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This Pokemon has a mediocre design. It is also not a starter. - Goatworlds


Probably the best competitively used pkmn used competitively to be used strategically instead of plain power. Teach it stealth rock and leech seed to give yourself an edge then lower its speed with natures and have no EV's on it so you can teach it Gyro Ball. As for your fourth move it doesn't matter but Energy Ball is a good grass move if no one else on your team knows a grass move


I play Pokemon Platinum all day and I Recently caught a level. 55 Gengar and it's one of my Trusty Partners in Platinum. Gengar's ability is really handy as well because Poison type's weakness are Ground types, so Levitate can be a handy ability for a ghost type! Gengar is one of the best Ghost Types in Pokemon.

I love gengar you can hack the game to make gengar a starter Pokemon

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Roar of time is not useless because it does 150 damage

He has the best move ROAR OF TIME!

Dialga is awesome mainly shiny dialga

Dialga is awesome but NOT A STARTER!

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It's my favorite Pokemon

Hypno is not a starter


Not a starter but its still my favourite

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I play a game at my house, about Pokemon.
Hoot Hoot is the best starter Pokemon, in my sisters opinion. - 2234


Zoroark is the coolest Pokemon ever, has one of the highest attack stats, and is just plain awesome.

I love zoroark is is so awesome and very tough

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Croconaw is awesome because it evolves into FERALIGATR


I know that Arceus is a beast, but since when was it a STARTER? No offense, but that's plain crazy

Well DUH it was the starter in Pokemon Gray! I loved that game except for all the giratina a you found in caves...

Arceus has never been a starter Pokemon and its to strong for a rookie trainer and if it's a starter Pokemon then there's more than 1 Arceus Arceus is a god Pokemon and Arceus is AWESOME!

The reason I voted for arceus is because he's my favorite pokemon or else he ain't starter if he was the game was super duper easy and pokemon would be easy to finish

No offense, but magikarp would crush him

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You don't find the top percentage Rattata, the top percentage Rattata finds you.

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Pidgey is a beast I destroyed brock with gust and obliterated misty with my peck.

Yeah pretty good starter if it would be one because pidgeot is really good


From the Japanese Green Version. I love Bellsprout. It's evolutions are all awesome in battle.

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Harden harden harden harden harden. win

Much True Metapod = Rad win crush your opponents with the power of... HARDEN!

Harden a little more harden just another century of harden and I win!

This is trash?

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