Best Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters

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The Top Ten

Meta Knight
I am just a plain big fan of him. They obviously show his skill that they were missing out on in Kirby games- his speed and agility. The Kirby games made him look weak if you compare the two. But then again he wasn't supposed to show his true powers, to make the game fair.

In my honest opinion They should have just handicapped him in tournaments if he's so strong. I have a feeling he'll be weaker in the next game- I just hope he's in it.

The only thing I could like better in Kirby games to SSBB Meta Knight is the fact about his mask. I find it 'cute' when he is beaten and I adore him more than Kirby. His moves show great skill and really show the true him. He didn't go through all that training to be a weakling. Not only that but his detail in the game is astonishing! :D The wings are perfect- the mask fits well- and the gloves... Hmm not sure if that's my favorite but I'll accept it.

Just to make it clear I think Meta Knight plainly is amazing and that he isn't super powerful from hacks- but from the long years of training.

100% legit meta knight fan

I'm rooting for you
This guy is easily the best character. I mean for God's sake, he was almost banned from tournaments thanks to four forms of recovery, low vertical KO-ability, the fastest roll in the game, extremely fast attacks, and the best move in the game: Shuttle Loop.
Meta Knight may not be as strong but it goes to show you that strength isn't everything. His recovery and speed makes up for the loss of his power (including his smash). I'm surprised that others don't see this. Using Mk is tricky but can become deadly if you know how to use him well. On a one on one playing field he rules the battle but up against three is challenging and even much more challenging if you are on a small stage. Up against projectiles is also very difficult if your using Mk.
But there is a reason why I prefer him out of everyone. Not only is he the most mysterious but he suits how I play. I loved how I got a challenge in using a character that's not all about power. He doesn't need to be weakened nor have more strength in the new game (if he is in it that is). He is perfect as he is and a great challenge for those who are playing him or up against him as an opponent. This shows that power and smashes isn't everything. Its how you use your character that makes all the difference.
[Newest]I like him everyone in my school likes him he is the best
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Ike is a very powerful character for his weight class. He is one of the few that can effectively knock you from one end of the stage to another, then on top of that make it to the other end of the stage to finish you off with his smash attacks. He is a seriously over looked character who is underestimated more times than not.
I am a huge fire emblem fan but I have not played path of radiance. But even before I liked it I just thought Ike was best at fighting in brawl. He has great power. They had to slow him down just so that he could be in. Ike can launch you off the stage in one hit. And I don't even need to say anything about his final smash... GREAT DEATH TO OTHER CHARACTERS!
his smashes are hugely powerful, his range and sword effect are the greatest in the game, and snake is much less efficient than him.
[Newest]His final smash is EPIC!
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Kirby can take the powers of anybody he battles. This is a very unique ability that only he has. He also has some pretty good moves of his own too, plus he can fly. I would definitely reccomend him for a beginner player because he is relatively easy to use and you don't have to train too much with him to become good.
I always play as Kirby. It's probably since I thought he was cute in SSBM, and got really good at him. I guess that could happen with any character, but I'm glad I picked Kirby because he's pretty awesome.
First of all, I'm pretty sure he can punch literally forever. So if you corner your enemy and start punching, you can get a lot of damage in.
Plus, he can fly, which is a must have for a lot of people. Some characters can only jump once and can't fly at all, and that means if you start to fall, you're dead. Not with Kirby.
There's pretty much only one thing that isn't good about Kirby, and that's that he doesn't have any range attacks. The special thing about Kirby is that he can use b (I use a gamecube controller) to eat people and take the attack that they use b for. So if that attack is ranged, then problem solved.
He is cute and easy to use. I like to use him sometimes. I sometimes wish I could cuddle with him because he is so cute. Come on people who love Kirby? If you don't like him then I'll eat you like Kirby does. Then I'll throw you up and lock you away while I run around being you.
[Newest]Kirby Can copy any ability he wants.
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When I use Sonic, I usually win most of the time. Whether it's items or no items, I usually win a lot with Sonic. Sometimes when I play stock, I knock out the level 9 computer's first stock without taking any damage. That's how good I am with Sonic. Sure he may be lightweighted, but it doesn't matter because his speed makes up for it. You can deal a lot of damage when you use the spin charge and you can also deal a lot of damage when you use the aerial spin charge. When you're in midair and your opponent is charging his or her up smash, you can cancel his or her up smash by using Sonic's spring jump. When you get Sonic's final smash, YOU ARE SO SCREWED. It's impossible to survive Sonic's final smash because it has great speed, invulnerable, and you can't die using him. The only problem with Sonic's final smash is that it will be hard for the player to control. But if you can control him well, then there is no escape. And just like Sonic's final smash problem, the only problem you will have by using Sonic is that he will be hard to control his speed. But like I said before, if you can handle it, then you will be great by using Sonic.
Oh yeah!? Then I challenge you to a battle on my house! You use sonic and Lucas
Personally, Sonic is the best character in the game and I can't believe that he isn't first. His speed is awesome and that's the main reason why I even like him because I am pro with fast characters like Meta Knight (my second best) and you can do heaps of damage rapidly by doing heaps of combos with his spin charge and by dodging so quickly and easily. I never lost a match with Sonic, items or no items, and I even played against 3 level 9 computers that were a team and I smashed them so hard. When I take on a level 9 computer I usually take their first two stocks out with only like 0%-10% damage (LIKE A PRO). He may be hard to control at first but when you get the hang of it, you'll be unstoppable. His final smash is so FRCIKIN overpowered (even though other final smashes are more powerful) and it may be hard to control but when you know how to control it... UNSTOPPABLE! Sonic is so badass when you use him in his home arena but if you use him in a tight arena (like Donkey Kong's home arena) you are going to have some problems. Never the less... SONIC IS AWESOME!
Sonic is the best because of two things: his speed and jump. These allow him to travel across the map very quickly, enabling him to get items first and run away from characters with hammers and other dangerous items. His moves are also very useful, including the ability to combo with a spin dash, pass through them, and travel across the map all in 2 seconds. His final smash is also rated as the best out there, and it's for a good reason. On his home fighting arena, he's even more badass because his spin roll/spin move makes him practically teleport. And since he's so fast and agile, he's almost always the one getting the smash ball. It's almost cheating to use Sonic.
[Newest]Sonic is so cool and so awesome very quick he is the best character in Brawl No one won't stand a chance against him he can transform into Super Sonic
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He is really a great fighter. Link is my best character on Nintendo, his skills is beyond reckoning because he has a good mixture of speed and strength. In my beginning of my play through I used to choose link most of the time to help me finish subspace emissary. I am pretty much used to him when I fight an opponent who fights back. I one time finished him on hard while other characters I could not. I am pretty used to him due to past experience on super smash bros series.
Link Is Either A God Or above average character his moves can knock out ike in an instant he has a great grapple hook to help him recover back to the stage if a Skilled Player That Uses A Gamecube controller Link Would be the best character and can take on the world in one match that's how awesome he is. But Link Should be #1 Not Some Pink Garbage. But IF you want to be link it needs good amount of training and valuable skill to make Link A GOD. Link Is My Main Character and he can beat anyone!
Link is either really good or really average. In the hands of a skilled player he is nearly invincible, in the hands of a beginer Link is still a meduim level combatant. Unlike Kirby, Meta Knight and some other characters he does require some training to get use to. As a common player I can tell you that Link can be most formidable, yet still not ridiculously over powered.
[Newest]I like link I think he is the best

