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The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man is better than the last films for sticking to the comics as well as being original. Andrew Garfield is the perfect Peter Parker. This film is like if you were reading a comic book. However, I think Spider-Man 2 is very close, and Spider-Man 3 is the worst of the bunch.
The new spider-man is definitely the best of all. This movie makes me smile everytyme I watch it. I love Emma and Andrew so much. For me this is the best movie in the world!
My order worst to best 5. Spiderman 3 4. Spiderman 2002 3 spiderman 2 2. The amazing spiderman 2 1 the amazing spiderman
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The amazing spider man sucks that villain suck but in the oringnal that villain was tougher and Spider-Man was better

3Spider Man 2
Spider Man 2 is the best spider man movie of all time because the story is beautiful and memorable and the villain here is much more amazing than any Spider man Villains. I know its not the best comic book movie but it is the best Spider Man Movie of all time. If you want more proof why this is the best Spider Man film check Rotten Tomatoes and take a look at the Score of Spider Man 2 it is amazing because it has 94 score from the critic and 96 in the top critics score and compare it all to other spider man films this one is superior to them.


It's pretty ridiculous that this is in third place. Nobody should ever rank this behind the first Spider-Man or, especially, The Amazing Spider-Man (the latter of the two being a blatant rip-off of the former). It shows that there are too many eager, impulsive teenagers on this site that can't stop themselves from proclaiming their naïve opinions about the most recent (insert media form here) that they'll call, for 2 weeks, the best thing they've ever seen.


Turned Dr. Octopus from a boring villain into a complex antagonist. Frequently regarded as one of the best superhero movies after The Dark Knight trilogy and The Avengers.
One of the greatest super heroe movies of all time! Next to dark night and iron man 3!
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4The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Will be the best
I just saw it. Best Spider-man movie, hands down.
The movie is the greatest rank it number one and I put amazing spider man number 2
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5Spider Man 3
This movie needs to stop getting hated on, this is my favorite Spiderman movie and probably the 2nd greatest superhero movie ever. Venom and Sandman were so cool. That bell tower scene is probably my favorite movie scene ever. I love this movie and it shouldn't get all this hate.
This is the worst! Why? Because of venom, and Emmo Peter, and the dance scene and Mary Jane!
It should be 1st or 2nd

6Spider-man (1977)

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