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1 For the Love of God For the Love of God

I was just out of words when I heard it the second time. So lot of emotions and an epic song. I cannot describe that feeling. It feels like you are just one and your position cannot be described and that song is going on. Like I'm in a dream. I'm sleeping and when the song is over I'm full of energy. Mind blowing awesome song. Definitely God like.

Emotion X 1000 love of god! At it's bestt! It's the best instrumental song ever if you are in the right mood! Devotion at it very best and I almost cry listening to it WONDERFUL SONG! ViVa STEVE VAI!

I thinks it's the best. Don't just watch the life performance but also the music video. I definitely think "Tender Surrender" is the next best and almost if not equal to "FTLOG"

This song is absolutely beautiful

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2 Tender Surrender Tender Surrender

Now this is an underated song, not to mention steve vai at its best, great intro, great feel and an incredible ending, with the best wah sound you would ever hear.

This is definitely number one. It has all of Steve Vai's best tricks and signature moves, and has just an amazing solo, with awesome wah and a great sound and feel. This is definitely the best of steve vai.

My first encounter with this song was thus (keep in mind I had only heard Steve Vai's name in passing), minute one- wow, I actually like this riff (that's saying a lot I'm a bit of a music snob). minute two holy canolli, this guy's got soul, minute three- this is the best guitar solo I've ever heard, period. minute four-I can't comprehend how each phrase keeps builds on the last. Minute five-I must know who this Vai Is. Via. Dude is I must become him or he must become me, minute six- Just kidding there is no minute six.

Why isn't this fantastic song at first place?

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3 Whispering a Prayer Whispering a Prayer

This song is criminally underrated. It is beautiful in so many ways and really showcases how much emotion can be conveyed through a song. You rock Steve!

The song touches you on so many levels. It describes so much in so less space. And every time you hear it it keeps getting better.

Absolutely beautiful... when he don't mess it up and go off on one of his mad whammy expressions, alive in a ultra world album for this song most definitely

Each and every solos were amazing, could listen all day... And also I use as an improvement...

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4 Bad Horsie Bad Horsie

Bad Horsie is such an atmospheric track. You've got that big meaty riff, the smoking bluesy lead parts with that perfect wah tone, not to mention Vai's classic tremolo acrobatics! Awesome tune.

This is not the number one Vai track only because I think Tender Surrender appeal to a broader audience.

5 Building the Church Building the Church

Real Illusions: Reflections is the first studio album since Steve Vai's 1999 studio release The Ultra Zone. The album was released on February 22, 2005. It is the first piece of a three-part concept album about a town visited by the godsent Pamposh and his construction of the Church.
"Lotus Feet", the seventh song (which is to be the most emotional - see The Seventh Song), was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. The song was recorded live in the Netherlands in 2004 during Vai's "The Aching Hunger Tour".

It is a good one more perfect and can give relief to us this according to me the best.

I went totally insane on hearing the intro

The techniques used in that is no words

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6 Now We Run Now We Run

Amazing, really ' gets you pumping. Especially the live version. Absolutely amazing.

7 The Crying Machine The Crying Machine
8 Lotus Feet Lotus Feet

It's not all shredding and fancy tricks just a beautifully crafted song, played to perfection. Masterpiece.

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9 Juice Juice
10 The Audience Is Listening The Audience Is Listening

I love this song so much it's his best riff in my opinion and is done flawlessly. Via is a Guitar god.

This is by far my favorite Vai song, I love the wah in the melody

This was the first song I heared when I was 1 year old! I LOVE IT so MUCH!

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11 Erotic Nightmares Erotic Nightmares

Should be way higher. Like I mean way higher.

Favorite song off of passion and warfare

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12 Natural Born Boy Natural Born Boy

Its hard to have a Best but this is certainly my favorite. - fireinside96

13 Liberty Liberty

Very expressive and meant in everyway...

14 Melissa's Garden
15 Speeding (Vault Version)
16 Die to Live Die to Live

Amazing song. The ideas in the song are beautifully expressed. Playing it might not be technically as difficult as some of his other stuff from the list but composition wise this might be his best, be it the 7/8 time signature used in the most part of the song or the chord changes, the song sounds like it's been composed by a western classical maestro.

Great song. The longer version on "Where The Wild Things Are" DVD is even better than the studio version.

17 Touching Tongues Touching Tongues
18 Boston Rain Melody Boston Rain Melody
19 Oooo Oooo
20 The Attitude Song The Attitude Song

I prefer the Visual Sound Theories version, but the studio version is cool.

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