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There should be no debate about this Florida is hot and humid. In southern California the temperature can be in the mid 60's all year round. In northern California it provides some of the best and most scenic national parks in the world including yosemite, sequoia, and Kings Canyon. When people think of California they think of the beach and big cities but they don't seem to remember the variety of places to visit that this wonderful state has.
The guy below me that said it is in the mid 60's all year round: you're an idiot and you clearly don't live in California if you believe that laugh out loud I lived their for 18 years. Hated every minute. Crowded, expensive, rude people. This and New York are 2 of the worst states to live in. Only plus side of California: Orange County, the beach, anywhere except LA, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Basically anywhere but the big cities.
You're probably wondering why California is all the way down at #5. Well I picked the best state, #1 as Florida because it's cheaper than California! They are very similar states, except price wise. Also the California government is crashing and is in debt! The taxes in California are also 10%!
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2New York
The lake effect snow is awesome! (Especially Tug Hill) Florida completely sucks in all ways and only the mountains of California are good.
New york is and always will be the best! We have niagar falls, the statue of liberty, new york city, the erie canal, right by the lakes, and mych more
New York has so many cool attractions like the Statue of Liberty, The Empire and Chrysler buildings!
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Florida is my favorite state BY FAR! It has gorgeous beaches, amazing cities, and Disney World, which is my favorite amusement park :) I LOVE FLORIDA! I know the drivers are terrible, but all of the other amazing experiences it has to offer make up for that one downside! Florida is amazing <3
I Live in florida and let me tell it pretty awesome especially because has nice weather all the time and its the state that doesn't also its known for its great beaches/ Florida is where all NASA Shuttles take off Including Apollo 13 And florida is amazing Orlando, Miami, clearwater, and Tampa.
I know I'm probably going to get shot for putting this above California, but let's face it, Florida is the best of all. It has beautiful beaches, TONS of amazing amusement parks, great cities (MIAMI), and tons of other attractions that make this the best state in America!


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Im from ohio and my name is Sadie P-Wilcox and I'm only sayin its awsam cause of escamo jo! And by the way my gymnastics coch is from this state so I'm also specking for her!
Texas is the great state you can say every bad thing you want about Texas but every one loves the lone star state and you can't deny that
Let's face it, New York and California are corrupted to the core by socialism and communism. You want a free and more conservative, tranditional state, Texas is probably the best.
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This place is GORGEOUS! I love it! Every corner of Hawaii is beautiful and amazing!
Hawaii is the best place for vacation. It is a clean island with a lot of excitement.
Maui, I am going there this summer of 2013.

State of Hockey. State of the Accent. Only State with a town that has two official Languages, New Ulm, MN (English, German)


Chicago is great and I recomend going there. My aunt lives there and we visit somtimes. I'm a bad speller but that isn't my point. The point is Illinois is the best state ever. So vote it now.
Chicago AKA the Windy City is a nice place to be. A lot of job opportunities right by Lake Michigan and has the 2nd tallest building in the world.
if you have to live in this country do it in Illinois


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10North Carolina
Mountains, Foothills, Beaches, Fantastic Food, Our State Magazine, face it... North Carolina has it all.
Come on Atlantic Beach, White Lake, Hatteras, The Cardinal what's not to love about NC. VOTE.


Charlotte is the place to be!
I have almost spent 1 day here!
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Colorado is the best state ever! We have mountains, awesome ski resorts, and red rocks ampitheater, known as the best place in america to see a concert! You will die an unhappy person if you don't go to Colorado!
In southern cities like Colorado Springs Or Pueblo, it is sunny and beautiful like New Mexico.

The land of cheese and beer, need I say anymore, where else can you expeirance all types of weather in four days?


They have rebelled against the government and failed 5 times.


Ohio has every thing really cars the first person to step on the moon everyone is an idiot.


There would be no Washington DC if it were not for Maryland. It may not be the best state ever, but it is an extremely important one.
Maryland is the best state, not California!


