Top 10 Best Starter Pokemon


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The first pokemon I chose was charmander. It is super powerful! Who says charizard has problems with the first two gyms? I beat them using only charmeleon!
Charmander is my favorite pokemon when it comes to Kanto. It is so strong I could beat all the pokemon league as well as all 8 gyms
This adorable pokemon is very good when it comes to flame attacks


[Newest]Charmander was the Pokemon that led me through my first Pokemon adventure. While it was the best starter in gen 1, it continues to be a better starter than the newer game starters. I mean whats better than a FIRE BREATHING DRAGON!
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Mudkip is all that you'd want a starter to be!
It's super cute!
Its super powerful and can learn ground type moves before it evolves!
When Mudkip fully evolves in to Swampert, a water-ground type pokemon, it only has one weakness: Grass. If you teach it ice beam or another ice type move it will be unstoppable!
Ahh! Mudkip... Kinda hard where to start. One of the best dual-combo starter Pokemon threats in the entire game. Considering the fact that it can learn nearly twice the amount of moves than other Pokemon can get, this powerhouse is one of the starters that are often not traded away for another Pokemon. Easily the best Water-type starter in the game (Since Squirtle, Tododile, and Oshowott are solely Water Type, and cannot learn as many TMs, while Piplup is a close second), it can arguably be called the best starter Pokemon to ever. Not to add that if completely maxed out with potential, at Level 100, you can have a Swampert that knows 1) Hydro Pump, 2) Hydro Cannon, 3) Earthquake, 4) Hammer Arm... Yeah, all of those moves are learnt by leveling up (Note: To get Hydro Pump, keep Mudkip unevolved till Level 48).
Me, personally choosing Mudkip as a starter, thoroughly enjoyed its versatility, and as a Swampert its dual-combo threat along with its high Attack, and Defense stats kept it strong and powerful at the same time. I have played every main-series Pokemon game, and overall Mudkip has been the easiest and best starter to play with.
This Pokemon is cute, funny, strong and talented. So lets give it up for Mudkip. He is also clearly the greatest. He evolves into two awesome Pokemon. Marshtomp and Swampert. So lets vote for this little gold hearted Pokemon.
[Newest]It was my starter in omega ruby and I did not need to use any other Pokemon during the game
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To me squirtle seems the best starter because when it evolves into blastoise it can learn flash cannon (for ice type) then teach it ice beam (for grass type)other 2 moves you should have are surf and hydro cannon or maybe skull bash if you want it. Plus squirtle is my best starter. Water starter rule (to me).
It's only a water type making it superior to that puny mudkip. When blastoise and swampert are at level 100 blastoise's stat total is far superior. A water pokemon is supposed to have a high special not attack. Water isn't physical making mudkip overrated. Squirtle: *puts on squirtle squad shades* deal with it.
Squirtle is really awesome especially with hydro pump, it is the best water attack. I choose it always as starter
[Newest]They is the good water on the world
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There is absolutely nothing bad you can say about typhlosion, so why would there be anything bad about Cyndaquil. It's cute, strong, and kicks some serious butt when it becomes a typhlosion. You really couldn't ask for more from a starter.
I chose Cyndaquil for my soul silver starter and it destroyed all the gyms. I didn't use any other pokemon because Cyndaquil, Quilava and TYPHLOSION is so boss. While most fire starters learn Flare Blitz Typhlosion learns something even better ERUPTION. And Typhlosion can learn thunder punch to counter water types. And no one can say anything bad about the ass-kicking volcano pokemon.
I LOVE TYPHLOSION! Cyndaquil gets great speed and attacks when it becomes a Typhlosion, and it is a really effective battler.
[Newest]Cyndaquil is my best first ever the feel
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Bulbasaur is the cutest starter pokemon ever! And not only is he the number 1 starter pokemon, he's literally the number 1 pokemon out of them all! I love him to death and the fact that he's a dual type to start off with makes him even more awesome!
It took me a while to realize how awesome his design is. He's now my favorite starter. Imagine riding a Venasaur in real life, just chilling under its tree.
Bulbasaur was the first pokemon I ever received. I began playing the Pokemon games on my gameboy advanced at age 5. Now, at 14, I still consider Bulbasaur to be one of the best Pokemon. He can destroy you without you laying a finger on him with sleep powder. AND he can heal himself with synthesis, whereas you have to waste money buying potions for other Pokemon. The only complaint I have about him is that his powerful attacks have very little PP. He can still crush you with ease though, so you better get your charizard ready, and bring lots of potions, 'cause Venusaur will still beat you.
[Newest]He's tied with Charmander in my opinion…
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It can learn wicked moves when it is a blaziken like brave bird, sky uppercut which is awesome against fighting and my favorite of his moves is blaze kick. Blaziken is my favorite pokemon by far
First off it is amazing torchic yes is hard to evolve at first but when you get off to a good start it will wipe away any other pokemon the it becomes Combusken and starts kicking ass of every pokemon in its way once you get it to Blaziken even the elite four are scared of it with blaze kick, sky uppercut and brave bird you can take down most pokemon with ease it can even beat legendary with these moves and come on he is just so cute when he is a torchic
Torchic is awesome because it evolves into Combusken then into Blaziken. Blaziken is a combination of fire and fighting which, you can't get better than that.
[Newest]Amazing best starter in the game for fun and for competitive play
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Totodile is the best. My first ever pokemon, just makes my heart beat fast fast fast, he's so adorable. I call him Snap, and he is my best friend!
I remember when I was little, I used to always pick this pokemon. On pokemon gold


