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611970 Brazilian National Soccer Team

Pele? The team around him made him. That is how good they were.

This team let alone contains Pelé, arguably the best player to ever play soccer, and other stars like Rivellino and Carlos Alberto. This team is viewed by Bleacher Report as the best national team ever and rightly so. For obvious reasons such as winning the World Cup and containing some of the best athletes in sports history.

622001 Seattle Mariners (Baseball)
631976 Indiana Hoosiers (NCAAB)
641940 Chicago Bears
651971-72 Boston Bruins (NHL)

More like boston goons

661972 Oakland Athletics (Baseball)
671996 New York Mets (Baseball)

I love the mets and in 1996 they were pretty good but were's the 1969 and the 1986 mets team they won the world series plus in 1986 the Mets had darrel strawbery, tom seaver, Doc goodon, The kid #8 in my opinion the 1986 mets are in the top 5 of the best MLB teams of all time.

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681966 England (World Cup)

You still lost the revolutionary war

692007 Anaheim Ducks (NHL)

The best Hockey team ever to play or be put together. They broke records, brought up new stars, and all in the same year they became a new team.

Incredible veterans (Neidermeyer, Pronger, Selanne, etc) meets the incredible future of the NHL (Perry, Getzlaf, Kunitz, etc. )

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