I feels as if he has a huge damage radius. I've been fighting with a lot of people experiencing and snake is my best, though I have to say meta knight is my close second. I've mastered snakes move were he puts the grenade launcher down and it blasts up, so if they try to get away, boom! It does about 30 damage. my favorite move with snake is just the normal double punch, and the up kick. they both do so much damage. the only thing I don't like about snake is when you use the missile controlling thing, it gets you stuck until you get hit, (or until you hit them, but sometimes it falls, but that takes a while. ) so yeah, I like the high damage radius.
Great character- his attack where he plants a bomb and then detonates it is just op if you use it the right way. Also his special jump attack is really useful. And the final smash is epic. Oh yea, he also has a cool Easter egg (Easter egg is a term in video games which means "a secret" for those who don't know) which can only be done in shadow moses island map (it's done by quickly pressing buttons 1 and 2 and the same time then repeatedly pressing button 2) where he has a codec message with either otacon, mei ling or roy campbell about the character he's fighting and the conversations are pretty interesting even though they're useless. Plus they're hilarious with some characters like luigi and even when your fighting another snake.P. S they only work once in a brawl and will fail if you are hit before you manage to do it.
Snake is an extremely sneaky character. He has an excellent crawling ability which allows him to dodge long range attacks. He also has great attacks. These include explosives such as the grenade. He also has a great kick. This is why snake is the best ssbb character.
[Newest]#gets to 999% and still lives "