Totodile is beast, when he gets to be feraligator he is undefetable, totodile has been my favorite ever since I started to play the pokemon games. This is just my opinion though. When totodile is evolved into feraligator he can pretty much know any move, he can learn; surf, rock smash, strength, and other awesome sauce moves. But I can see why all of you voted for charmander, he is pretty cool to, but totodile could easily beat charmander. Totodile is the best starter pokemon and that's all I have to say about that
[Newest]He's the best starter ever! Cute, awesome, powerful. Whats not to love?
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Treecko is the best, my favorite. Its a boss when it evolves all the way up to Sceptile. Watching ash sceptile its no wonder why he is a boss.
Moveset Sceptile sp atk: energyball, detect, dragon pulse and focusblast.
Moveset Sceptile atk: leaf blade, x-scissor, earthquake and dragon claw or night slash.

Than charmander, charizard is a boss. Moveset: flamethower, focusblast, airslash and dragon pulse.

Than totodile, feraligatr is a boss. Moveset: aquatail, earthquake, ice punch and Seismic Toss or crunch.

Than mudkip, swampert has only grass as a weakness. Moveset: earthquake, aquatail, icepunch, stone edge and Seismic Toss.

Some good ones I used too:
- chinchar, infernate moveset: flamethower, thunderpunch, earthquake and stone edge.
- turtwig, torterra moveset: earthquake, seedbomb, outrage and stone edge/crunch/super power.
- snivy, serperior moveset: leafblade, aquatail, dragonpulse and aerial ace.
- piplup, empoleon moveset: hydropump, icebeam, signalbeam and flash cannon.
- oshawott, samurott moveset: hydropump, icebeam, airslash and megahorn.
He's super cool ( dinosaur) and strong, and he learns strong attacks. Pure grass best. Ash has one and is king o' forest.
my alltime fav pokemon he's like a mini ninja with powers and he is BEAST when it gets to sceptile. treecko is awesome and if you hadn't noticed he is the only starter that ends up haveing ARMS in its final evaloution! which is a lot cooler. treecko is my fav beacause it is acts cool and is super swift unlike bulbusaur, chicorita, and turtwig. Don't get me wrong those 3 are fast but not as fast as the awesome MASTER... TREECKO!
[Newest]It's Treecko! He is cute and badass!
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Grass and ground. Ground beats almost everything grass can't beat. Mine knows earthquake, leafstorm, crunch and stone edge. PLEASE vote for turtwig!
Turtwig is the best of the best! Turtwig helped me beat the PL 47 times:) VOTE FOR TURTWIG PLEASE
SO AMAZING he is my favorite pokemon in any game, and not just with starters. I love that turtwig is so defensive and he is also great at offense. Also, torterra is REALLY cool. Grottle is good too. BUT WOTE FOR TURTWIG
DEFINITELY! First game I ever got was platinum. Picked Chimchar. Blew through first two gyms then got screwed against ghost gym. Then Piplup. Got to gym 2 and gave up. Picked turtwig. Beat gym 3. Evolved into Torterra. Became a insanely good trainer. Partnered that thing up with luxray and NOTHING could beat me. Besides, what other Pokemon look good carrying a tree on their back?
[Newest]Torterra the final evolution from turtwig is weak to ice fire flying and bug torterra learns rock type move meaning it can beat all his weaknesses
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I love, love, love oshawott especially samurott I have pokemon diamond, heartgold and black and so far compared to all the starter pokemon in the games samurott beats them all I also like sceptile but I way far prefer samurott please help me make him nomber one
Water types always in my opinion are the better type of the two, cause it can learn moves that take not only Fire types but grass types as well. The only true weakness is electricity.
Oshawott is the BEST water type starter ever. Name one starter, no wait pokemon with a SWORD and a SHEILD. Oshawott is just so awesome he helped me with every gym. Dewott and Samurott look BAD-ASS as well.
[Newest]Oshawott is the best Pokemon by far in my opinion
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The Contenders

