Best Songs by The Supremes


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Come See About Me
Listen to sample

2Love Child Listen to sample

3You Keep Me Hangin' On
I'm a 22 year old male from Belgium and I'm totally in love with this song. So it prooves this song is timeless and totally amazing.
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4Baby Love Listen to sample

5Stop! In the Name of Love Listen to sample

6I Hear a Symphony Listen to sample

7You Can't Hurry Love Listen to sample

8Where Did Our Love Go Listen to sample

It's the title song of the 1968 album of the same name. This album was the first one billed as "Diana Ross and the Supremes" (which kinda sucked for the Supremes). I like this song because it's their first foray into a psychedelic sound.


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10Back In My Arms Again Listen to sample

The Contenders

11The Happening Listen to sample

12My World Is Empty Without You Listen to sample

13Someday We'll Be Together Listen to sample

14Nothing But Heartaches Listen to sample

15Stoned Love Listen to sample

16Nathan Jones Listen to sample

17Love Is Here And Now You're Gone Listen to sample

18Love Is Like an Itching In My Heart Listen to sample

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