7Toon Link
Are you kidding me? He is better than link! He's just a little ball of fury, I love him! His final smash is great! He is quick and strong, and light, so he can jump better. He can throw some mean attacks, even to some really good opponents.


All around best in my opinion. A little light but still better than Link. High marks on side+A moves plus his jumping down+A is so effective.
Toon Link: Strong, light and fast at the same time, I love his attacks and his final smash, he is better than Link in my opinion.
[Newest]Toon link is the worst he is not better than link

My personal favorite is Toon Link, but fighting three other expert users in a 10 minute brawl match, he's the only one to accomplish 25 kills. Granted it was the Cornaria stage, however his B left/right and block made him nearly (again experts using snake, kirby, and Lucas) invincible with all the items flying around (bombs, bats swords, etc). He can counter everything with little precision. He's also very quick. He does lack strength if you don't charge a swing, but a little bit of practice he's nearly unstoppable.. Even fighting him as the CPU is frustrating when your at 75% and he reflects you off an edge enabling you from recovery.
All characters are outstanding in their own right, however Falco has a lot of advantages especially when items are flying everywhere. When a sun is circling the the platform you can always that bastard to counter your hit and reflect the sun back at you without giving you any time to react. Yes this is just my opinion, but he does significantly outweigh fox and wolf because of his range and near equal strength. Falco is a true example of "great defense makes an outstanding offense."
Falco has been a personal favorite of mine ever since I used him in Melee, I used his jumping abilities to aim to do a perfect interception, and other aerial attacks in general, causing me to defeat the giga bowser challange in melee 7 times! (each time I won, I got a new record every time) and in the giga mario challenge, it was easier then the boswer challenge that you had to complete to get the mario one!, and I never lost on my first try! With or without using weapons, I bring level 9 computers down and out just as easy in Melee, plus I love how falcos desisn has enhanced and that he has more colors then when he did in Melee, He's is my number one no matter how Ike and Capt. Falcon bring up my next favorites. Falco's Final Smash is a TANK! Come on, who doesn't love tanks? Its hover ability surpasses fox's tank and last longer then Wolf's! I'm just glad falco got on the top 10 as the lucky number 7 by the wayXD
The final smash isn't a tank it is called land master and If it would be a tank it wouldn't fly
awesome! his endless twirling thing is epic. his B up, B down, and B to the side moves are great. fun final smash, but not the best character.
[Newest]Falco is a lot like Fox, he has his recovery, and his blaster, and his little key chain projectile shield.

He's actually pretty well balanced, if you ask me. Quick, jumps pretty high, good damage. He's also pretty good for chain grabs and can rack up damage with Dancing Blade. Counter can punish powerful moves with long starting up lag, and down tilt can edge-guard like a boss. Pity he only has one recovery move. And is a bit too tall for his own good. He may need a little getting used to, but after that... Boom. :D
Marth has a very good combination of strength and speed. He may take a little training to become really good with, but he can be really good if you know how to use him.
I started out with ike, cause he seemed pretty cool, but after falling off the map one too many times, I eventually got sick of him, and switched to meta knight, then I realized that meta knight got ko'd way to easily by characters like ike, and DK. So I upgraded to Marth, and haven't had any other desires. But the best part is that people don't get pissed off when you use him in wifi mode unlike kirby pikachu, and meta knight.
[Newest]Yes but marth should be #1

Lucario's final is not that good but he's like the matrix man. Force palm is like a smash, aura sphere is good and double team is really annoying for anyone fighting against him.
Super awesome and his final smash is crazy strong as well as double team, force palm and extreme speed excellent in recoveries

Lucario's special attack is so Awsome.
[Newest]Lucario Final Smash Is Beast I Like the powerful move Aura storm That will kill all his foes in one blow.