Chimchar gets my vote simply because it evolves into Infernape. What Infernape lacks in defense it makes up for in speed and good attacks. Also it's an awesome sweeper pokemon! I trained mine up to level 100 and let me tell you,1 hit KO almost every time. For the Sinnoh starters of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum the list goes as follows in my opinion.
Torterra:The Tank, meant to take hard hits and dish out pretty hard attacks.
Empoleon:Kind of in the middle, can take decently hard hits and give somewhat hard attacks.
Infernape:The 1 hit KOer, can't take to many hard hits but can dish out very critical attacks.
This was the best for pearl, diamond and platinum because, gym 1 lvl14 monferno destroyed with his Mach punch, gym 2 was grass so it doesn't need explanation really. 3rd was fighting I think, and due to monferno's high attack, it wasn't that hard. 4th gym was water and some of the Pokemon hit hard, so not even my luxio could compete. 5th was ghost and once again, monferno being a hard hitter had no problem here. 6th was steel gym and I had finally earned myself an infernape and he kicked serious butt. With close combat and flame wheel he just would slow down. The 7th gym was... ICE! Oh yeh and ever since either generation 1 or 2, ice was literally powerless against fire, and once again, infernape kicks butt. He packs a punch against the 8th gym. He can knock out Aaron of the elite 4, however he can't beat Bertha, won't do much against flint and won't stand much of a chance against Lucian. He can however do well against Cynthia's lucario due to close combat and roserade is pretty much dead. Charmander is overrated and is really quite powerless.
Its awesome with that wicked fire and fighting type which has a great advantage against rock types.
[Newest]Because he is bad ass
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Piplup is definitely the best in strategy. In its eldest evolutionary form, it has E-LE-VEN resistances. The Pokemon with the most resistances with Scizor. And, as another comment said above me, it can learn water-type moves as well as ice and flying-type moves, so it's pretty secured against all its weaknesses. If you've got doubts on what to do with the electric weakness, just let it learn dig.
Plus, who wouldn't want that adorable Pokémon?
Piplup is an awesome starter, Piplup's well-rounded, is awesome in evoulutions, and is cute. He also learns peck, and becomes part steel type which is good.
Piplup is awesome he was my first starter in my first Pokemon game (I'm kind of new but well experienced) and I literaly crushed each and every trainer I battled and this was when I just started playing and had no Idea what you need to be a good trainer
And it can learn water and flying type attacks I had thought one or two metal type attacks too
Piplup and all it's evolutions ar by far the best starters ever
[Newest]Piplup, by far, is the best gen 4 starter type. It can be helpful in gym battles. Also, it crushes in the elite 4. With many resistances (though a strong weakness to electrics as an Empoleon), piplup is the best gen 4 starter.
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In the fifth generation I remember a few things about this pokemon. One: LEAF BLADE. Two: COIL. THREE: IT'S A GRASS SNAKE, how cool is that? All jokes aside, it has one awesome set of moves that simply outperform others (add in the fact that it's still cool-looking despite the relatively ugly new fifth generation pokemon and you have one outstanding beast! )
How could you NOT start out with Snivy? Powerful, elegant, and a menace to the other starters, Snivy is clearly the best. And it's a snake that doesn't look like it wants to kill you, so...
It is clearly the best 5th generation starter. You have to give it the right moves to really get the two other starters
[Newest]The interesting thing about Snivy is that (as long as Speed is not being decreased) it goes good with any nature. With very rounded defense and attack, Snivy should be higher. People are voting based on looks and nostalgia, like always.
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Protean. I really don't think I have to say more... But I will. He is literally the fastest starter ever with 122 base speed (as Greninja). And when you're going first and then using protean to get STAB on high-power moves like ice beam or anything else he can learn... You are hitting very hard and you can switch your type at will to cover your weaknesses. enough SAID?!?! And if you don't want to use him as a sweeper, you can give him one of his TWO signature moves, mat-block, to protect your team-mates from damage and set up in double/triple battles. Water-shuriken though? I really feel like water-shuriken doesn't work well with its low power, and I think it's a cool priority move and all, but if you get unlucky and only hit twice, you might regret having used it. Overall, Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja is most likely the best starter with his endless number of ways to be run strategically or brutally.
Froakie is awesome. When X and Y come out this will be my starter pokemon, no hesitation. I can't wait to see what it evolves into. It will be awesome.
X and y came out and all was revealed and out of all starter I loved froakie's the best he is a really cute frog and evolves to a awesome ninja like frog who doesn't want a ninja frog!
[Newest]It's a ninja frog! How cool Is that?!?!

