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I love the cast and I love the comedy of it! Best Show Ever! It deserves to be in the top 5!
I love it! I suggest them to create new seasons... As in more and more seasons... The writer is great hope you can write again for Chuck's fun... Add that Sara walker is really amazing.
One of the best spy shows I've seen since La Femme Nikita - great story, action scenes, likeable characters etc


[Newest]Best ever, it is addictive, just watch it and you'll know what I mean.

This has to be number 1.
This is the reference of all Action series from the year B. C A. D 0001.
Outstanding espionage series..undoubtedly number 1...
[Newest]Has penetrated modern pop culture like no other

3Burn Notice
The best spy show ever. Chuck finley is the best. And fiona and jesse and michael. And the mikes mom best cast ever.. And who can forget berry... This show had me locked... aNd kept wanting more the best series ever have to watch it from the beginning. And it always has a plot within a plot. This is what super spies do. Just totally entertaining. I love this show
Loved that one... There is no other spy series that couldn't match this one. It was an incredible T.V. show. The timeline, the burn notice thing instead of being fired.. VERY INTERESTING.. Would recommend this one to a friend who likes spy series.
This one is a truly cult and epic T.V. show... Most genuine spy missions and stories with blazing actions... Jeffrey donovan is awesome
This is an absolutely amazing T.V. show and it has so much action.

The best. Bring it back!
Awesome, would love more episodes
Jeniffer Garner is brillian. Victor Garber's poker face is my favorite. An absolute thill. This show is up there with 24
Alias is the best

5La Femme Nikita
Far more than a cult favorite, in fact, Nikita prefigured many elements that would
Dominate post-9/11 programming. Alongside The X-Files, the show relied on ongoing story
Arcs, darker tones, and personal conflicts to emphasize the repercussions of individual
Choices, both moral and professional.


One of the greatest T.V. shows of all time! Definitely the best spy series!
On another note, the picture you have posted is from the original movie, not from the T.V. series.

6Covert Affairs
Best show I've ever watched, it has a bit of everything, drama, romance, mystery! Would recommend it to anyone looking for a interesting T.V. show to get stuck into!
Best show in the world!

7Spy Game
Brilliant but very very and very short spy series from 1997


Covert affairs doesn't glorify it but it shows what is! It's a rotten job but someone has to do it.

8The 4400
Not 100% spy thing but still must be here


9Jake 2.0
Superb spy show that inspired Chuck


Love it I wish there were more.

10The Invisible Man
An Underrated Sci-Fi/Spy show


The Contenders

11The Mentalist
Not sure who is spy in the Mentalist show.

This superb show should have been "alive". It had a big potential. Eliza Dushku was great and her team was awesome too



A superb British spy thriller show also known as MI-5 in the U.S. never being afraid of going dark or killing off popular character, the show was a definite sucess over its 10 year run and certainly deserves a spot on the list!

15Sleeper Cell


The best drama I have ever seen especially the role of Brody and Carrie.

Best ever action spy thriller with human emotions. Love and passion... Number 1
I love the show. #nikita the best spy-action drama ever.
How can any of the other shows above be better?

Please renew this show. Awesome characters and perfect plot.

20Dark Angel (2000)
Jessica Alba as genetically enhanced superagent who escaped from goverment research facility. I really don't understand why it has only two seasons... It is great T.V. show.


22The Pretender

23Get Smart

24Dark Skies
This is what I call "REAL SPY T.V. SHOW". Dark Skies is absolute masterpiece with creative story, smart sci-fi moments and suspense


25Human Target

26F/X: The Series

27Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1996)
Definitely one of the best spy shows ever. Unfortunately, they made only 13 episodes. Scott Bakula and Maria Bello played the main roles


28Acapulco H.E.A.T.

29Level 9

30I Spy

31The Prisoner

32Secret Agent

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