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Get it hammer arm, gyro ball, earthquake, and explosion. Get it a relaxed nature so it raises its defense and lowers its speed. It is normally slow and has a nature to make it slower. This means not only does gyro ball get STAB but it also has more effect when you are slower. You might need to use hammer arm on some enemies, but that would make you slower, which makes gyro ball even stronger. Earthquake is good for getting other steel types, and also poison types, not that either of those would be able to hurt U.steel is weak to fire, so earthquake can help with that too. Ground is super-effective on electric and rock, too. If a steel type can use magnet rise or has levitate, use hammer arm. Only use explosion in an emergency, or if you have like 20 health left. It would make you die, but also probably the opponent, and if you have 20 hp you are probably going to die soon anyways.

Arms that crush Pokemon skulls. Insane attacks that will tear bodies apart. Amazing resistances and high defenses. If this Pokemon sat next to Arceus, he would think twice before approaching our hero. A mega evolution that sweeps even the best teams. Surprising agility makes it kill faster than it's opponent. A glare that says, "Get out of my way, or I'll show you what I can do." The sanctum of steel. The maker of metal. The strength of psychic. Who is it that I am referring to? It's Metagross.

Just awesome and so much powerful. It has a base stat total of six hundred. It's speed is poor comparing to its other stats. It has a base speed of seventy. But it can learn agility to deal with its speed. Powerful in attack and defense no doubtly makes it the best steel Pokemon.

I would try using iron defense instead of gyro ball

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I have to admit that Aggron is one of the best steel types. its ability is Rock Head, There fore it cannot take recoil damage, making its use of double-edge very effective. Aggron has a great move set, being able to learn electric, fighting, rock, and dark moves as well as its base types, steel and ground. His speed isn't very high, which is why his move autotomize is good, boosting his speed stat. It is also a massive tank. its defense is so high, not even a fighting move will one shot it. It can also mega-evolve in gen 6, making it even better.

Best steel type ever... He can even beat legendaries... With many resistance and coverage of weaknesses.. He becomes unbeatable... He's the best in hoenn region... Capable of destroying the pseudo legendary Pokemon of hoenn salamence..

My aggron can literally take a stab earthquake twice and rip a hole in his foes team with head smash and iron head (which are both stabs). Add in earthquake and aqua tail and you have a force to be recond with.

This guy is like Godzilla, but covered in armor!

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Aura Sphere gonna kill you all. End of story.

Lucario got voted no. 1 fighting type, so let's make him no. 1 in steel, too. Although as good as Lucario is, Metagross is going to be some competition to outrank.

All of fighting's weaknesses got canceled out by his steel side, so he's got all the weaknesses of steel and that's it.

Hey, Lucario also has the best look. I mean, doesn't it look beast how he's kneeling down and is giving you a menacing stare (that's in heart gold/soul silver)?

Let's face it: Lucario is the best.

Not only is he my favourite fighting type, but it's also my favourite steel type! He is also the top fighting types in sinnoh or maybe the only new one

Lucario, my favourite Pokemon, my first shiny and the one who helps me beat anything in my path! Seriously when battling against friends they always give me the death stare because they can't beat my Lucario. I always need one on my team and god that speed! That speed has won me a lot of battles... Lucario need to be top, I mean look at HIM. Obviously he need to be top.

He is a steel fighter, wow!

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Being the only flying steel Pokemon and having those types work out greatly for each other, and having a high attack defense and speed is incredibly helpful and should be higher on this list, at least past lucario

It just rocks! It has only 2 weaknesses after countering both ground and fighting moves with it's type combination. Way high defense, awsaumn look and high attack. It should be number 1 on every flying or steel type pokemon list.

Only weaknesses are fire and electricity cancelling out ice rock fighting and ground types that would be super effective against flying or the steel type

As I said for aggron, skarmory isn't my favorite. But his sturdy in the Pokemon league is annoying.

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I have him and he is a total beast. He has been a nothing more than a powerhouse in many battles. And with only one weakness compared to the 4 that Metagross has, the three Lucario has, the three Aggron has, three for Empoleon, 2 for skarmory, 4 for excadrill, and 4 for steelix, it kind of makes me mad he's not higher on this list. He has great stats, a solid move pool and a mega evolution to boot. It's speed is massive if trained right and if you give it a decent set of moves to work with it's speed, it can even deal with fire types before they have a chance to do anything. Scizor for the win!

Scizor is really awesome. It has a good base attack stat and it looks awesome. It can also learn some powerful moves!

Why isn't. He number 1 he only has one weakness and one of the bast base attack

Mega with technical and Bullet punch

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Mawile is steel fairy so poison doesn't effect it and steel is not very effective. MAWILE IS A BEAST!

Mawile is AWESOME I mean look at it not only adorable but hardcore as ever

Not only is mawhile is tough but mega evolution is unbeatable. Help me beat a mega gardevoir

Name it Dragon Slayer

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Steelix = Super Powered Onix, I'm shocked its not higher up, its super massive and potentially super powerful, and it's the icon of what a Steel type Pokemon should be..

Steelix is AMAZING! I used him, and took out the entire Dragon Gym in Pokemon White 2 by himself. His Defense is epic, and he can definitely hold his own in any battle.

Iron tail, Earthquake than whatever you want. Ground makes fire no threat, and can't be hit by poison type moves.

Too slow for my liking; however you can get quite a bit out of him by teaching the moves Earthquake, Stone Edge, Iron Tail, and Aqua Tail.