A very cute and adorable pokemon. You can count on this pokemon when it cmes to battling and contest


Chikorita is so cute! Why the heck would he be 12 place? He should be first! He is cute sweet adorable and he's just the best Pokemon ever. Not just the best starter Pokemon- the best Pokemon! Period! Not to mention bayleef is just as adorable. And meganium! AW! CUTE! It's the best ever! 11
Meganium is very powerful, it is able to learn Earthquake and a variety of moves! Plus it is super cute
[Newest]Most people say grass starters are the weakest, but this beast let me beat the whole Soul Silver version when I was TEN. No help. I had no trouble, this was my first starter and it will always be my favorite, it was the only one I ever gave a nickname to. I am so unhappy this Pokemon is 15th (at the moment) and MUDKIP is second.

Pikachu would make a awesome companion, the more you make train the more stronger he or she becomes and will learn new moves like Ash's Pikachu for example he learned Iron Tail, Volt Tackle and Electro Ball. I always have a Pikachu in every Pokemon generation team.
How could he not be on the list, The starter on yellow version.

If you go to more comments for the Pikachu list, your going to see someone say that Ash was smart when choosing Pikachu. Technically, he didn't choose it. He woke up late and Pikachu was the only one left. Look it up. It's on Youtube. Anyway, Hooray for dumb Ash!
[Newest]Pikachu is so awesome it's move are brilliant

Eevee can evolve into 1 out of 6 other eeveelutions. All of its evolutions are super strong and have specific qualities of either fire, water, electric, grass, and etc. Plus eevee is super cute and strong. Including his eeveelutions also really pretty <3.
Gary oak owns an EEVEE there ores she/ is completely awesome. Her evolutions are also fantastic. Love them all. Eevee is just ahgjhfjvjh CUTE
Eevee can evolve into 6 pokemon, more than ANY other pokemon! Glaceon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon- the list goes on and on and on and on.
[Newest]Eevee would be the best starter ever if he was a starter!

Cute and awesome fire starter. It Wont Be A Fire Fighting to But a fire psychic which is super cool. It also seems to be one of those pokemon that are cute at first but a complete badass later. ( LikeTyphlosion )
At first, I thought I would choose Chespin, But the second I heard Fennekin was Fire Psychic, I changed my mind right away. Awesome types, and the only non-legendary Fire Psychic unless you count Darmanitan after loosing half its HP. So cool. Also the stick is a cool idea. My friend chose Froakie. I pity the fool.
Fennekin, no contest. I agree with the other person, how the heck is Froakie and Chespin ahead of this epic little fire-breathing fox? Fennekin ALL the way!
[Newest]This HAS to be the cutest starter! It is!

I like Tepig because it is so cute and it's final evolving emboar learns really good moves for example heat crash and hammer arm
Tepig is awesome but... Whoever put him up there definitely spelled it wrong. Anyway, tepig is great! He's strong, and (in my opinion) looks just like a pig with rabbit ears! Its amazing! I know that will sound like an insult to some people... But pigs and rabbits are AWESOME!
Tepig is the best and BEAST! Tepig learns a fighting move so it's easy to beat Lenora who's hard because even though you can get a fighting type in the forest their levels are poor. Tepig is perfect!
[Newest]Tepig is a cute piglet, because it is a powerful cute Pokemon which evolves into powerful Emboar.