Maryland rocks the most, not California!
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17New Jersey
If you don't live in Newark, Trenton, Camden, Paterson, or any other ghetto here you will live in a great neighborhood at most 1 hour from either NYC or Philly, 2 of the greatest cities in the world. Jersey shore isn't trash like MTV portrays it. You should check out towns here like Franklin Lakes, Saddle River, Alpine, Upper Saddle River, Mendham, Mountain Lakes, the rest of Morris County, Somerset County, Essex Fells, Montclair, West Orange, Livingston, Cherry Hill, Princeton, and places like this. The wealth here is crazy. Your hair will be blown back. This is what Jersey really is. Go to Long Beach Island for a weekend and tell me you want to leave and I'll call you the biggest liar ever for saying that. (Which you are)
welcome to the richest, coolest, densest, former smartest, underrated, east coast, home to the most talented people- state in America. p. s. Atlantic City rules!


Nebraska has really good places to get jobs. It also has decent weather in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. We don't get earthquakes, tsunamis, nor hurricanes. We do have tornados (rarely), hailstorms/snowstorms, thunderstorms/rainstorms, and very, very few floods though. Nebraska has a high education system. In my opinion, Omaha is the best city there.

I am from Oregon but I now live in Texas. Oregon is awesome ith fresh air huge trees and large hills

I live in and was born in Louisville and how is this not top 3? Muhammad Ali, KFC, And 2 straight NCAA Championships from Kentucky.


Yeah that's right! Warm weather, good education. The only thing missing is a beach, but WHO CARES?!?! There's pools, resorts, good community, SUN TANS! Best state EVER! One reason other states have more votes is OVERPOPULATION! (no offense, they're great, but you got NOTHING on AZ! )
The desert is a great place to look at in the sun.


There is so much to love about Connecticut.

Uh... Have you seen our National Parks. That's right. Utah has everything from the best snow on Earth, to beaches by our Great Salty lake. We get wonderfully warm summers and beautiful white Christmas's. Yeah. Utah is the best ever!
We are the best. How is Nebraska better than Utah? Can anyone answer me this question? The answer to that riddle is no.


A lot of people have cottages up in Michigan and you could go fishing in a bunch of lakes to choose from. Pure Michigan.
Detroit is awesome and probably has the greatest airport in America


I Love Georgia because the big Sports teams
Jekyll Island is a beauty and the place to be.
You know I'm going to vote Georgia because I live here----I think most people did the same thing for their states :) I don't have anything against any other states but I like them all! They're all unique!
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People are nice, in Indianapolis, they have the #1 children's museum in the United States! Also, lots of sports and fun museums to go around! Even in the biggest metropolitan area in the state totaling at over 1.7 million, (Carmel-Indianapolis) prices for houses are very reasonable! Also, there are nice colleges, like Purdue University.
we have colleges, colts, indianapolis and fort wayne, and best of all CORN! so lets be honest everybody loves corn!
Indiana is the second largest producer of ice cream...
Has lots of country rural areas...
Has some of the best hospitality in the world...
But who can say no to ICECREAM...especially indiana's hommade!

Great colleges! Amazing, clean cities to live in! People are also very friendly!
Since I live here I feel obligated to vote for it... But it's not that bad..


I do like some other states more but I feel so bad for Massachusetts because it's 38! Boston, Cambridge, Cape Call of Duty, Martha's Vineyard...
Boston is a popular city and they have the 2013 World Series baseball camps.
Boston is a huge, beautiful city, and I love the weather.

32Rhode Island

People are very friendly, cost of living is reasonable, lots of casinos and after having lived here the last couple of years, after living in 8 other states, MS 'image' is much worse than what it's really like here... I think it's got to be the most 'lied' about state in the nation.

34South Carolina

I live in Columbia and it's a really good place to live! The education may not be the BEST in the US but we still learn what we need to learn in order to be successful in life! The city is very nice, the state parks are great, and the people are friendly! South Carolina is really not as bad as people say it is. It's a great place!

35New Hampshire





Las Vegas really makes Nevada popular. If you go there you at least come home with $100.
The warm and hot desert makes it a great state.

41South Dakota

42North Dakota





47New Mexico
It is a beautiful state and the state to have the most culture, really neat and awesome state. Beautiful time for hiking
Nice and warm weather is just what we need.


Arkansas got that southern pride! Once you visit the southern delta of arkansas, youll find true simple living! And a little of mamma's cornbread! THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!

49West Virginia


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