Best Sports Announcers

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The Top Ten

Keith Jackson
a gentleman, a scholar, and a voice for college athletes.
He was the beral Ives of college football. I miss that voice on Saturdays, the oldy but goody. I am lucky to have enjoyed my youth listing and enjoying the voice of Keith Jackson. Thank you for your professionalism and all your efforts to make Saturday's an enjoyable day watching college football. Wishing you all the best πŸ‘πŸˆand thank you for all you have done. Miss that voice whoo belie! 🏈🏈🏈🏈

2Vin Scully
called 4 perfect games great drawing card nuff said
Let's not forget Game 6 of the '86 World series
It will be a sad day when mr Scully retires.
Nobody comes close to Vinny.

3Al Michaels
Articulate and very prepared

4Marv Albert
He has a good partner, Rich Gannon for football.
Very knowledgable and brings excitement to the game, especially in the NBA.

5A. Lennart Julin

6Pat Summerall
The only reason John Madden has a job is because he was part of the greatest tandem in announcing history with Pat Summeral
Pat Summerall is precise, accurate and always on point, besides that he's a great guy. We love you man!

7Hawk Harrelson
The best, goofiest, most passionate announcer the White Sox and major league baseball has ev seen
YESS! No one better. Very passionate about his team


This debat is OVAH! Hawks number 1!


8Jack Buck

9Curt Gowdy
It wasn't a real football or baseball game unless Gowdy was announcing!


10JIm Nantz

The Contenders

11Howard Cosell

12Gus Johnson
He screams of excitement! He's the best announcer in America in my opinion. He is one of the best football announcers. I have him as my top favorite sports announcer.
The most exciting play by play

13Harry Kalas
And that ball is outta here! Michael Jack Schmidt!


Every time a Phillie hit a home run, I had to scream "OUTTA HERE" with him.

14Brent Musburger

15Jerry Lawler

16Ernie Harwell

17Harry Carey
No other announcer so loved the fans and the Cubs as Harry Carey did...

18Joe Buck
just listen to the mans voice, ahhhhhh so dreamy


19Terry Bradshaw

20Jim Ross
"As God as my witness, he is broken in half. " Nobody has as much passion as good ole' Jim JR Ross

21Bob Costas

22Dick Enberg
A very descent football announcer and baseball announcer.

23Johnny Most
"And the other Lord Fauntlory comes on the field." Most is a CLASSIC announcer! So passionate about the Celts and the most sarcastic s.o.b. I've heard from a sports announcer.


havlicek stole the ball it's all over

24Michael Kay

25Gary Thorne
This guy made every game great. Just amazing

26Dick Stockton

27Clark Kellogg

28Thom Brenneman

29Frank Gifford

30Greg Gumbel

31Kevin Harlan

32Ray Warren

33Gary Cohen

34Cris Collinsworth
He is better than a lot above.

35Bob Uecker
The best radio announcer ever. He's very funny too. He was clowning around the outfield by catching flyballs with his tuba and then all of a sudden he starts denting the tuba and he gets a fine for it and he's like, not all of it. He's one funny guy and one of the most funniest announcers in sports.

36Cory Provus
I really loved it when Cory Provus called Brewer games alongside Uecker. I miss him.

37Mike "Doc" Emrick
You haven't watched an exciting hockey game if Doc wasn't announcing it. Its like every player he talks about has a section of docs brain dedicated to him. He knows that much about the sport and the players.
The best hockey announcer, period!

38Steve Tasker

39Don Criqui
Hands down, Criqui was the best announcer for CBS. Too bad he's retired now.

40Matt Vasgersian

41Jeff Van Gundy

42Charles Davis
One of the best college football analysts.

43Verne Lundquist

44Victor Rojas

45Lindsay Nelson
Classic voice/great delivery. Knowledgeable. Added excitement to every game.

46Martin Tyler

47Wayne Larrivee
One of the best radio football announcers. I enjoy "And there is your dagger! " I met him once.

48Larry McCarren
One of the best radio analysts. He calls Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, Bert and Ernie, which is pretty funny.

49John Madden

50Joe Block
He's pretty good with Bob Uecker. Uecker would crack Provus up.

51Gary Danielson

52Tom Hammond
I have no idea and I don't understand why he gave up Notre Dame duties.

53Johnny Miller

54Nick Faldo
The best golf analyst, period.

55Chris Berman

56Ron Pitts

57Eddie Olczyk

58Brad Nessler

59Kenny Albert
He and Marv are two good combinations of sports announcers; he and his dad both call NFL games.

60Daryl Johnston

61Tony Siragusa

62Brian Billick

63John Lynch

64Kevin Burkhardt

65Chris Myers
One of the best football play-by-play announcers for Fox Sports. I really love the pairing of Chris Myers and Tim Ryan, it just goes together. I think Chris Myers should call more Packer games to his resume.

66Sam Rosen

67Ian Eagle (The Bird)
One of the best announcers for CBS, makes the game exciting.

68Bill Macatee

69Craig Bolerjack

70Dan Dierdorf

71Sean McDonough

72Mike Tirico
I first thought that he was boring on MNF, but then I have decided to keep him as a favor.

73Tom McCarthy
One of the best announcers for the Phillies without Harry Kalas.

74Bob Papa

75Greg Papa
Greg and Bob Papa are not related to each other.
Greg is #1 in the bay area

76Curt Menefee
One of the best studio hosts for Fox.

77James Brown
The best studio host for CBS.

78Mario Impemba

79Don Orsillo

80Dave Sims

81Matt "Money" Smith

82Kevin Kugler

83Tim Ryan
I really love watching the pairing of Chris Myers and Tim Ryan. It just makes the game exciting.

84Bill Raftery

85Josh Lewin

86Harold Reynolds

87Phil Simms

88Randy Cross

89Dan Fouts

90Rich Gannon

91Solomon Wilcots

92Bob Trumpy

93Darrel Waltrip
One of the best announcers for motorsports. BOOGITY, BOOGITY, BOOGITY! Let's go racing boys!

94Mike Joy
One of the best announcers for NASCAR.

95Rich Waltz

96Larry McReynolds

97Ian Baker-Finch

98Spero Dedes

99Peter Kostis

100Chris Rose

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