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21Blue Powder

I would of thought this song would of been higher on the list. It's an amazing song

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23Call It Sleep
24Hand On Heart
25Kill the Guy With the Ball / The God Eaters
26I'm the Hell Outta Here

Definitely the best of the best solo by Steve

28Weeping China Doll
29Racing the World
30Windows to the Soul

How can this be down at 49 it may not be the best part of a flawless album like tender surrender and for the love of god but that's because it isn't from a flawless album. It is the single most passionate and melodic piece of music ever to be written and after a couple of listens you can't disagree

This is as far as soloing on one theme his all time greatest and most emotional song. You just feel his love for his beloved. Great passionate song. Techniqually this song contains more than you will be able to understand and achieve in a lifetime of guitar playing.

One of the most beautiful melodies I have heard

31The Animal

Just an utterly sexy riff.

32The Blood & Tears

Not that good. But should be in the top 20 at least. The way he fused Hindu chants with his own brand of virtuosity is commendable.

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34Taurus Bulba

Taurus bulba should have been somewhere and the top 10!

35Eugene's Trick Bag
36There's Something Dead in Here
37Air Guitar Hell
38The Reaper
39The Boy From Seattle

The one I like the most.

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