The Contenders

Fox is the best character of them all! He's fast! His Fox Illusion can really strike other opponents without looking like a sneak attack. Amazing how you can use his reflector and it would almost reflect anything sent toward you. His combo kicks and punches is awesome! The Fire Fox attack has a great range in going back on stage as well as flaming people up down and side to side. He looks awesome, his talking is cool and he's got Falco and Wolf on his side in this game! His outfit looks awesome too! I say that Fox McCloud should be Number 1 on this list! His blaster can take great deal in damage but still no flinching... But don't get me started on the Landmaster Final Smash. It's huge, rolls and KO's enemies, hovers them across the boarder and shoots them dead!
Fox's backflip kick and split kick are the most destructive things on the planet. Fox is so amazing his mere taunt can split the universe in two. Fox and his pistol rip through time and space like episode 236 of Star Trek when the Glamekians jumped across 2 GALAXIES. I've never seen such a strong B and up move, fox goes inferno, so hot it makes lava sweat. Not to mention his B am over which literally just rips through dimensions faster than the Enchiridion mixed with a Dialga and Palkia offspring. All in all, fox is a fast strong character that don't take crap from no one, including Einstein, Father Time, and the laws of physics. Next time you go to play a game, pick fox, you're gonna like the way you look.
Fox's moveset is great for combos, making an unstoppable air and land character. For a lot of the moves, like his reflector, there is no warning when it's going to come, and his moves do a lot of damage in Boss Battles. His blaster can damage without the opponent moving, making it uesful in Subspace Emissary where he can defeat Paratroopas and Poppants. He is one of the only characters that can do target smash level 1 in 15 seconds, and he can damage a sandbag a lot to make it go far in Home-Run Contest. Landmaster can do a variety of moves, and can even lift players sky-high to KO them. In my opinion then, Fox is my best and favourite character.
[Newest]He should be switched with Falco.

Pit is one of the few flying characters who has good combat skills. His light arrow and Super Smash make him one of the best characters in the game.
Pit is so good I beat a lot of people with him. He can fly and shoot arrows.
He is so great he may not be a heavy character but he can do some really damage. His super smash is like king's Dedede super smash. You should really play as him because he is awesome!
Pits b right attack allows you to easily trap your opponent and do some major damage than you use the a right attack to send them flying and if somebody knocks you off the course no problem you can use you wing to fly back up this is also a good move to avoid final smash attacks
[Newest]I love his final smash. It is Very effective and can kill his opponents in an instant. (sometimes. )

13Mr. Game & Watch
I was shocked that Game & Watch wasn't top ten. Think about it! He is quick and has power moves as strong as the power players. His C moves are incredible (double hammers down and the fire). He is the most complete player on this list yet he is not in the top 10


He is 2-d! He is fast, He has very powerful attacks! Like Judge, fire attack, Fire, The key, the helmet from octopus, and my favorite oil panic! His final smash is awesome too! He is fun to use! So vote for Mr Game&Watch! He deserves to be 1! He is the first Nintendo charater! Without him, there would be no Mario!
Mr. Game & Watch has powerful smash attacks and other attacks such as oil panic, the brick, and the key. He has quick attacks and is good for stealing kills by his smashes. His final smash is one of the hardest to avoid in the game. I am hoping Mr. Game & Watch will be in Super Smash Bros 4.


[Newest]He is the best
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Pikachu has some pretty good moves. He can also be very good if you train with him.
His final smash is impossible to avoid! And the guy who said that Sonic's final smash is impossible to avoid you're a wrong bastard you idiot you say you win with him when its not true! Pikachu is stronger badass while sonic is just a little idiot. I once changed sonic's phrase "sonic is the name. Speed is my game" to "sonic is a moron. Speed is my...".
my best since super smash bros. nintendo 64
[Newest]Yeah he will always be my favourite

Lucas is the best in the game once you use him a lot. Ness and him kick butt.
I hate how Lucas is such a baby in the Subspace Emissary. He's the best fighter in Super Smash Bros, even better then Ness. Lucas' attacks are easier to use then Ness', and more effective. And once you get used to it, his special jump is very fun.
This choice was hard, between Ike, Lucas, and toon link (there are many more though) I have to go with lucas, I've been through many character phases, meta knight, ice climbers (which I now hate) and even lucario, then I found lucas, and I fell in love with this guy, but not at first, he is very tough to control, his PK thunder attack takes some getting used to if you want to use it for recovery, or even just for damage, but his Down-Up A attack is AWESOME, if you don't know, (I use nunchuck) if you press up down up down while using A, you shoot a burst of energy in the air hat can 1 hit KO any player that touches it above 50%, yeah, its pretty awesome.