He is so adorable, and really strong. He will most likely evolve into a ground and grass type, and what ever grass can't beat, ground will! (well, other then water, but you know)
Unique to the other starters
He is so stinking awesome and his shiny color is my favorite color!
[Newest]Chespin is my stater

Charizard is a beast. He is a combination of fire, flying and awesome! His outrage, flamethrower, earthquake, and fire blast will just demolish all the Pokemon in your party.
Every one wanted charizard in fire red and leaf green plus he was ash's best pokemon you can't get better than him
He is the strongest and killing Pokemon ever.. best for fighting with in the gyms and with elite four.. I like him
[Newest]Watch out grass starters charizard will kick your ass

Infernape is my favourite Pokemon of all time, mainly because he was the first starter I ever had. His attack stats combined with his amazing speed made him nearly unstoppable when using him in Pokemon diamond. definitely the best fire fighting type out there (blaziken was cool, don't get me wrong. )
This fire-fighting monkey is fast, powerful, and really cool Pokemon that can take your team to the chopping block. Be aware from its kicks and punches
Cause it can take your team out
Infernape in my view is the best fire type starter pokemon as it can know supercool moves like flare blitz, stone edge, thunder punch, close combat, focus blast, blast burn. What else do you want from a starter pokemon. It even has stunning looks

Mewtwo is an awesome pokemon and is the strongest, but Mewtwo's not a starter pokemon.
Mewtwo is an awesome starter! You can get him in Pokemon Purple, so stop saying that he isn't!
Mewtwo isn't a starter
[Newest]He isn't a starter and Arceus is the ultimate Pokemon get that in your head

Its a great pokemon with a good attack stat and decent defense with a good move pool. Granted it does not have unique typing. With a chain of pokemon like feraligators I'm surprised it has not been added yet to this list, plus it is one the best water types out there and can be good add to a number of teams, and stratigies.
All but emboar this is the second best starter and 5th best Pokemon
[Newest]I started with feraligatr (totodile) and it was so strong

For those of you who've played Pokémon: Colosseum, you probably kept Espeon on your team all the way through. It's been my favorite starter so far, and I think Nintendo should mess around more with starters, instead of the classic Fire/Water/Grass. Unfortunately, the Umbreon that you get (You get both at the beginning) is fairly weak, which is a shame since I like Umbreon almost as much as I do Espeon.
Since when was this a starter?

Blastoise is the tankiest, most powerful, and just the best starter, the pure fact that his hydro pump can make pure steel into nothing is so awesome that you can't beat blastoise. His combination of ice, water, ground, and fighting moves can beat anything that comes in his path.
How's he so low on best water Pokemon he's on the top
He's cooler than the ugly Char-ugly-zard.

The only starter to become uber, thanks to speed boost. He was my favorite pokemon before his ability, but now he can outspeed and rip apart most who stand in his way with his new friend Groudon.
Blaziken is my favorite pokemon ever he can only be beaten by one pokemon which is Absol
Blaziken is great!

New ability speed boost, overpowered mega, super cool-looking


[Newest]Blaziken is so sexy

Jow is empoleon not at the top at least in the top ten. This steel penguin wreaks havoc on every thing. How is torchic even higher then it. It's the biggest beast hands down
Empoleon is a blade armed, blizzard making, beast of a bird. Its blizzard and hydro pump will wreck half of a well put together team. 2nd best water starter probably ever.
Empoleon is awesome he should at least be 6th
[Newest]Why are they doing this? This is the final evolution of PIPLUP. GO VOTE FOR PIPLUP.

This Pokemon is just totally beast. The combination of a grass and ground type makes it unstoppable. With the combination of earthquake, leaf storm, synthesis and a filler makes it truly a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention its ample defense doesn't hurt.
Torterra, no matter how much people call you the worst starter and no matter how much the anime writers fail to show how awesome you are and no matter how low they make your base stats, you will always be my favorite Pokemon <3 everyone is for charizard and infernape these days but torterra can just stone edge their faces or even if facing both at once kill then both with rock slide. My first ever starter too
Torterra, the self producing earthquake island Pokemon. Nothing else really has to be said. Its combination of frenzy plant and earthquake is powerful enough to make bird Pokemon feel in danger (not literally) it is so tanky that flying barely shakes it. And it can do the job well

My favourite legendary, not my favourite starter
I love Ho-oh. He/she seems so kick butt. I love it because it's a pheonix! Almost everybody loves pheonixes!

I remember the first time I used this Pokemon. It unleashed sheer havoc, being able to take virtually anything with it's really high defense. This Pokemon with Shadow Ball is just a match made in heaven.
Umbreon had a lot of both dark and psychic, well we know that the dark has many resistance and also psychic. Umbreon had a strong defense but low low in attack otherwise, it is fast. But UMBREON is hard to get

Please. VOTE
I can't understand what he/she's saying'

He is the best out of all of them who is really cool loking and poison plus he is the first starter that was ever mad
He rocked a lot. He is super powerful and never failed me. He rocks.

