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A VERY epic song and possibly one of the loudest and most epic!

63Find Your Own Voice

Everything in this song is musicianship at it's best!

644th Reich

I started to listening Heavy Metal because of this song

66Forever Free
67King of Nothing

There is no doubt this is one of the best songs off of Polaris. Such an epic song.

The best Stratovarius song? To say such a thing implies there can only be one. This band is great at many different things, and can make you feel many different moods. I choose King of Nothing for this list because it is a great combination of epicness and sadness, setting it apart from not only other Strato songs, but most other metal as well. Track #3 from Polaris.


Amazing from beginning till end.

69Tears of Ice

Why this song wasn't even in the list?

71Visions (Southern Cross)
72My Eternal Dream

This is by far the best song I have heard from this band, love the lyrics and riffs.

This song is just unbelievable. It proves how strong the band is going right now.

73The Lost Saga

This is right behind Elysium and Destiny as one of the best epics the band has ever wrote. This song is rich in musical storytelling, very emotional, and incredibly powerful! This is why this song deserves to be in the top 20. Truly Brilliant from the band's newest album "Eternal".

Epic track, of epic proportions by a band who like Dream theatre are just the ultimate masters of tour de force

74Feeding the Fire

In my opinion, one of the best tracks off of Eternal. Such a brilliant song and deserves special place!

75Elements, Pt. 2

A great song to be mentioned in my opinion

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