Top Ten Best Sonic the Hedgehog Songs

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41Sky Deck - Sonic Adventure
42Bullet Station - Sonic Heroes
43Ice Cap Zone Act 1 - Sonic 3

I hate sonic 3 but this song is awesome

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44Emerald Coast - Sonic Adventure
45With Me - Sonic and the Black Knight

The lyrics are amazing, I just don't know what it does in a Sonic game, it had so much potential...

Great song, this game needs love

This song rules its just... uhg why don't more people like this song

46Windy Hill Zone - Sonic Lost World

This music makes you feel wind which is why this is called WINDY hill zone

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47Doomsday Zone
48Final Boss Song - Sonic 2
49Miniboss Song - Sonic & Knuckles
50Miniboss Song - Sonic 3
51Aquarium Park Act 1 - Sonic Colours

When I first played Aquarium Park Act 1, I was blown away. The visuals were stunning, but they would be utterly forgettable without the music. The music sounds like an exciting underwater dream with an intro that really draws you in. Once you hear the intro, you're just tempted to hear the rest of this track. It also fits the abundant action in the zone. You're always on the move in Aquarium Park, whether, you're running, jumping, destroying the thousandth robot, or just making your way through the water. Long story short, this track made Aquarium Park unforgettable and it really stood out among the other songs in Sonic Colors. And Aquarium Park's my favorite zone in Sonic Heroes, and the music really influenced that decision.

52Let the Speed Mend It - Sonic and the Secret RingsV1 Comment
53Werehog Battle Theme - Sonic Unleashed

The only song out of the whole franchise I hate - Chaotixhero

That will NEVER get outta my head

54Hang Castle - Sonic Heroes
55Crisis City - Sonic 06
56Sky Sanctuary - Sonic 3 & Knuckles
57Normal Boss Song - Sonic 2
58Wrapped In Black - Sonic Rush

This needs to be higher! Wrapped in black (in black, in black) Wrapped in black, (Wrapped in black)

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59Us - Sonic CD

Not a bad song but only at start of game you can hear it

60Throw It All Away - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Yeah! Throw that awful game (which is Sonic Adventure 2) away & sue SEGA for how they created the whole Sonic Adventure franchise.

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