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Basketball is the best sport in the whole wide world. Its my favorite sport ever! I LOVE BASKETBALL! It kicks butt. Its beastly. Go Basketball!

Best sport in the U. S! Should be number one on the top ten list but second works well as well. I hope it gets to number one soon.

LOVE IT! Greatest sport in the world! That's why the Earth is shaped like a BASKETBALL it's so fun and amazing! Even people who don't even play it, watch it. It's that BADASS ;) BBALL FOREVER!

Absolute trash football is number 1

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Football is number one. In my opinion should be voted to be the "american pass-time". The sport doesn't take hours for it to be played out like baseball, and rarely ends in low digit scoring like soccer or hockey. Its also a physical match up that's what makes it interesting. Ohh can someone also tell me the point behind a "error" in baseball, honestly it is the most pointless stat in the book.

Its time for baseball to hand done the title of "America's favorite pass time". It got that title before any other sport was invented and has been coasting on that ever since.


I love foot ball its my favorite sport to watch! I love it and hey I am a girl so this is saying a lot Watching football is way better than watching baseball or soccer those games go on forever and its boring-__- no one wants to stay quiet during a game you might as well call it golf. I will always love football no matter what and I love all the teams

Its number 1 no question I'm 12 have played tackle football and gotten 2 concussions but still is the best sport and I will still play it nfl college high school anything is better then basketball

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I saw this list and almost spit my drink all over my computer. SOCCER is above baseball?! Okay, how many times has soccer (or basketball or football for that matter) been referred to as "The American Pastime? " How many more people followed baseball intently for the past century and a half in America than soccer? I can understand football being number one (I love it just as much as baseball) but being a baseball player I think it is ridiculous that it is below soccer and basketball. It is the oldest and most continuous sport in the United States. My fellow baseball players and fans, come to vote up this glorious pastime! It's sad that baseball fans are a dying breed, because it is the purest American sport. BASEBALL FOR #1!

Yep, it's old as in old news. Soccer has always been the most popular sport worldwide, and for good reason! It's way different than any other sport, starting with being one of the few sports played with your feet--which takes REAL skill--and it's different in a totally awesome way that can't be explained unless you play it for a few years, and I'm not talking little-kid easy soccer, I'm talking REAL SOCCER. So try that, an maybe you'll understand.

The first thing I ever picked up when I was a baby was a baseball glove, and I have been playing ever since. It is the only sport that I have really played my whole life without getting sad or bored. I quit soccer after realizing that I hated it, and basketball just sucked completely when I played it. I actually never liked football, as it bores me and I just can't stand playing it or watching it. Baseball is the only true sport and is very exciting. I love to play it each and every day.

Why would baseball be behind soccer. Baseball is Americas past time it just makes no sense in my mind. I can agree with football and basketball but soccer really America

Baseball is best

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Soccer is the most popular, the most played and the most watched sport in the world.

I've played soccer most of my life I love it. All sports are great but I prefer soccer, and so does most of the world. People say soccer isn't rough but it is when a ball hits you in the face anywhere really it hurts also when you get kick tripped pushed elbowed etc. It is normally full speed and it hurts. So all said and done I love soccer

Love to play it love to watch it!

Soccer is the best sport in the world.

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By far the most difficult sport to play, not to mention the toughness it takes to play. Not only do you have to be an expert skater, which is difficult on its own, you have to control a puck sliding on ice and all the while avoiding other players trying to smash you into the boards at every chance. Just look at the average hockey player. Any of them would take a slapshot going 80-90 mph TO THE FACE just to save a goal. Nothing compares to it. I've played football, baseball, soccer and hockey. I love football but it doesn't compare in toughness and none of them compare in skill.

Underrated at #5. The list asks for "Best" sport... Does that mean "most difficult" like all the gymnast whiners think? Does it mean "most popular"? Clearly to many commenter, it means "what sport I play". I vote hockey based on the complexity and enjoyment required, which is what defines "best" sport to me; although I haven't played for years.

Hockey is not only a physical game but it is a very mental game too. You always have to be thinking ahead. You have to be ready for whats going to happen next or else you lose. Baseball is boring because there is so much down time in between hits. Hockey keeps you in shape year-round and is fast paced so you are never bored. - hockeygirll39

I think hockey is advanced and tough but you gotta understand the physics. Like how to play and why, all I have to say is "I LOVE HOCKEY! "

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Gymnastics is very amazing try go doing a jump to the high bar kip cast to handstand fly off the bar and come back on then doing a kip cast to handstand push away double back flip twis. You know what I bet no one except gymnast know 100% of those skills and you probably know about 25% or less so if you think we are just girls who wear pretty old leotards and flick there wrists sometimes you have very wrong because at my gym we bleed sweat and hurt our selfs and guess what my coach says: tough go out there and try again if you don't why don't you go home, in other sports your coach probably say that you should sit down well at gymnastics that isn't really a choice. I would work 7 days a week to stay in gymnastics and some people do. Also if you think that the meets that we go to mean nothing those meets can get you into the Olympics, so gymnastics shouldn't be number six it should be number one because everyone thinks it is just another one of those sports but you know what it isn't! I ...more

I don't give a crap what you football, baseball, or hockey players think. We are just as strong and more than likely stronger than you. I swear, if you were to go to ONE level seven gymnastics practice, you would die. This isn't right. I lift weights at practice every single day. Even on weekends. You football players think three hours of practice five days a week is hard? Try five hours of practice six days a week. I only am allowed to get off Sunday practice because I have to go to church. And this is even during the school year! I have given up everything I know for gymnastics. All of my work money, all of my time, even my friends and going to normal school! I have to be home-schooled! Give me a break, #8? This isn't right! I don't care what you think, but the truth is that gymnastics is just harder than football, hockey, baseball, nascar, and pretty much anything else!

