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How the hell is probopass beating this thing it is better than that piece of garbage and it is a dinosaur thing. VOTE BASTIODON!

Surprised he wasn't anywhere on the list. I mean he's not incredible but I can see him taking the number 15 spot in exchange for excadrill.

I wish rampardos was a steel type he is way better than bastiodon. He learns head smash and giga impact, all a super-OP move

Bastiodon should be top 10

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This Pokemon is so good should at least be 8th just because of its awesome special defense

Awesome Pokemon this should be at least 8th because of its mad special defines

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Shift Gear is still a fantastic stat boosting move and Gear Grind can really pack a punch.

I Think klinklang is good with magnetic flux - RainbowDedenne

I need this to be a defensive wall for my team

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Bronzong might not be a good attacker and is really slow but if you give him trick room, gyro ball, toxic and stealth rock he can tank up damage and whittle down the foes health

Steel and psychic, just like metagross, a very powerful typing and some great stats

He's the slowest Pokemon ever. This makes Gyro Ball actually useful, but it's still only 5 PP. I'd still go for Lucario over Bronzong any day of the week, but I also battle better with fast hard-hitting Pokemon than with grinders.

Yes best steel type, by farr!

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25GenesectV3 Comments

Lairon should be higher than Aron as its second form of Aron


This is easily one of the best steel types. HOW is it that metagross is number one and has 4 weaknesses. Yet durant is number 28 and he only has 1. REALLY.

Has incredible speed and good moves like dig and iron head

Has high attack and speed and doesn't get hurt by poison

One weakness you hearing me

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28Mega Metagross

Come on! New alpha sapphire omega ruby It's a new mega! I have no idea what it's like but it looks epic!

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I though cobalion is a legendary Pokemon with quiet high defense and the leader of the swords of justice

It may be the leader of the Swords of Justice but realistically it is outclassed by Terrakion and Keldeo.

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30ArceusV2 Comments

Magneton + Eviolite has surprised several opponents with its durability, and the Sp.Atk is almost Magnezone-level, while also slightly faster.
But mostly, I like the design.

32Mega LucarioV2 Comments

It isn't even a steel type. it is just rock

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34Mega Aggron

210 defense. Heavy slam, sturdy + metal burst, iron tail, iron head, head smash + rock head, earthquake, and I could go on.

Rest/Sleep Talk/Substitute/Dragon Tail

Sweep half a team for an easy timeout win.

How the hell dose this have such a low rating


The steel pokemon before steel pokemon were even a type, that's got to count for something.


Give it an evolite and WHAM, pretty much an invincible Pokemon


Look at it this way: if you get him at the beginning, he's a very solid beginner. especially since he becomes Metagross, and Metagross can become M Metagross! If you get him, you could work your way up and choose the moves you want for your Metagross.


Why don't people think it's a steel type! It has 3 forms and can survive the anime how many steel types went in a Pokemon contest. This Pokemon is cool,strong and skilled. I tink it should be higher up


Calm Mind + Iron Defense + Flash Cannon + Dazzling Gleam

Taken out multiple teams of legendaries with naught but a Klefki. And just look at it. It's hilarious.

I love this Pokémon! But getting its Shiny form is a pain in the plot. Better not take as long to find and Shiny Growlithe did.

A key to champion and victory!

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