SUMMARY: Lucas is great for advanced players, but I don't suggest him for begginers
[Newest]Please. This should be number one!

His spike can be very good compared to most fighters if used properly. Just when an opponent is recovering, jump and use a fire ball since it has some hit and travel with it. Once its about to hit an opponent, use your spike and they don't have time to react (most of the time it works). You can also use it if you try to recover since people try to get you away. Use a fire ball then do double jump when your recovering and spike and then there down a life and quickly recover back on stage. Especially useful on characters with bad recoveries. I sometimes charge at them from off the stage, use fire, spike, and still live. But it does require some practice since you need to know when and where exactly to shoot the fireball. Once you get the hang of it's not only a dangerous/good move/strategy, but a technique that looks in style/cool and you feel happy for doing it.
Mario is an excellent edge guarder because of his F.L.U.D.D. and Cape. With his Cape, he can reflect projectiles and turn around opponents, thus preventing many recoveries. He can also use his cape to make people get launched farther if they are being launched upward, making them fly 1.5 times higher. With his F.L.U.D.D, he can make characters get lag with their attacks and prevent more recoveries. Not to mention, his aerials are fast and are good for combos.
Mario is the strongest.

He must be number one.

All his attacks are strong and nobody can beat him easily.

He is the strongest com character too.
It's more difficult to win against him as com as another chara as com.

He is the best and the no one.

Only vote for Mario.
[Newest]Mario is the best well rounded character in the game

17Captain Falcon
It's Captain Falcon. Landing a falcon punch
Feels like you drank a bottle of adrenaline
His moves are so powerful, and he has a pretty good jump. FALCON PUNCH!
Falcon punch and falcon kick are one of the most strongest moves in the game. Kirby is the worst character of all because you can't kick him because he's so short.
[Newest]I wish he was at the very bottom of the list. sorry fans of him, but I really hate him.

His baseball bat move ROCKS! He's just, well, pure awesome! And his B-up is the best in Brawl!
oh... yeah sure he's hard to control but if you play with him for a while you can own anyone wiith him he is awesome. and uhh... why isint wario on the bottom?
Hey Ness is AWESOME. I mean he's pretty hard to use at first, but once you get used to him, you know where to charge his awe-inspiring bat attack, you know when to use PK Flash, and you know how to hit your butt with PK Thunder to save yourself from falling, Oh and you can control your PK Thunder attack.
[Newest]He's just the best

19Wolf O'Donnel
Wolf a mix of Fox and Captain Falcon: He's fast, strong, and can jump high. His attacks lunge him forward and make him unstoppable. His 'B' attack causes his opponent to be stunned and give him enough time to strike his opponent.
Wolf is amazing. He's fast, strong, and has long distance attacks. His final smash is amazing- strong, fast, and unstoppable. His gun can stun opponents, and his up and side special moves are good recoveries and are very strong. I'm shocked he's this low. The only other characters that come close to beating him are Pit with his great recovery and attacks, Mr. Game and Watch with his amazing final smash, and Lord Ganondorf, with his amazing final smash, recovery, and strength. All the other characters are kind of good, medium, or awful. And Olimar is the worst character of all- horrible moves, and even more worthless without his pikmins, which are not cute.
You think wolf should be #1

I think wolf should be #1
[Newest]He's superior and fast! He is way better than all of these guys. He looks cool, and my favorite outfit on him is the black option! Let's watch fox ever beat him. NOT! Laugh out loud!

Yoshi should definitely be higher. Sure, his up-bmove isn't very effective, but his down-b move is pretty tough to avoid and takes some time for the opponent to recover. The side-b move is my favorite because after hitting an enemy once in his rolling egg, he stays in it and can hit the opponent multiple times. He also has a good amount of speed and strength, and has a great special.
My favorite character in the whole game. If you know how to use him you can beat a lot of good characters.
Great edge guarding tactics, heavy weight makes him hard to KO and his egg roll allows him speed.
[Newest]He should be at number 5!

