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This legendary is so weak it doesn't deserve to be a legendary it has a base stat of 600 which is just equal to a pseudo legendary(a strong pokemon) meaning legendary = a non legendary pokemon it is so weak and pathetic the I kill it if I see it and by the way this isn't a starter and it has never been one

Shaymin isn't a starter Pokemon it's a legendary Pokemon :/

Shaymin is a mythical pokemon...,I don't know

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This pokemon is a boss its rock-ground and its finsl form tyranitar is a pseudo legendary! I don't use my starter anymore cause tyranitar can own everything and learn tons of moves! Mine knows thunder, earthquake, flamethrower and dragon claw he is boss please vote

Larvitar isn't a starter Pokemon you have to get it in a trade

My Volcarona who's the evolved version of larvitar is unstoppable but he's not a starter

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This Pokemon is a Pokemon you can catch in water. Not a starter Pokemon

Oh yeah. this Pokemon is awesome.

Gyrados is a beast! Mine has hydro pump and thunder along with other moves! He can learn loads of moves he is awesome!

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This grass-fighting beast of a starter Pokemon is a good first Pokemon for beginners, its poison jab and frenzy plant attack are two great combinations to kick off a battle. Its not the best but it's a good one

Chestnaught is the best hands down. He has big hands for attacking and a huge shell thing on his back that gives him great defense. I'm all about defense. He also is my favorite type grass.

Best stage 2 ever besides flygon Scolipede and Luxray

Chespin is the 19th best.

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Quilava has an awesome design. He's definitely the best stage 1 starter in Pokemon

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Riolu? Am I the only one who's wondering why the heck this is even here? Riolu isn't a starter...

Riolu is awesome! He is a awesome pokemon that is a ground pokemon.
And when he evolves it is a lucario! Lucario is also very strong!

Riolu was actually a starter of Pokemon Glazed

Cool man riolu is

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Um you get pikachu in yellow and mystery dungeon and you get eevee in and mystery dungeon just to let you know

In Pokemon mystery dungeon you don't get starter Pokemon, You can only turn into a Pokemon

Marill isn't really a starter Pokemon but I love it because its cute

No it's definitely a starter

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Not a starter but its still one of my favourite Pokemon


...Gardevoir is not a starter. Sure, that was Wally's first Pokemon, but that was Wally. He needed that sort of Pokemon to help him...besides...Gallade is better...

Gardevoir ain't a starter. But it is an awesome pokemon

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Ah yes, the Pokemon that everyone chooses to start with

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He's the best starter Pokemon by FAR. He's obviously like an actual starter and stuff

This is a piece of crap who posted this

This is no starter it's a piece of crap

Wait...who is this?

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Psyduck isn't a starter Pokemon you can catch it in water

I love psyduck one he might be a dumduck but he can really kick I especially love his evolve form golduck it kinda reminds me of a vaporian except in a duck form and standing upXD

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73YveltalYveltal is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in the 6th gen, Yveltal is a legendary Dark/Flying type Pokemon, and is the mascot of Pokemon Y. It is classified as the Destruction Pokemon. Yveltal has the ability to absorb life energy, and when its life comes to an end, it steals more.

Its awesome and it looks cool (oh and I'm also a girl and like Pokemon)

Hands down, this is the best, even if it isn't a starter. I mean, you can't resist the awesome wings and eyes it has. Oh yea, those blue eyes, so this is obviously a good choice! Vote!

I love Yveltal. Way better than the skinny deer - Goatworlds

Yveltal is a legendary not a starter

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It was in Pokemon X. I had a team of Pokemon, all around level 15. Out comes a level 5 Dunsparce. 1 HIT-KNOCK-OUT all Pokemon, who had full HP thanks to potions. Rollout makes it a terror. I'm looking into getting one and leveling it up now that my Pokemon are in the 60's- I have a better chance at coming out with one still standing that way. I Hope I'll have better Luck this time.

Dunsparce is quite good, and definitely my favorite starter I've used so far. He's surprisingly powerful for such a little guy, and gets some handy moves! He also can take some hefty hits from other Pokemon! I do not regret the day I chose him as my starter! He even managed to take down some of the best tanks, such as Dusknoir, by simply using his tackle attack! Yowch, I'm glad this thing is on my side! It'd be devastating if I ever went against this tough foe!

(sarcasm) Dunsparce is the best starter ever. It can kill Magikarp and Mewtwo with its Tackle. - Goatworlds

Nah this guys lame

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Its really overdesigned. Lets just make sure Piplup doesn't evolve ever again

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What the heck is it with not actual starter pokemon. Scraggy plus half of the pokemon on here aren't starters.

He not a starter AND he sucks! Scrafty also sucks

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I really like frogadier but I chose froakie because froakie is #14 on this list and I want him to win

He can probably get a mega evolution if the game allows it like in the show

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He's an awesome and rare Pokemon

Not a starter because you can't evolve the Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow. - Goatworlds

Raichu is a cute awesome Pokemon but its not a starter Pokemon

Some rare poke this

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Best of all, especially with its all mighty splash.

Magikarp is a GOD! I remember when I chose it as my fist starter. It brings back so many memories.

Magikarp should be everyone's first Pokemon.

Worst. Pokemon. Ever.

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Giratina origin is the rarest Pokemon

Giratina is not a starter Pokemon it's a legendary Pokemon

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