Best Songs From Three Days Grace's Transit of Venus


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Chalk Outline
Amazing song.. Three Days Grace at their best in this song... Can't stop listening to it! Absolutely awesome!
My favourite song of all time!


This is one of their best songs ever made.


2The High Road
Pretty much the only really good song on the album. I'm a die hard Three Days Grace fan. They're my favorite band of all time. It's sad how the quality decreased from Life Starts Now to Transit of Venus.

3Unbreakable Heart
I love the meaning to this song and even though this song sounds a little electronic its refreshing to here something different that's not pop or hiphop
This one stuck out immediately to me. They have some great songs in this album but Unbreakable Heart just sounded amazing!

4Misery Loves My Company
This should be at No.2 Come on People!


"I am not alone. Not beaten down just yet."
Why is this so low at the LEAST it should be No.3 they play it like crazy on the radio here in Orlando, FL


5Give In to Me
The BEST song of Transit of Venus, no doubt! The thrilling awesome chorus makes it more fantastic! It seriously deserves to be on the top of this list. Everyone, please vote! 3DG Forever!
The best cover I've ever heard, unbelievably phenomenal... MJ would have been proud of this song if he was still alive!
Thank you 3DG!


Definitely the best after The High Road and Chalk Outline!



7Sign of the Times

Such a nice song...
i feel so sad when I see
good song at the bottom of the lists.


9Give Me a Reason

10Broken Glass
In my opinion the best song from this album.
Sad from hearing the band is going to end
The best one ever

The Contenders

The lyrics is amazing as well as everything


13Time That Remains
The acoustic guitar makes another type of music. I love the rhythm and the lyrics aren't bad.

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