Luigi jumps higher than Mario and Luigi is easy to fight with than other characters in the game. Luigi is amazing!
If you get a final smash and use the special recovery on someone which sets them on fire they die every time regardless of health level. Very solid set of moves outside of that with surprising agility on rolls
Luigi need a bit more respect to be honest, I prefer him to Mario anyday, he has got a good moveset and this final smash is awesome. Luigi all the way.
[Newest]Luigi really is a better all around character than Mario, I mean come on, his fireballs FLOAT. But I have no idea why they are green...

You have to like the character who has the most boss Ground-Pound! So, Give it up for, the one-and-only, Bowser! Plus, he's also got a wicked B-up!
Bowser may not be very fast, but he is definitely one of the strongest characters in the game. He has great moves and is very hard to hurt.
Bowser is pretty fast for his strength (he's slow just fast for how strong he is) and he has several good moves like his fire and shell spin move
[Newest]Bowser may be extremely slow, but he makes up for it with durability and attack damage. His spinning shell attack is devastating.

I like using Ganondorf and I'm proud to admit that. You may be slow, but you are the heaviest hitter in the game. The thing with him is that you have to get used to him. It isn't hard to give up on him, but if you're willing to accept his flaws, you will be a complete Brawling beast with Ganondorf.
Gannondorf is on here mainly for the same reasons as Bowser. He is not the fastest character, but he is definitely strong.
Ganondorf is by far my best character. He may be slow in movement but his attacks are quick and incredibly powerful.
[Newest]I want him in so bad I almost am going to hack him in

24Diddy Kong
Are you kidding me diddy kong is rated in the top 3 in every SSBB tier list I've seen except this one. Also Kirby is usually rated as the worst character, even the offical guide gives him an overall score of 5. Also there are only 35 playable characters in SSBB (39 if you count squirtle, ivysaur, charizard, zelda, sheik, samus, and 0-suit samus. Some of these charcters were retired after melee, some are bosses, and daisy is actually just a color change for peach yet she is ranked higher even though they are the same character. This is by far the most inaccurate ranking of SSBB (and several random non-SSBB) characters I've seen. I can't believe you people hate Diddy he's the 2nd best character and my favorite. And Meta Knight is 1st not kirby. Don't vote on someone because you think he's cute! Vote on the guy that is totally OP and was almost banned tournaments (that means Meta Knight for all you idiots out there).
I'm very surprised that he wasn't in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

Also, Rosalina definitely could've replaced Princess Peach.

I'm very serious. I could ask Nintendo about this.
Diddy kong is the Quickest character in Brawl and he can fight faster too than Donkey Kong.

She is the most awesome character ever! She has stuff that comes with her suit that are super useful.
Awesome character... Just godda know how to use her.
Samus- totally awesome. Way better than link, Kirkby or mario.

Wario is a good player because he uses so much defense and recovers pretty well. He has maybe the funniest moves in the game but I am surprised at how much impact they have on players. Wario's final smash is sometimes hard to control but at other times very useful. When Wario is in the air there is only so much he can do, my favorite is the up-smash; The Mega Clap. Trust me, when you first look at Wario you won't expect much of him, but when you use him it is whole different story.
Wario in my opinion is one of the most underused characters in the game and after you realise that his bike is one of the best recovery moves in the game and should not be left on stage and that wario also has insane aerials, grab, side smash he becomes not only strong but fun to play he is the highest ranked character who does not rely on a cheap play style too
If you know how to used him, he one of the best charact, have good recovery, with the moto, an his final smash are to powerful and FUNNY
[Newest]Wario isn't cheap. Master his moves and you're golden

Perfect character to use. He shoots lasers, He flies, His arms spin, He throws razor tops. Any other SSBB cahracter would give up his life just to be a R.O.B. kirby would not stand a chance if he gets away with his recovery move. And best of all his final smash! But don't just take my word for it, go try him out!
He has two very fast projectile attacks and the best recovery in the game. Along with his final smash which is (if all the lasers hit) the single most damaging attack in the ENTIRE series. Doing 270 to 300 % damage
R.O. B could kill kirby if he got in his was and if his final smash hit it's all over
[Newest]This should be at least number 5

