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41The Energy Never Dies

This song is damn cool deserves to be in the top 5

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42It's Not Right for You

Much meaning in this song... vote for it

Basically telling you that you don't have to do something you don't want to do

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43Lose Yourself

This is a great song, probably because someone else wrote it

44Anybody There

A slower song but it is still very good. I absolutely love the script and I am very annoyed that they are not coming to Australia on their #3 tour. Oh well, I just hope they make a new album after that and come to Australia then.

45None the Wiser

This is a great song by the gorgeous danny o'donoghue how come it wasn't on I put it on! I love dan!

46Howl at the Moon

This song has to be on this list! Its just so soothing

I love this song!

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48This Is Love
49Without Those Songs
50Army of Angels

Army of Angels is a great song. Not the best but it is THE SCRIPT, you can't really compare songs and have just one good one.

D song is really amazing. It should b way higher. The script really rock

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51Goodbye Friend

David Guetta made a good beat. Has energy and is catchy, and the lyrics are nice - ProPanda

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52Our Song
53Rusty Halo

How is it even possible this is the last song on the list. I'm Yours should've been in the bottom, in my humble opinion

HOW is this LAST?! It's one of their best songs! Different from what they usually do, but I still love it.

How is this song not even in the top 20? It has such a serious chorus and so catchy!

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