Best Songs On Usher's Confessions


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1 Yeah!

'Yeah' has good music but I like 'More' the best. But its still good. Yeah! Yeah! Love this song for Sure. Must download song - rithishkrishnavraja

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2 Burn
3 Confessions Part II V 1 Comment
4 Caught Up
5 Superstar
6 Bad Girl
7 My Boo My Boo
8 Truth Hurts
9 Red Light Red Light
10 Simple Things

The Contenders

11 Take Your Hand
12 Do It to Me
13 Seduction Seduction
14 Confessions Confessions
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Top Remixes

1. Yeah!
2. Caught Up
3. Burn
1. Yeah!
2. Burn
3. Confessions Part II



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