28King Dedede
Fat Penguins of Death rule! King Dedede is very powerful, very fast when jumping, and has the best final smash ever!
King Dedede is too good when it comes to fighting! It took 3 games to get a working game, but it was worth it! The King's hammer attacks are too good to be true! Plus, his final smash is... I don't know how to put it, awesome! He goes invincible and sit back while the waddledees clobber em! The only time I lost with him was against another Dedede! I'm shocked he's No.36! You NEED to vote for him!
I can see what Nintendo were thinking with this guy.
"Alright everyone we need great character, with awesome melee, an overpowered smash, good projectiles and surprisingly fast attacks, not forgetting great aerial agility. Anyone got any ideas? "
"How about a chubby penguin with a giant hammer? "
Pure genius.
[Newest]His B+up attack is awesome. who doesn't love dedede?

She is easily the best and can do insane damage in a short amount of time and then finish them with her finishing move and epic speed. Should be number One but most people just don't even know how to turn into her from zelda.
Speaking of switching you can switch from Zelda or sheik to Zelda. You can switch by down special
Sheik is an op brawler if you know how to use her. Her up smash and teleport can knock foes far up. If you are able to hit your foe with the light arrows they will most likely be thrown of the field
Sheik is always a hermaphrodite. He/she can d anything better than Princess Peach.

30Zero Suit Samus
Um why is zero suit samus so low? I mean her final smash is just turning into samus who is worse and she isn't the strongest, but I always win with her. Her speed is incredible and her whips are majorly strong. I always use her going against level 9 characters. The only other characters who might compare to her are Lucario and Falco. Overall zero suit samus is quick, strong with weapons, and overall awesome!
She is my main and she is incredibly easy to use. If she's This low I'm amazed.
Zero suit samus is quick and a great fighter. Her quickness is a great help.

If only he was in Brawl. I was beast when I was Mewtwo. If yo know how to use him then you could beat anybody. Mewtwo is awesome.
He's a beast in brawl 10/10.
He's not in the game

Squirtle is a very good character. But Squirtle is part of the character pokeman trainer.

33Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong is a great character in brawl. He's powerful and real good for comboing. I find Donkey Kong to be one of my favourite and best playable characters. You just have to know how to knock out the person. For instance, when the person is flown off the stage and they try to come back, jump up and use your right normal attack to wack them high or low, or just use your down kick.
He saved Diddy Kong's life!
One of strongest characters and final smash is fun to play with
[Newest]Donkey Kong is better at smash attacks except the weight when he was jumping.

Who doesn't ❤️ Charizard? He can fly!
He's better than squirtle!

35Ice Climbers
The ice climbers might be difficult to use, but there moves rock. A trick with them is that if knocked out it could just be one of them

Oh yeah!
Chain grabbing. Is there anything else to say?
Good recovery and when mastered, can use both ice climbers at once for well combat
[Newest]If you're grabbed, you're dead against these guys, and it is really easy to land a grab.

36Metal Mario
To those that do not know how to get him, you go to the mode you want, choose Mario, then have him grab a metal box. then you get Metal Mario. thank you. and have a nice day.

There's already wolf on the list...

Ivysaur is my favorite out of the Pokemon trainer Pokemon because he has a great up-b (ledge grab) and his up smash is insanely strong!

Ralts is not in any of the smash bros games. in the future, maybe he/she will be.

40Peppy Hare
Whoever wrote that, I definitely agree with you.
Peppy Hare can die in a hole
"do a Barrel roll." LOL!

He is in the new game. You should watch his trailer, he is stronger than Mario. Seriously, and have you seen his moves they're just so amazing and original, yet people doubt on him because of his size. I mean come on people he's like almost as big as Toon-link. I demand more love for villager. PLEASE!


I think he's pretty good.

42Morton Koopa Jr.
Nice character name whoever wrote that.

Greninja is so fast and strong and it uses WATER SHURIKENS

Not actually in the game but should be. Peach has a skin which is loosely based on her but not really. Hopefully she'll be in the game for once.

45Pokemon Trainer
Yes it is a good character!


Umm by gorilla do you mean Donkey kong?
Did you mean Donkey kong?
Gorillas aren't in the game

48Mii Fighter
True my mii is so good

What do you mean by pokeball?
Hey! How else can you release a Pokemon?


