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It ain't a starter sheesh you people should try reading what the list is all about but if this Pokemon is a real starter do the people a favor and post it here so when they scan the list and see a random Pokemon added here and read the description they won't get stress and get HIGH BLOOD! - waterlover

It's a hard hitter that looks sad but don't even think of hugging the bone helmeted legend

Cubone is a cute sad Pokemon but its not a starter Pokemon


Flygon is not a starter Pokemon...

Just plain out beast such a hoss my all time favorite Pokemon I trained one legit to level 100 in ruby and it just destroys everything

Its not a starter but if it doesn't get a mega in sun and moon I will throw my 3ds on the wall

It is the best Pokemon

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It be cool if the creation trio can be chosen as starters...

He is a menace in every game he is the only dragon type pokemon without another weakness besides kingdra but palkia is far superior to it while being able to take down a quad sized giratine with only 2 draco meteors! HE CAN DESTROY ARCUES NO PROBLEMO!

Palkia? A starter? Yes. This must happen. - RiverClanRocks

Still not a starter - waterlover

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I picked him as a starter and it literally kicked everyone's butt. With its Psychic attack. Nobody could own it. - Goatworlds

Celebi is a special event Pokemon not a starter Pokemon

I'd love for Celebi to be a starter but its not

Not a starter

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...Luxray is an awesome Pokemon but not a starter

Luxray is a cool as Pokemon if it know thunder it will KO you

Ok I'm the Same gub from flygon Luxray is just as good as Flygon and Scolipede is as good as seismetoad

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Vulpix is a cute smart Pokemon but its not a starter


Really guys. Latias isn't a starter Pokemon. You get it in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Still doesn't change the fact that Latias is not a starter - waterlover

Not all of the time! You can get it in Omega Ruby if you get the Eon Ticket, and I did.

It's so awesome

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Why are there random Pokemon in the list what!

Hydreigon is badass not only in design but is also really good in competitive I one shot a mega blaziken, mega salemance and a mega metagross

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I can't say no to Latios, but he is not a starter!

Latios is a boss he's ont a starter but his levitate can dodge every ground attack he is. A boos

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PLUS it has all sorts of absorbing moves! It's also effective against the first two types: Earth and Water, and by then, it's already a beast!

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Jirachi is a legendary not a starter Pokemon

Is jirachi a starter if yes please inform us - waterlover

Its strong and can grant you wishes how cool is that.
Some people may choose other Pokemon ; others now how cool Jirachi is and share my opinion. Please vote for Jirachi

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*face palm* Why the heck are there so many random Pokemon - waterlover

Ghost and dark immune to physic, normal and normal and resistant by 50% to poison. Weak aginst nothing. Pretty awesome.

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This Pokemon just amazes me he is so awesome and looks boss. Everyone in my classes always said he was the underdog but guess what he beat requaza!

Deoxys is so weak like a poo weaker than rayquaza weak as a cubone

Deoxys is a mythical, not a legendary.

Deoxys is a legendary not a starter

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Wingull is a cute Pokemon but it is not a starter

A consistent Pokemon that I own.


So apparently every Pokemon is a starter Pokemon

Bidoof is still not a starter but it is a useful Pokemon with the ability pick up - waterlover

Cool Handsome pretty strong fast defensive and best Pokemon ever!

LOL yeah apparently every Pokemon is a starter Pokemon

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He evolves into gengar how awesome is that

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He is the boss! Dragonite is the best Pokemon ever he could beat any champion hands- down! :-)

I always use him I tested him in the leage and defeated every other Pokemon with only him

Dragonite is one of my best Pokemon ever, have you seen its moveset?

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At the end of this scan I my high blood must have increase a lot and I'm still a kid for God's sake - waterlover

Why are almost none of the Pokemon posted here starters? There are 18 starters total but over 100 Pokemon here!

You guys are retarded. A lot of the Pokemon here are not starters. what?

What Mario joined Pokemon?

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Better watch out or he'll BURN you.

Litwick is cute but not a starter

Now they are jest putting whats in their heads

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Torchic's awkward stage between cuteness and coolness...

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