Best Songs From Three Days Grace's Life Starts Now


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2The Good LifeV1 Comment
3World So Cold

This song has a lot of meaning. I love it and Three Days Grace so much :D Living in a World So Cold. Sometimes we have to go through hard times in our life. These songs always help me through mine. - vinny402

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4Bitter Taste

This is one of the most BADASS Songs ever! From the mighty RIFF to the spectacular SOLO! Both this one and No More are exceptionally good and terribly underrated.

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5No More

No More is amazing. It is a masterpiece. And so underrated! Because this song wasn't released as a single, and was also on their third album which isn't as popular as their first two, because of both of these things this song isn't very well known, but it should be! This song deserves far more recognition and fame than what it gets, because it is truly brilliant.
Adam's vocals on this song are some of his best. The emotion is high in this song, and comes across really well. This song is the most gripping by Three Days Grace in my opinion.
Previously, I Hate Everything About You was in first place here, but after listening to this properly for the first time, even the mighty I Hate Everything About You has to bow to this one. No More is such a special and gripping song.
The fact that it took so long for me to hear this song is proof that it's an underrated song. Please, if you're a fan of Three Days Grace but haven't heard this song, listen to it. ...more - EvilAngel

My favourite 3DG song by far! So much emotion. Plus the intro is AMAZING!

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6Someone Who Cares

This song is so beautiful, WOW!

7Lost In YouV1 Comment
8Last to Know

You probably wouldn't think that a "lost-love" power ballad from Three Days Grace works, but it really does.

This is not only my favourite song from the album, but also one of my all time favourites! I love the emotion Adam puts into this song.

9Life Starts NowV1 Comment
10Goin' Down

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11Without You
13The Chain
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1. No More
2. Someone Who Cares
3. Lost In You
1. Break
2. Last to Know
3. The Good Life
1. The Good Life
2. Break
3. World So Cold

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