Best SR-71 Songs

List of the greatest songs from the Punk band SR-71.

The Top TenXW


Has to be doesn't it? The sad thing is this was never released as a single nor is there a music video for this, which is surprising since this is their best song and everyone knows it too. Ah well.

What a flying start this song has got... it simply is the best guitar take off ever heard! And for the record I'm a die hard Linkin Park fan, I listen to Avanged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Megadeath, Metallica, Imagine Dragons and Asking Alexandria... so just think how good the caliber of this song is...

It's just cool they had everything in control it's really a cool one I hear it everyday

I can't stop playing this song

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2Right Now

Epic use of the guitars! And this song actually have meaning than the other songs in his album. Yeah!

This is SR-71's defining song. Period. No other song even comes close to being #1.

First song I ever heard by sr71 I loved it

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The song which helped Bowling For Soup's rise to fame. The SR-71 version which is the original and is better. - 8gerrard8

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4She Was Dead

This song is 1 of their best, should be in the top 5 at least


This is also a good song, on par with she was dead

8Axl Rose

This really a good one. Not their best but great anyway. 'bout Axl Rose.

9They All Fall Down

They all fall down is better than politically correct

Cool song with a great riff

10My World

Definitely the best song I've heard from SR-71 ever. Before I've only heard Goodbye and Right Now, and hell, I thought Right Now was excellent. But after really looking deep into the process of how Mitch Allan wrote this song and the many variations (acoustic and Makes Me High), I definitely love this a lot more. And so should everyone else.

Why isn't this song higher up? This song is beautiful without being stereotypical. One of the better new 'power ballads' of this generation. by the way SR-71 for life

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11Politically Correct

Great song probably my 3rd favorite Right Now should be Number 1

12In Your Eyes
13Here We Go Again
15Empty Spaces

Great Song bought the cd listened to this song and it was great but it can't beat Right Now

16What a Mess
17Blue Light Special Life
18Last Man On the Moon
20The One
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1. She Was Dead
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