I'm Yours
You have got to be kidding me! This is like the best songs of all time! And it's so low in this list... What a disgrace! It's so full of emotions.. And meaning... And Danny's voice.. Oh my god! :D one of the best songs by the script!
There are almost no songs like this one, this song literally takes your breath away. The emotion Danny O’Donoghue can put in the single phrase 'I'm Yours' just make you feel all your own emotions, from happiness to sadness at once. It makes this song more than just a song, it makes it an experience.
Why is this song so low on this ranking? It is probably the best The Script song ever. The way Danny sings "I'm Yours" makes me cringe because it's such a simple phrase but he has the ability to much so much emotion in it. Not only this phrase, the whole song is brilliant. I think that's what loving people feel like, that's what I feel like. Thank you, The Script, for this beautiful song.
[Newest]I like this song very much.. nothing to explain about that... I love it

22This = Love
So GOD. Its amazing, and I think that once you listen tot his song you get the feel of what love is. I was super confused about love and then once I hear it, I was like 'Woah, that is'. The meaning is so deep and everything has such a powerful meaning! Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL SONG!
If you want to relieve stress - listen to this song.
If you want a song that expresses a core value of love - listen to this song.
If you just want to listen to some cool rock music - listen to this song.
If you are just bored - listen to this song.
This song is just plain awesome. No words can describe its beauty.
Emotions? Check. Meaningful lyrics? Check. MORE THAN ENOUGH of the hot Danny O'Donoghue? Check. Why isn't anyone voting for this?
[Newest]This should be higher up at least top 5

23Long Gone and Moved On
The best song ever on earth... Sighh I just love Script. This song touches each and every soul assured. I bet anyone who listens to this song will be besotted by it
I can't believe this song is # 23! I love almost all of Script's songs but this one is definitely in the top 10. The melody is great and the lyrics are imaginative.
Best melody of all Script songs.

24The End Where I Begin
Very inspirational! One of the best I've heard!
Amazing song! Best song in the FIFA 10 soundtrack. One of my favorite songs of all time.
Just because song doesn't Chart that doesn't mean song is nothing. Hear this when You are alone and you will find this is indeed the Best Songs Scripts Have Written
[Newest]The most amazing song you'll ever need. enough said

25Moon Boots

26Live Like We're Dying
Wow, if there was ever a song to describe time, and how we need to spend it, It's this song.
Wow.. This song should be their album title. I mean, wow men! This song is like.. "looking' at the hands of time weve been given here". Its so amazing.. Focuses on living with no regrets =D
This song fits to the saying "if you succeed, then its good, I you fail, then its experience". =D
This song is great and the name explains what we should do... 'live like we're dying' we don't have forever

27You Won't Feel a Thing
I can't understand this song is rated so low. This should be in top 5.
It's not the best of their songs, but it is one of their big hits. I'm not usually good at remembering the names of songs, when I read this one I immediately new what song it was. This should be much, much higher.
LOVE IT, its a great song, and I think it has a lot of meaning. Truly amazing

28If You See Kay
I love the word play! And the message rocks.. I love danny! :))
More power to THE SCRIPT!
This should be higher up, I'm obsessed with If You See Kay...
Definitely better than their new songs. Back then their music had more meaning, more soul and a bigger backstory.

29Walk Away

30Fall for Anything
Best song ever, unfortunately the last "solo" is too short...
But the text is so true, you really think in his shoes.
I really really really recommend you listening to this song, the script did everything right by writing it!
This is my favorite song in the entire world

31Never Seen Anything "Quite Like You"
Beautiful.. Love you Danny..

32Man On a Wire
Best song from No Doing Without Silence in my opinion. Should at least be in the top 20
It is one of theirs best. Do watch the video and listen the song too. I would certainly rate it 4 out of 5.
How could it be number 37? I'm sure its gonna make it to the top 5 very very soon.

"My colors come alive when I collide with you"? If the lyrics of this song don't get to you, I don't know what will. So poetic and beautiful with a great sound to back it up. Truly a beautiful song.
Great lyrics
With great music
Awesome song with
Meaningful lyrics
[Newest]Too much awesomeness in one song

Probably the most underrated song by The Script. :/ Hurricanes is an asset. It deserves more. A lot more!
Great to year.
Nice and pleasant

35No Good In Goodbyes
This should be on top ten! I listen to this so many times but never get bored
Come on, its not should be top ten, it must be top ten!
Top ten please this song has fab lyrics

36Bullet From a Gun
That's one of the best songs I've ever heard <3 <3 and I can't believe it should be in the top 5

37The Energy Never Dies

38No Good In Goodbye
You definitely have to listen to this beautiful track. My ratings: 4 out of 5
This song is priceless! Can't" belive that all of their mainstream songs is rated higher! You're crazy:/ I could listen to this song al day long<3 it truly discribes how it's like to be left heartbroken..
37th? You're kidding me!

39th?!? Come on this at least deserves a place in the top 10! Soft, captivating, and epic, you just need to listening to this to truly get taste for the script! Gotta love this tune
One of the best songs the script have ever released... deserves to be top 10 - one of the most underrated songs of all time!
Their best song since for the first time.

40Hail Rain or Sunshine
This song always make my Badmood gone good...

41Lose Yourself
This is a great song, probably because someone else wrote it

42It's Not Right for You
Much meaning in this song... vote for it

43Paint the Town Green
I love this song. It has a 'lift your spirit' kind of theme. Whenever I hear this song, no matter if I'm sad or depressed, it really picks someone up.

44None the Wiser
This is a great song by the gorgeous danny o'donoghue how come it wasn't on I put it on! I love dan!

45Anybody There

46Howl at the Moon


48Army of Angels
Army of Angels is a great song. Not the best but it is THE SCRIPT, you can't really compare songs and have just one good one.

49This Is Love

50Without Those Songs

51Give the Love Around
Great song! Gives a very good social message.. Amazing music too.. Really a masterpiece.
All songs of The Script were perfect! I listened to the most famous and to the not-so-famous ones of their songs, but this one got the throne for my most favorite The Script song! :D

52Rusty Halo
I love the song's rhythm! ^________^ that's all. Nahh. The songs mentioned above are also good, but, this is my favourite one. No offense people.
I m kinda love with this song it rocks just lik me!

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