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21Since I Told You It's Over

I am so surprised that this song isn't even in the top tens! This is a very powerful, brilliant song that I personally adore

22In a Moment

An Amazing Intro. The chorus wins it for me. An Excellent song if you're looking for some good Stereophonics songs. It has a soulful guitar solo that just adds to the mood of the song.

One of the most meaningful and deep songs ever written. Its is just a beautiful song, sad though.

One of their best songs. Lyrically and musically. Fantastic solo, atmospheric and dark.

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23Hurry Up & Wait
24My Own Worst Enemy

Just brilliant

25Vegas Two Times

Its just groovy and great

26I Wanna Get Lost With You

Really catchy and an all around great song!

This is new song from this great band.

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27You're My Star

This is one of my faviroute songs of all time by any band. 26 is an insult

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28Same Size Feet

Nice little story haha

29Pick a Part That's New

I really like this song, the first song I heard by them and probably my favourite apart from Dakota. Top 10 song for me. - Tomthebeast

Catchy song and one of their most popular, needs to be higher.

One of their best songs, should be top 15

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30It Means Nothing

I have masturbated several times to this song!

31C'est la Vie

Newer song (2015) deserves to be a top 5 in my opinion

32Roll Up and Shine

The coolest guitar riff and the lyrics and beat make you want to keep on listening for hours as hours.

34White LiesV2 Comments
35Nice to Be Out

Bit of history, love the guitar


A powerful, energetic and summery song, and at the same time sad and meaningful, possibly the best music video of any song I know, can't stop listening to it!

38Step On My Old Size Nines
39Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today?

Very nice song, deep lyrics, nice slow melody, got all the components to become an instant classic.

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