Best Spin Bowlers of All Time


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The Top Ten

Shane Warne (Australia)
More than a spin bowler, he could single handedly save the game on his own. I have never seen a spin bowler who is so dominant since.Murali took more wickets in total but warn was more of a match winner than murali. The more warn bowled the better he became, whereas for murali a good batsman can handle him provided he survived early stages of his bowling, with Warne the opposite was true. Such mental power with this guy, I'm glad I watched him through out his career. For me he is the best and most interesting bowler to watch (that's just me some people may differ on this).
Warne was a master of getting into the batsmans mind and a hugely talented spinner who took wickets everywhere without too much bend in his elbows, the best of the modern game but the best of all time? Clarrie grimmet may have something to say.
Well Shane Warne is good but he is like a best ever bowler I ever saw! I am from India tough! He can make anybody out except Sachin Tendulkar because he is the god!
[Newest]Shane Warne is aggressive but awesome

2Saeed Ajmal (Pakistan)
Now the cricket has changed significantly from the past now a days due to icc changing rules which mostly affects the bowlers so the bowlers wanted to contain. The speciality of Ajmal is that he contained the runs and at the same time took wickets too which is a unique thing. he is an attacking cricketer and the best thing about his personality is that he is a man who is full of sports man spirit and always ready for challenges. According to me and many others he is the current best spinner of the world and surely one of the best when it comes to all time best.
Ajmal is best and better bowler in the world now a days; other spin bowlers around him are not have that type of quality as he got; he is a true Match winner; he is my favorite...
Ajmal is one of the greatest bowlers produced by the world... Ranked number 1 nowadys... How cn be harbhajan be no 6... When he is not even in top 10 icc rankings in any format... Gyzz open your eyes... No mendis and swann in the list... And some bowlers that even don't deserve to be called good spinners are in the list...
[Newest]He is the best bowler in the world

3Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)
Statistics don't lie- 800 test match wickets at an average of 22.72. This record is not only breathtaking in terms of cricketing achievements, but also in terms of sport as a whole. Though some may say that he took the majority of his wickets on pitches that were remarkably dry and turned more than any other pitches in the world, there is no doubt that his phenominal accuracy and stunning variation of off-spin bowling defined and completed re-developed the way that spin bowling is seen today. Muralitharan also resurrected the art of spin bowling (along with Shane Warne) and turned it into a mystery that had been initially dying out and had become a predictable and dull aspect of cricket. For me, even though he was often satisfied to let the captain of his team set a field for him, and would often make no contribution to the placing of the men around the bat, his constant ability to unravel and outwit the greatest and most stubborn of batsman was spectacular on just about every level.
Finally, I can not understand why people complain about the bent arm in his action. Ultimately, he bowls like that because he can not bowl it any other way. And let's face it, without Murali, test cricket would just not be the same. Furthermore, without the bent arm, the doosra (a ball that is known to have completely deceived great players) would never have been discovered
Muttiah Muralitharan is one of the best and ever gem person.
Best bowler of all time Period 800 test wickets will never be broken
[Newest]Muttiah Muralitharan you rock

4Anil Kumble (India)
He took 10 wickets in one innings
He is effective in all kind of conditions


He is one of the best Indian spinners and he is the best spinner ever to take ten wickets in test
[Newest]Awesome 10 wickets in single innings

5Sunil Narine (West Indies)
Sunil narine is a bowler who bowls an unplayable bowl. He can confuse a batsman by bowling his wrist spin. He is a good opener in his domestic cricket that he played. In future he can become a good and capable bowler. He will be in the place of Shane warne in coming years.

{ He is my favorite bowler }
Narine is the best bowler in the world and will always be
I think he is top 1
[Newest]Best spinner in the world

6Ravichandran Ashwin (India)
He has carom ball so we like him
Brilliant spins and the best
[Newest]He can make India win the World Cup

7Daniel Vettori (New Zealand)
He is one of the greatest spin bowler
Amazing spin bowling and fielding is unbelievable Daniel Vettori
He could never spin bowl again and he'd always be the best

8Saqlain Mushtaq (Pakistan)
Can't believe he is placed 19th. best bowler of all time
Saqlain Mushtaq is best spinner.
He is one of the no he is only the greatest off spin bowler
In cricket world

9Graeme Swann (England)
Swann is the best spinner of all time
Look at his 6 wickets recently - no-one has done this for decades! Best spinner in the world at the moment by far
He shows up batters

10Pragyan Ojha (India)
Best spinner, were is he?
He was one of the best left handed bowler he should come back in team India

The Contenders

11Mushtaq Ahmed (Pakistan)
Mushy is the best bowler of the world

12Stuart MacGill (Australia)
He is one of the greatest he was just unlucky enough to be around at the same time has the greatest spin bowler in history.