Arceus Isn't a starter. -_-
I know that Arceus is a beast, but since when was it a STARTER? No offense, but that's plain crazy
Well DUH it was the starter in Pokemon Gray! I loved that game except for all the giratina a you found in caves...
Arceus has never been a starter Pokemon and its to strong for a rookie trainer and if it's a starter Pokemon then there's more than 1 Arceus Arceus is a god Pokemon and Arceus is AWESOME!

Really? This beast of a Pokemon does not deserve to be here it is much better than you thought.
LOOK. AT. THE. TREECKO. POST. I do agree with you though, Sceptile is the best.
Sceptile should be number #1, he's my first ever starter Pokemon (treecko first of course)

She or he is really cool so pick it!
I like Serperior. Why doesn't anyone else like it? Its really awesome and cool. Also whoever posted dragonite here has problems... ITS STARTERS!
Serperior is nasty... Bulbasaur is my favorite though
[Newest]Serperior is awesome! I have beaten the Elite Four with it.

Luxray is a beast have kept it dice pearl still in my white game
Shinx ain't no starter, but why worship those pointless Pokemon such as Arceus? I don't believe in Lord Helix. I believe in Lord Shinx.
She or he is the best!

This Pokemon is beast mode
Rayquaza Is A Awesome Legendary But NOT A Sarter


Now Way Snorlax can't Be A Starter Think About It
Defensive-Offensive HP hog. it's all you can really ask for.
Snorlax is my favoret pokemon of all time it is a wall special and phisical

The mud fish that has 1.3 million YouTube subscribers. This water-ground Pokemon can take on almost any Pokemon and put up a good fight. Its hydro pump and earthquake will wreck other Pokemon and will do it well
Hey swampert is a good Pokemon its high in attack and in defines (best Pokemon ever) people like fire types but I think there really weak seriously like how many weaknesses do they have swamper is a ground water only weak to grass whoever is addicted to firetyes must live in a mental home this is the best Pokemon evercharmander is good but I've never ever used him so SWAMPERT RULES and if you like my idea add me o Skype its Aquamudkipz
I mean seriously look at him he has to be the best starter ever he is water and ground type what is cooler than that

Delphox is the best Pokemon ever beat all gyms only using it
Can't defeated the rock gym Delphic is awesome still though
Best Pokemon ever to exist


Roar of time is not useless because it does 150 damage
He has the best move ROAR OF TIME!
Dialga is awesome mainly shiny dialga
[Newest]Dialga is awesome but NOT A STARTER!


It is to. Cute. To. Say. NO!

This fire weasel is a very good starter, now that may sound horrible, but it is the best starter of johto. Its fire blast is very devistating, and its other moves can take out many grass, steel, ice and bug types to come.

This is for starter Pokemon...
He's the strongest dragon type Pokemon duh
The new Pokemon games! Mega X and Ultra Y! Who do you choose as you starter? Zekrom, Reshiram, or Kyurem? No point in playing Black and White anymore...

What nobody has voted for him!?
It isn't a starter. You would be better off looking in the top of the list. Choose Treecko though.

I have gotten a lot of starter pokemon and the best one I have gotten was Samurott, I got him all the way up to level 100 by the end of the game and he is also probably the best water type in my opinion, sorry Kyogre.
I used my Samurott Lv.100 and when I battled N's Pokémon he didn't faint during the winter. I used razor shell 3 times and it killed Black Kyurem as a Lv.88. Also he looks AWESOME.
This water type is very good at resistance, its defense is very high. It can hit hard and will take fire, ground, and rock types to town. A good starter.

Cause its pysduck hmm
I love psyduck one he might be a dumduck but he can really kick I especially love his evolve form golduck it kinda reminds me of a vaporian except in a duck form and standing upXD

He's useful, fun to use, and no, he doesn't suck.If you say its a bad pokemon you have clearly no experience with it.
Well when people say he sucks they are calling arceus and Mewtwo unable to survive while walking because emboar is vastly superior to every Pokemon
Emboar is my number 1 favorite Pokemon, how could you.
If you battle someone with emboar you may as well give up because even 6 watertypes are screwed this Pokemon is extremely op if you don't choosetepig you will die because the other Pokemon have massive weaknesses thru the gyms. Gym leader trouble snivy: 2nd 3rd. Oshawott 4th even pignite has trouble. tepig 5th but this Pokemon should be an emboar by then which means you win. Emboar+enemy Pokemon =emboar and a bunch of charcoal

It evolves into flygon who is bad ass

This Pokemon just amazes me he is so awesome and looks boss. Everyone in my classes always said he was the underdog but guess what he beat requaza!
Sorry to bust your bubble but dexoys is not a starter Pokemon
Probably the most kickass Pokemon concept and design ever.

