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The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man is better than the last films for sticking to the comics as well as being original. Andrew Garfield is the perfect Peter Parker. This film is like if you were reading a comic book. However, I think Spider-Man 2 is very close, and Spider-Man 3 is the worst of the bunch.
Much more realistic movie than the rest of the spider movies. This one is different because it finally has an interesting villain to be honest. I mean green goblin and octopus were great but this one feels slightly more real to me. Also, it was a much better peter parker if you know what I mean.
Though the movie is good by the standard of movies, it falls under second best. Not only doe it cut out the whole wresting part of spider man, it changes how he finds the spiders, who his friends are, his look and even his athletic ability (Before powers) and such. It was good, but TOBY MCQUIRE IS SPIDER-MAN!

2Spider Man 2
Spider Man 2 is the best spider man movie of all time because the story is beautiful and memorable and the villain here is much more amazing than any Spider man Villains. I know its not the best comic book movie but it is the best Spider Man Movie of all time. If you want more proof why this is the best Spider Man film check Rotten Tomatoes and take a look at the Score of Spider Man 2 it is amazing because it has 94 score from the critic and 96 in the top critics score and compare it all to other spider man films this one is superior to them.


The Amazing Spider-Man is number 1? Really? This is the best Spider-Man film, hands down! It has a great story and one of the best villains ever, Doctor Octopus. This is way better than The Amazing Spider-Man by a mile. This is one of the best Marvel films and one of the best superhero films even.
Seriously? The amazing spiderman? Well isn't a bad movie, but please, this movie is so much better is many ways, and another thing, in the list of best movies of 2004 spiderman 2 is number one, and in the list of the best movies of 2012 the amazing spiderman is on 9, seriously, this movie really beats the amazing spiderman
[Newest]Best spiderman movie ever

This movie is way better then the first amazing spiderman, Peter was a nerd like he always has been, where as the new films turned him into an Emo skateboarder, the original had an amazing villain, and the new films have extremely bland villains. The fight scenes in the original focused on being more brutal and personal, like in the last fight with the goblin, the new films just have a ton explosions and obnoxious kabooms, the old films took time to develop amazing villains, the new films have villains who have no time devoted to them so the writters can squeeze in more characters. The old films had tobey maguire, who was more like spiderman was In the comics and the one we all grew up with, the new films apparently thought they needed a different Peter Parker so they made one that instead of being sad and sorry about it like the original would, if an innocent person died in the new films, Andrew Garfield's spiderman wouldn't have given a crap about it. The new films have some good, they have some good use of slow mo, Gwen Stacey was good, but that's all I can think of. The old films are still the best
This movie is way better the the amazing spiderman, the old movies had an easier story to follow, the new films just made it too complicated, the old ones had amazing villains with a ton of time devoted to the, the new films have bland villains who don't have any time devoted to them so they can squeeze in more characters, the action scenes were more brutal and personal like the last fight with the goblin in the first film, the new films just have a ton of explosions and obnoxious kabooms, the fight with Flash Thomson was better in the original because it was an actual fight, the fight in the new films wasnt cool, it was just a stupid game of basketball, the old films had an amazing aunt may who was so supportive and sweet, the new aunt may just nags at Peter and isn't as supportive. The new films ave some good things about tem, Gwen Stacy was good, the fights with the lizard and the first fight with electro are fine, but nothing else. The old films are better
The amazing spider man sucks that villain suck but in the oringnal that villain was tougher and Spider-Man was better

4The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Will be the best
The movie is the greatest rank it number one and I put amazing spider man number 2
I just saw it. Best Spider-man movie, hands down.
Were you dropped on your head? This one was worse then spider-man 3, you stupid idiot!
[Newest]Uh hello best one

5Spider Man 3
This movie needs to stop getting hated on, this is my favorite Spiderman movie and probably the 2nd greatest superhero movie ever. Venom and Sandman were so cool. That bell tower scene is probably my favorite movie scene ever. I love this movie and it shouldn't get all this hate.
I don't see why this movie gets so much hate. The only thing I disliked in it is that there is three villains. But other than that, it's good


This is pretty much the worst superhero movie sequel since Batman & Robin.

6Spider-man (1977)
Worst spiderman movie EVER

7Spider-Man vs Daredevil

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