Lol, why is Conker here
Who is that character.

What? Bomb-Omb is an item not a fighter!

53Duck Hunt Dog
Who is the that?

54Little Mac
Okay! Who is that!

He is Just a Huge Cutie! I wish he was in brawl. but he isn't. <:(
In my eyes he will always be one of the best characters!
NO. He is the worst character in all of Smash.

Pac-man is a very good character!
Pac - man is extremely good characters.
Pax man is very good

Who is that character?

He has a tennis racket. He is my favorite character.

Rayman is a very good character.
The one in the famous super smash bros rumor. He is cool when it comes to the Raddids.


61Wii Fit Trainer
Her smack across the face with the Wii Fit board is the most overpowered move in the game.

Zelda is the best. She has the best and one of the strongest projectiles in the game in which she can literally kill at the flick of the wrist. She can teleport and inflict damage where she appears. She can also teleport to counter the problem of being a slow faller. She can also reflect projectiles and give her self some space from enemies that are too close with her Nayru's love. She is also versatile as she can turn into Sheik, which gives her the upper hand when versing small opponents.

As for her standard attacks, most of them have a strong knockback and are especially deadly when enemies are at high percentages. Also, Zelda looks sexy!

Zelda is the type of character that "advanced" players will go for, she has low mobility but high damage attacks. Her main "attacks" are in the air. So when playing Zelda try to be in the air as much as possible. Zelda also is a range character. So use her > B attack on melee opponents, then use teleport away. Melee only when your opponent has a higher percent than you. Thanks :)
I know a lot of people most likely disagree with this, but listen to my reasoning before you vote or post a bad comment. Zelda may not be the strongest character, but if you train with her, she can be great. I once beat Lv. 9 gannondorf, Lv. 9 Link, and my really good friend playing as Pit, using only Zelda. (I didn't even switch to Sheik! )
[Newest]Zelda is a really good character.

Roy is so beast for sure better than marth
I think he should've been in brawl because if he was, that would've been awesome!
[Newest]Why is he all the way down here people just don't know their smash bros

64Dr. Mario
DR. Mario is the best
He may not be in brawl, but he is in the new smash bros game. along with Mewtwo, he has returned!
He feeds the enemy... Vitamins?

65Mega Man
Mega Man looks awesome for the new game

66Olimar & Pikmin
This guy is absolutely fantastic for camping. With his pikmin throw you can rack up damage very quickly, and he has a ridiculously long grab range with almost no end lag. All of his attacks are very powerful as well. If you get an opportunity to draw pikmin, which is not too difficult if you are skilled, Olimar dominates the battlefield.
Olimar is easily one of the greatest threats when battling against him. He is unique and takes time to become effective and master, but his attacks are insanely powerfu; especially the Pikmin throw. He can easily knock off medium and heavy character with purple pikmin and excels in all fields except recovery. He only is looked down upon by those who don't know how to use him to his potential.
Best. I own everyone with OLIMAR! And I'm even THAT good. I haven't played in over a year so I'm still getting used to it. The only problem with him is that he isn't good with 4 player battles.

She owns with toad power, so if you can control her, she is one of the best defensive players in the game. Not that she is bad at offense. Her Ha Cha! Does 15% damage at least, if there is contact
I think peach is the best character ever she got good recovery moves and I she kicks ass. That's why she is the best!
The well known princess is very well at holding her one in a fight and good recovery moves
How dare you say that about such an awful princess! Why do people even like her anyways?!
[Newest]If you can use her right her veggie over and over again in one attack so you can be "Bye you dumb Italians says peach

He is highly disrespected! This thing can kick butt if you are experienced with it.
Jigglypuff is really one of the best characters there is. A tip for using Jigglypuff is that you have to constantly be jumping in the air and strafing until there is an opportunity to strike.

She can do quick attacks and stack up enough damage to use rest and send them hurtling off the screen at 100 miles an hour.
When I first played as jigglypuff I was not good using her. But later I was stronger with jigglypuff! I can beat up Mario with her! Vote for jigglypuff.
[Newest]I don't know why people hate jigglypuff. I think they use rollout and expect to kill people with it. When the enemy beats the living piss out of you as punishment for being such a noob, people get mad and never play her again.

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