Oh yeah. this Pokemon is awesome.
Gyrados is a beast! Mine has hydro pump and thunder along with other moves! He can learn loads of moves he is awesome!

From the Japanese Green Version. I love Bellsprout. It's evolutions are all awesome in battle.
He's # 69. What else could I say?

He is the boss! Dragonite is the best Pokemon ever he could beat any champion hands- down! :-)

Its a Ninja + Frog. What makes that's more even cooler than Water/Dark Type
Can kill grass types with ice beam and can kill fighting types with extrasensory, only weaknesses are bug and electric, plus, protean powers up its already boss attacks, Greninja is a god!
Ninja Frog Water Dark type Tongue for a scarf Awesome Shiny Form Protean Ability WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?!?!?
[Newest]It's hidden ability is protean. Done.

Its so powerful that it can destroy Arceus with any electric type move and make up new moves which is cannot be stop I want him.
Zekrom would so beat Arceus if Arceus used a lot of fire type moves.
G power I have zekrom best starter card ever

It was in Pokemon X. I had a team of Pokemon, all around level 15. Out comes a level 5 Dunsparce. 1 HIT-KNOCK-OUT all Pokemon, who had full HP thanks to potions. Rollout makes it a terror. I'm looking into getting one and leveling it up now that my Pokemon are in the 60's- I have a better chance at coming out with one still standing that way. I Hope I'll have better Luck this time.
Dunsparce is quite good, and definitely my favorite starter I've used so far. He's surprisingly powerful for such a little guy, and gets some handy moves! He also can take some hefty hits from other Pokemon! I do not regret the day I chose him as my starter! He even managed to take down some of the best tanks, such as Dusknoir, by simply using his tackle attack! Yowch, I'm glad this thing is on my side! It'd be devastating if I ever went against this tough foe!
I agree! Dunsparce is very powerful! One time I KO'd a Gengar with tackle! And then, some other time, my mighty Dunsparce took a high-jump kick from a Mega-Mewtwo and it didn't even leave a scratch! This little powerhouse is definitely the best starter! Period!
Gengar is ghost type. Immune to normal attacks. We know you're lying.
[Newest]Dunsparce isn't in red or blue it can't learn orator time ad it no evolve

He's an awesome and rare Pokemon

Girantna Really To Awesome To be A Starter Think People
I love giratina and it can defeat elite four Lucian in Pokémon Platinum with its shadow force and ahadow ball.^U^

This pokemon is a boss its rock-ground and its finsl form tyranitar is a pseudo legendary! I don't use my starter anymore cause tyranitar can own everything and learn tons of moves! Mine knows thunder, earthquake, flamethrower and dragon claw he is boss please vote
Ok Larvitar It Could Be A Starter It Looks Like And Has To Evolutions Him And Togipi Could Possiply Be Starters

Just plain out beast such a hoss my all time favorite pokemon I trained one legit to level 100 in ruby and it just destroys everything
It is the best Pokemon
Oh my gosh, I have one of these and it kickes butt. but it's NOT A STARTER!

I'd love for Celebi to be a starter but its not

It's a hard hitter that looks sad but don't even think of hugging the bone helmeted legend

Its strong and can grant you wishes how cool is that.
Some people may choose other Pokemon ; others now how cool Jirachi is and share my opinion. Please vote for Jirachi
Well jirachi is a lengenrdey Pokemon after all and is so so so so cute powerful to

Its awesome and it looks cool (oh and I'm also a girl and like Pokemon)
Hands down, this is the best, even if it isn't a starter. I mean, you can't resist the awesome wings and eyes it has. Oh yea, those blue eyes, so this is obviously a good choice! Vote!
Yveltal rocks my Pokemon y game I beat the champion with it (I'm a girl and I like Pokemon)

Luxray is a cool as Pokemon if it know thunder it will KO you

Swagmon is not a Pokemon what
Swagmon is the best Pokemon ever.

He is a menace in every game he is the only dragon type pokemon without another weakness besides kingdra but palkia is far superior to it while being able to take down a quad sized giratine with only 2 draco meteors! HE CAN DESTROY ARCUES NO PROBLEMO!