GYMNASTICS. IS. HARD. I am a level 8 and you NEED to be at practices 24/7. No its not like soccer, basketball, baseball, NO its if you don't come to practice.. YOU LOSE YOUR TRICKS. I missed a week one time. For a twisted ankle. I did not have my energy, my strength or my precision... I got SORE. I could barely get my splits back! You need to always be on 100 percent effort and concentration because you WILL fall, and you WILL hurt yourself, and you will cry and break down. Its a very difficult sport to like because all the practice hours and skill levels. Once these levels go up and you axel, it isn't just fun anymore. Its do it.. Or DIE. And yes... Its definitely harder than most sports, including FOOTBALL PEOPLE. OK? Ok.

I love gymnastics because with it we can stable our body position and we can do it with every way. - BeaM456

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Swimming is ranked one if the toughest sports in the world. It is truly the best. It take mental and physical strength and is not just a skill you can pick up. A few football players at my school tried to swim one year. They quit after a day because they just couldn't take it. Swimming keeps you in top shape because it works more than any other sport. But it's not just a sport it's a lifestyle because what you do outside of the pool matters unlike other sports.

Why isn't in this list? We are The best swimmers in The world!
Swimming is a true sport and one of The most hardest of all!

Seriously, swimming's below football and dance? Dance is not even a sport. The United States is number one in the world at swimming.

I have tried most sports and by far swimming I'd the hardest

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I'm only in 7th grade and the captain of the wrestling team. Did I mention I was a girl? Wrestling changed my life. It's a EXCELLENT way to stay in shape. Just release your anger out pon your opponent and go full force.

may be the TOUGHEST sport out there

Why not football, baseball, or basketball? Because those sports only require one ball!

Come on guys wrestling is a part of the worlds history, most probably the oldest one out there, its in our blood dude accept it.

Wrestling is only for the toughest, most determined people out there. No wonder there are like no vote.

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It's so much more than just hitting a ball back and forth, and many people don't understand that. It requires discipline, and good aim, but so much more as well. And whoever said football isn't hard isn't correct. My brother plays football and I've watched his practice before, and it is hard. I don't know if gymnastics is harder, but I think it is. It definitely builds up your pain tolerance and strength! I'm a level 7, and so far have broken a leg, a thumb, an arm, pulled a tendon, pulled a muscle, broken my tail bone, and broke my wrist. The uneven bars really did it for me...

Tennis is awesome! It's declared as the most popular individual sport in all the world and is difficult to learn. Since it is difficult to learn that makes it challenging! You run a lot and have a lot of fun! If you make shots that you didn't think you make, you love it! Long rallies are a lot of fun as well! I suggest to play tennis, because that's #1!

Tennis is a lifetime sport. How many 30-50 yr olds do you see playing baseball, football and basketball. Don't get me wrong, all sports are great. Everyone should learn one

Wow, what a great sport...

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Definitely a good sport, really how often do you hear of skateboarders dieing... Or on that note heatstroke, and concussions. Yes, skateboards do not dress properly but when you fall and get hurt you learn not to. Just like any sport you get hurt and fall down, break bones, and in general get hurt. If you do not feel confident, yes wear pads (suggested for younger children) but its never been a problem for me.

Skateboarding is awesome but I don't think it could past football. But what really confuses me is to why people think racing is exciting maybe in the car it is and maybe street racing but those long 24 lap races get so boring its worse than golf got dizzle. Also gymnastics is a hard sport but its not the best among the people of the US. I think that boxing should be #3 or 4 at least because it has so mucj excitement also Cage fighting should be all the way up there. People who actually read this, Thank you - ballaboi17

Skateboarding is Awesome it should've been 1st

I agree can skateboarding could be hard but learning tricks makes you more confident

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Dance shouldn't even be considered a sport. It is so much more than that! In dance, you must have exceptional flexibility, confidence, grace, ability to take corrections, memorization, agility, blood, sweat, and tears. Dance is an amazing thing to do.. I take jazz, ballet, pointe (OW), contemporary/modern, musical theater, and hip hop. When I dance, I feel free and fearless, like I can do anything. DANCE FOR THE WIN!

Dance is my all time favorite sport and very popular in the U.S. It is really fun and also competitive. You need a lot of flexibility to do this sport. Most people don't think dance is a sport. I beg to differ. My fave dance is hip hop and jazz. #2 on this list should be figure skating and dance should be #1

Dance should be #1. It isn't just spinning around slowly like a stupid ballerina, (no offense) but it is also about your forte, whether you're bright sided or dark sided, and it shows in your dance. Dancing can be so exciting, with things like Jazz and Hip Hop. None of you have any respect for dance for some reason, and I belive that it is CRAZY to have things like bowling, horseback riding, and Noodling above the amazing, competitive sprt of dance.