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Metagross is built for attack, but what about magnezone. Its sp. Attack is awesome plus with the right moves and items it can take one the most powerful of Pokemon. Teaching it thunder and flash cannon is a good idea because of STAB. Hyper beam is one of the most powerful special moves. If magnezone has the ability magnet pull give it a focus sash and teach it mirror coat for Pokemon who emphasis on special attack.

A special attack to rival the best of pokemon, an ability that is the nightmare of other steel types, and a decent all around tank makes Magnezone one of the best steel types in my mind.

Definitely my favorite Pokemon

Magnet Rise, Lock On, Flash Cannon, and Thunder. What a combo.

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I do think that empoleon is a really good Pokemon. On my x game I have a level 67 piplup. My problem is piplup is just so darn cute I don't want to evolve him. Empoleon's steel type gets rid of the electric weakness.

Empoleon is a Pokemon which you can pull out and tank almost anything. He is one of my favourite tanks

Empoleon rocks it should be in 2nd place I used empoleon and metagross only to beat the elite four and the champion.

Empoleon isn't that hard to counter, only a couple of hits from Thunderbolt and he faints...

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There are so many great steel types, but aegislash takes my vote because of its great ability. Get it with swords dance or iron defense depending on how you use it, shadow sneak, iron head, and sacred sword, making it a great wall and sweeper at the same time, a force to be reckoned with, the gen 6 Pokemon really should get more credit.

Aegis lash is awesome not shiny but when I saw his shiny I loved it

There are a crap ton of reports of him sweeping the champ and I have never heard reports of any others even attempted to do so before him the best was sizor he was the fastest and had the highest attack stat so it comes down to "pick your poison" they all have pros and cons but angislash has the fewest cons

He is op and a uber

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I think people are forgetting about Dialga. Sure there are plenty of great steel types but Dialga's raw power is what makes it automatically a uber Pokemon.

Why isn't dialga higher? IT CAN CONTROL TIME! And it's stats are awesome, both offensive land defensively. It's the second best of any pokemon ( except mewtwo) and can learn roar of time

Dialga is a beast. One thing that I like about Dialga is the type combination. It is the only Steel/Dragon in the whole franchise (#I do not know how to spell it! ). I like Dialga over Palkia and Giratina (and Arceus! ). I say that Palkia should be Psychic/Dragon but were not in a Palkia conversation. I bet Dialga should get 1st place.

Dialga not only is a legendary, but he has high stats!

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Awesome, the only problem with it is you have to trade with Shelmet to evolve it. Better than Scizor I think.

He needs to be number 1 or 2, meagross and him have equal attack stats..
Make him an OU

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Jirachi can also heal itself with wish. This makes for a fun combo.

One whole week every millenia it grants wishes. Not only that it can commit martydom with doom desire, you take it out in two turs it takes you out

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Heatren is the best Pokemon anybody could get so you should really only vote for this guy me and him beat the Pokemon league alone and we did it with nothing to heal with. and he was only at level 50 and he did not ever go on Pokemon amy or super training and I am not lying. he is insanely inecredibley strong if anybody is reading this and they like heatmor they have a heck of some taste and if you don't know what that means it means you have a really good choice.

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Insanely high attack stats and with Sand Rush you get an incredible fast killing machine!

He is in uber with that God Pokemon arceus so that means he can fight gods

I don't know what I would do without my shiny excadrill #sostrong

Can even drill iron plates

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Laugh out loud don't know whats going on with retarded Pokemon fans. Bisharp has more stats then a skarmory and yet he lands here -_- and Bisharp is more cooler looking than skarmory or lucario and sacrifices all for his attack night slash will kill anyone when powered up with sword dance he is immune to psychic and poison types. HE IS FULL OF BIGASS SHINY BLADES ALL AROUND ITS BODY

Although he has a quad weakness to fighting, he's immune to both physic AND poison. If you train him properly, his attack stat can go through the roof.

BISHARP IS BEAST! I have a shiny one on x and y and he tears through teams! Once he gets a swords dance, sucker punch, iron head, and pursuit wrecks everything! VOTE FOR THIS GUY!

Pure unadulterated bad ass

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I just loved catching my first Aron in hoenn! I couldn't wait for it to be an aggron

Just because Aron one of my favorite Pokemon. And because I made list it gave some power to the order of it. Best doesn't always have to be best in battles. - Pikatwo

Why is Aron higher then Bronzong, Bisharp, Excadrill, Genesect and Cobalion - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER


Registeel has amazing defenses and because of its pure steel type it has many resistances an immunity but only 3 weaknesses

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A really great wall. My most dependable Pokemon in Pokemon colleseum. It has one weakness, fire. It learn very great competitive moves, such as spikes, toxic, explosion, earthquake and rapid Spin etc.

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Utility is this Pokemon's name and it can be near impossible to wear down at times. With typing that's exclusive to it's line and great defenses it already has many unique attributes and it's support movepool is one of the best there is. It's no slouch on the offense either and can dish out strong Gyro Balls and Power Whips if necessary. Steels are amazing as ever and Ferrothorn is one of the defining Pokemon's of it's typing as it constantly proves to be incredibly useful for the trainer in battle and pain for the opponent to beat.

Ferrothorn is fantastic defensively and is well supported with an attack stat above 90. His speed is terrible, but actually allows Gyro Ball to hit for 280 (also due to STAB). Overlooked but very useful!

Ferrothorn has a great defensive typing with great defenses and above average attack. Allowing it to be a wall and make use of high powered attacks. Gyro ball. Power whip, these two attacks are ridiculously powerful and youstill have two slits for two other moves.

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