Harden does SO much damage. It's also a beast because it can beat ARCEUS EVEN! He can evolve rly fast and has TWO EVOLUTIONS!
Harden harden harden harden harden. win

A consistent pokemon that I own.

Both epic and amazing, it can learn amazing moves!

Better watch out or he'll BURN you.
Whoa its a candle!
I ate a litwick once.

It's my favorite Pokemon

Why is this in the list?
It isn't even a starter!
Awesome Pokemon. he should be first!
He is the only fairy type Pokemon that is rare and it does 100 damage what a legdendary

He awesome he bet venasaur on advance battle

For crying out loud it's beast! A floating cat for crying out loud!
Mew is a beast it's powerful cute I mean so cute

It is very powerful when it got to level 20 but only for starting game

Zoroark is the coolest Pokemon ever, has one of the highest attack stats, and is just plain awesome.
I love zoroark is is so awesome and very tough

This grass-fighting beast of a starter Pokemon is a good first Pokemon for beginners, its poison jab and frenzy plant attack are two great combinations to kick off a battle. Its not the best but it's a good one
Chestnaught is the best hands down. He has big hands for attacking and a huge shell thing on his back that gives him great defense. I'm all about defense. He also is my favorite type grass.

Enough said

Do you all forget about your good pal Maractus? I sure hope you didn't! Maractus can learn all sorts of powerful moves! I remember the first time I chose it as my starter, and boy I did NOT regret it! It's got enough firepower to stop every Pokemon right in their tracks! I defeated every single gym with my Maractus pal. Who needs any one else when you have someone as powerful as Maractus? Heck, I'd go as far as saying Maractus is the best Pokemon ever!
Maractus sure is good. I remember when I chose it as my starter all the way back in Fire Red. We got through that first gym like it was nothing! Maractus surely is under rated, and is probably the underdog of all starters! It certainly needs more love!
Wowzers! Where do I even begin? Maractus is a force to be reckoned with! Maractus has very high stats, especially... well, EVERYTHING! I sure do love Maractus.


Cool Handsome pretty strong fast defensive and best Pokemon ever!
I once encountered a shiny Bidoof by chance...
I was'my even looking for one! I never managed to catch it though...

He evolves into gengar how awesome is that

This ones a blazing unicorn

Are you people mentally retarded? Areodactyl can conquer its two weaknesses grass and water with ice fang, fire fang, and thunder fang! By far this pokemon is the best because it comes from a fossil. THIS THING IS A GOD!

I like turtwig to


I agree I mean this is dumb
Most of these r not starters people get it right

What Mario joined Pokemon?

So cute love it's voice too bad it doesn't an evolution though

Learns amazing dark type moves like night slash, awesome flying moves like brave bird and crazy good ghost moves like shadow ball and 2 out of thouse 3 moves it learns at low levels. It's evolution is literally called BOSS Pokemon, no way around it, this Pokemon is one of the BEST STARTERS
With an awesome combo of dark and flying, Geovonni's new Pokemon is totally awesome. It can learn dark, flying, and surprisingly ghost type moves, very anti mew mweto and alacazam, and they are some of the strongest Pokemon in the game. Murkrow would be a great starter :). It can learn shadow ball, night shade, brave bird and confuse ray. My personal favorite and I am surprised it isn't used more. Murkrow 4 the WIN!

Where is Milotic on this list? I always had trouble beating it in Black and Black 2 with the Cynthia battle! So Op!

It teleports, that's it...
Ã༼ຈ"͜ຈ༽ノ teleport me to the hall of fame ヽ༼ຈ"͜ຈ༽ノ

Zorua change to anyone or Pokemon watch the video of luke

Pidove rocks best flying type ever in my pokemon black and white game he beat the elite 4 while all my other pokemon fainted

A tank when it has flamethrower and you give it a fire stone...

The controller of weather whats not to love
1) Castform is not a starter.
2) Castorm doesn't even control the weather, he just changes form.
3) Dragonair controls the weather, not Castform anyway.

Um you get pikachu in yellow and mystery dungeon and you get eevee in and mystery dungeon just to let you know
He eevee and pikachu are the only back up starters even though you don't start with any of them and cyndaqul is the best

With 505 base stat and over 100 for attack and special attack, which awesome for a non ledgendary. I beat a level 100 Arceus with one and with a deadly combo of dark flying and ghost moves, it can easily take down opponents. Labeled boss Pokemon, this guy can pack a punch. I wish murkrow was a starter

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