Dance isn't a sport

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12Horseback Riding

HOW IS THIS NUMBER 9! Seriously it is probably the second hardest sport, (football might be harder) I think a lot of people-especially guys-think its is so easy it shouldn't even be considered a sport! Seriously try riding at a competitive farm for one week, I bet you will quit.

Horseback riding shouldn't be on the list at all. We're talking about best sport, or most popular. Because you think that it's difficult to do does not mean it belongs on this list.

I love this have always rode since I was 2

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Volleyball is the BEST! I've played it for years! Everyone thinks it's so easy (especially football players) But truth is... It's REALLY challenging! It takes practice, and discipline! It has to be the #1 TEAM sport! Because it requires communication, building up of team mates, skill, concentration, and a short memory (because if all you think about is the mistakes you've made, it affects your performance! ) It's a tough sport, but it's worth it

I don't understand how volleyball I'd down in the 30s it should most definitely be up there with soccer cheerleading and football. What I really don't understand is how it isn't even about skateboarding!

Yea volleyball is hard, it needs passing, setting, hitting, serving, and countless other little techniques like communication and leadership. It's really fun because when you hit you can hit as hard as you can! What other sports can you do that in?

People think " oh it's just a bunch of girls smacking a ball" well...NO volleyball is a very difficult sport with coordination and technique. Yes some sports like baseball of football may be the most difficult BUT volleyball should define be up there

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The fastest sport on two feet is also the fastest growing sport in america. If you take the tactics of basketball, the contact of football and hockey, the endurance of soccer, and the hand eye coordination of baseball, then you put it all on steroids, you have the greatest sport ever made.

I had a lacrosse stick in my hand when I was 18 months old. It just takes a lot of practice. I'm 9 years old and have played youth lax for 3 years now and had averaged 43 goals per season also as much assists

LAX is the top sport. So rough, fast, and a very mental game. Like hockey. If you don't like Lax, then you are retarded

The best sport ever made

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# 1 sport in America! Bottom line. Look at all the races and they're almost sold out every week. Almost every track holds 100,000+ fans. Not many football are baseball parks that can fill that many seats. The sport is still growing and what other sport can be so intense than watching 43 cars bumper to bumper 180+ mph. I say no more.

I thought that NASCAR was or is still the #1 sport in the USA? Check out the You Tube Posts. Not that the You Tube posts are all that; yet, still it is a relatively accurate overall picture of what the general public is participating in the most. So perhaps it really is the #1 Sport in the United States?

nascar rocks! too bad jimmy johnson had the car problums today (november 8, 2009) made me laugh thinking that the guy number 1 in points is so many laps behind. but it wasnt his fault o well - 7beach77

Is NASCAR even a sport? I don't think it should be. When the "sport" is more mechanical than the "athlete" being athletic, I don't think it's a sport.

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16Figure Skating

Awesome! The most beautiful, fun, hard sport you will ever experience. It is almost impossible to describe that wonderful flying feeling every time I skate. This sport deserves to be #1, better than basketball for sure!

AWESOME! It needs YEARS of practice but eventually will pay off when you get to show everyone a triple or something. There is no better feeling in the world then landing a jump or spin.

Ice skating is some tough work you can't just go out on the ice and skate it takes practice anyone can go out on a field and hit a ball

Great for girls. Graceful, powerful, all in 1. Must do this sport!

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BOXING IS THE BEST SPORT! The way you get pumped up and your adrenaline is flowing like crazy is the best feeling you could get! & knowing you can defend yourself if you need to is good too.

How can foot ball be number 1 its damn boring boxing should at least be in the top 5

The best sport for men as people show their power and bravery. It's a good sport for abs!

Boxing is a sport that truly proves who is the strongest man

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18Track and Field

I love running and a very fast runner to it should've been on this list already I like swimming to but running is better especially since all my fat goes to my legs so that keeps them in shape!

I like to run. Track and field can make your body more heathly and strong, preparing for important events in the late future

I'm in elementary school so I can't wait to get to middle school and do track and field

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Golf is fun and relaxing. A sport to play and enjoy yourself. Not like other sports where you hurt people and injure them. It's for the relaxed people.

I feel sorry for those that have never played Golf and caught the fever. Most people just don't know or understand and that is a pity!

Although it's not my favorite(see baseball)cherishing the ball with your driver on the first hole is just an incredibl feeling.

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Cross country is by far the best sport in the world behind hockey and wrestling. I love so much and I'm always going to run it, today (6-14-13) I'm 12 years old and my fastest mile is eight minutes and thirty two seconds.

Cross country is both a team sport and an individual sport. You are running the same event with your teammates, yet you are trying to compete against yourself. It takes a lot of willpower to run, so it will strengthen you for other life situations.

Cross-country is great. I'm not an extremely athletic person, but running is my passion. Go X-country!

I love cross country, I'm built for running!

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