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101Final Fight Song - Sonic 3D Blast
102Rooftop Run - Sonic Generations

In sonic generations, most if the remixs didn't match up to the originals in my opinion. But this one did an amazing job! Originally coming from unleashed, this song matches the fun vibes of the level, while brining something fresh to the table.

Chill and groovy, not the best one but still worth to listen to it
Also catchy

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103Seaside Hill - Sonic Heroes

Now, being the first level and all, this theme is actually my favourite in the game. Another song may or may not appear higher on the list from the same game, but this is truly a great introduction.

If you like the level theme *laughs* look up "Seaside Denied"! So funny you'll laugh you guts out!

104Final Boss Phase 2 - Sonic Colors
105It Doesn't Matter - Sonic Adventure 2

This song has that vibe to it that all Sonic game should have but sadly don't. I prefer this version to the first because the riff and tempo make it all the more uplifting and great to listen to.

Yeah! This song makes me feel like I can live through anything, because IT DOESN'T MATTER!

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106My Sweet Passion - Sonic Adventure

Wha- This song sucks! Sounds like crabby Canadian girls ripping off Pastiche!

And this is why I hate Amy's Story in Sonic Adventure.

Okay I like Amy Rose but seriously SEGA? Give Amy a more grown up song!

I love this too!

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107Believe in Myself - Sonic Adventure 2

The theme song for Tails is a message to always believe in yourself.

108Frog Forest - Sonic Heroes
109The Machine (Team Dark Theme Song) - Sonic Heroes
110Carnival Night Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 3
111All Hail Shadow - Sonic 06 (Crush 40)

Okay I like this version better than the one from Shadow the Hedgehog but no offense to anyone who like the Shadow the Hedgehog version better. Just my opinion.

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