13Bill O' Reilly (Australia)

14Ravindra Jadeja (India)
He bowls fat with spin

15Abdul Qadir (Pakistan)
Shane Warne even admitted that Abdul Qadir was his inspiration. As for Anil frog face kumble couldn't even spin the ball
He was one of the best spinner in his time

16Harbhajan Singh (India)
He can bowl a perfect blend of flighted and drifted deliveries
He's the best spinner in all time
You can do any thing right now

17Nathan Lyon (Australia)
Your grip style is brtter thsn shane warne

18Amit Mishra (India)
He is a superb spin bowler who can trap with is leg spin right handers his best perfomance is with zimbabwe in zimbabwe he took 18 wikets his best was 48/6.

19B. S. Chandrasekhar (India)
A disabled player who could also bowl the odd bouncer to west-Indians!
Architect of the attacking art of leg spin bowling

20Garfield Sobers (West Indies)
Introduced spin into the greatest ever bowling attack for the west indies.
Garfield Sobers is one of the greatest bowlers ever, not to mention his batting and fielding.

21Bishan Singh Bedi (India)

22Mohammad Hafeez (Pakistan)

23Shakib al Hasan (Bangladesh)
Best spinner in Bangladesh and playing for kolkata knight riders, he spins it good like shane warne

24Lance Gibbs (West Indies)
Greatest finger spinner and from the West Indies where the wickets are dead.
Another great bowler whose career never repeat itself in a million years.

25Lasith Malinga (Sri Lanka)
Lasith Malinga is not a spinner
Lasith Malinga is not spinner but a great bowler

26Jim Laker (England)
It really is time people learn a bit of history. These are the best bowlers of all time not the last 15 years.
19 Wickets in A Test Match.

Some of the bowlers such as Ashwin, Narine and Mishra (! ) being 'number five'i.E. well ahead of Laker and other pre 1990 greats are a COMPLETE JOKE!... Why, oh why, have we reached a generation when anything older than 20 years ago is written-off as being of no merit!... No real point having poll when people only vote for players they 'support@!

27Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)
We all know about his unbelievably Incredible Batting Records, yet can you believe that he is the 3rd highest Sri Lankan Wicket taker of all time behind Muttiah Muralitharan and Chaminda Vaas! More than 320 ODI wichets & 100 Test Wickets...

28Subhash Gupte (India)
He is the greatest spinner of all time. Not many know his name, but we in India know his quality. Sobers certified that Gupte was the hardest bowler he had played against. He was an attacking leg spinner, frequently delivering the legspinners best delivery; the one landing on the leg stump, driving the batsman on his frontfoot and then hitting the top of the off stump, with a magical drift. His googly was the best ever till date, completely deceptive and he actually had 2 varieties of the googly.

29Imran Tahir (South Africa)

30Richie Benaud (Australia)

31Clarrie Grimmett (Australia)
Another master from Australia
Born in NZ, CG was a MAster Class in accuracy and cunning. A great shame he was omitted from the '38 touring side - for some reason (Bradman? )

32Kevin Pietersen (England)

33Abdur Rehman (Pakistan)

34Shoaib Malik (Pakistan)

35Akshar Patel (India)

36Hedley Verity (England)
Took 10 wickets TWICE in first class cricket, once for 10 runs, still a world record. Took just shy of 2000 1st class wickets at an average of under 15.

37Danish Kaneria (Pakistan)

38Brad Hogg (Australia)
This man should be number 1 - greatest spin bowler EVER! This list is a joke... Hogg definitely in top three! If not number 1!

39Sunil Joshi (Gadag, Karnataka, India)
Played for India... Probable the best left arm spinner the world has witnessed, but went out like a silent soldier... He had great variety... He's the highest wicket taker in Indian Domestic cricket... His bowling against South Africa 10-6-6-5 was the best by any spinner in ODI cricket history till date, considering the average.

40Derek Underwood (England)
The best in the world in the late 60's early 70s

41Arihant Shekhawat (India)

42Parvez Rasool (India)
Awesome bowler
89 in 23matches

43Rangana Herath (Sri Lanka)

44Fred Titmus (England)

45AB de Villiers (South Africa)

46JP Duminy (South Africa)
Duminy competitive hatrick in cricket World Cup against Sri Lanka

47KC Cariappa (India)

48Murali Karthik (India)

49Roelof van der Merwe (South Africa)

50Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)
Fan number 1 Um air Ali love you boom boom

51Ajantha Mendis (Sri Lanka)

52Glenn Maxwell (Australia)

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