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gatorade is the best in the universe and it makes propel so thats easy to tell - moose4life19

Gatorade is the epitome of sports drinks and the most popular. Most people are biased when it come to Gatorade though, because of the advertising seen in world wide sports, and the Olympics. I would also like to point out that Vitamin Water, is pretty much a sports drink diluted with a bunch of water. Coca Cola also admitted that the drink "violates FDA food fortification and product naming guidelines. "

Has great flavor and keeps me hydrated. On scorching days while I'm exercising it always performs. I also drink it in the morning because it is healthy too. It makes my day every time I get the satisfaction of drinking it.

Gatorade is the best drink ever! I always drink it before I go running biking or swimming. It is very useful and tasty. This drink always gets me through my day!

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Because it is way better then gatorade

Powerade is yum and hydrates you. Good on a cold day when your doing heaps of physical exercise or just out on the water.. Powerade is good and not to bad for you

powerade gives you more energy then anyother sports drinks..

Powerade is better than gatorade

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3Vitamin Water

I drank this when I was sick with the stomach flu and couldn't believe how much faster I was up on my feet!

Vitamin water keeps up your metabolism and makes you have more energy and run a lot faster.

Love the taste. good for a hike or trip to the mountains

It is so good for you, tastes good, and has lots of flavors

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4SoBe Life Water

It is so tasty and it makes me feel refreshed. It comes in so many different flavors unlike gatorade and doesn't taste artificial


Mizone has more taste and variety of flavours than any other sports drink, such as lime, blackcurrant, mandarin and raspberry. It also has 5 essential vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants to make you perform better! Choose Mizone, it is much more unique!

Enough flavour - no sugars and no crap - probably the best of the breed from a nutritional point of view.

Wont give you a sugar hit though ( which is a blessing)

6All Sport

Best stuff ever they should bring it back

П good stuff. Wish I could find it.

Is it still around? Best taste and refreshed just as well.

just as good as gatorade but much cheaper price

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Simply awesome... Rehydrate the body faster then any other sport drink. With protein to help recover one better


Staminade is much better than drinks like powerade and Gatorade because it has more electrolytes than the others and also has calcium which is an essential mineral when doing physical activity.

This a product that made very energized during my basketball game. I play high school varisty basketball and it helped play the entire state game where I lead our team to a championship.

I make staminade and it has improved my performance by a lot

Hands down the best drink for pushing your self to the limit

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The best drink known to man kind

Lucozade sport orange flavour is the best tasting drink known to mankind. Also really good value (€2 for 750ml bottle) and very refreshing.

Amazing drink vote for lucozade

This is the best drink ever

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Propel was just sitting right there in front of me on the screen, so I clicked vote because I was bored.

Well, I guess it is good for you, but I think it tastes too much like aspartame:(

I drink it at practice all the time

This stuff is the best bar none nobody can argue it! - fireinside96

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Max is my name


It is used in all sports drinks so it is better to drink this rather tan spending money on other sports drinks

Are you even kidding me?! Why is water number 16?!?!?! Just because it isn't filled with sugar

Water is a good liquid

Water get it know for a free deal now at your local kitchen

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15Pocari Sweat

Not as sweet tasting as some sports drinks - just very refreshing. Makes you feel hydrated without leaving an aftertaste.

This is the best sports drink on the planet. Very refreshing. Great balance of sweetness and flavor. Perfect in my opinion.

16Rebound FX

After starting drinking it I have won 8 out of 9 5k runs this year!


Its quenches your thirst after a hard run. Nothing beats the carbonation and stomach pain you get when chugging a monster during a marathon

It can literally give you a heart attack if you make your heart beat faster while its working hard enough on a marathon. NOT THE BEST CHOICE


It is very nice and it gives you power to do sports


Innergize has been a great help with my asthma. In addition to the foundation nutrition that provides optimal nutrition to the cells this is a great hydrator to open the cells to absorb nutrients. It's great tasting and tons of nutrients to hydrate the body and feel good! Wouldn't be without it!

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