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I love the violin it sounds so beautiful, in fact I used to play. Its beauty of tone and its outstanding range of emotional expressiveness make it an ideal solo instrument!

Vote for violin!

The violin instrument has a nice sound. I'd really love the sound of this.

It is the best! It's voice is close to the human voice!

It makes a disturbing squeaky sound, is hard to learn, and is harder to listen to. I'd much rather hear a Piano or Cello

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So many ways to play it. Anything from Classical Guitar to Thrash Metal. I can't imagine modern music without it. - VADERtheIMPALER

I like playing Guitar, and my favorite song that I played is the Thousand Years Part 2

Amazing to play and you can tune it to different sounds and there are so many types of guitars.

It's fun to do, and people become happy.

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Cellos are awesome and they totally deserve to be in at least the top five. They set a strong tone, deep and nice, but not high and sometimes squeaky like that violin.

Cellos are THE BEST instrument in my opinion. Such a rich sound and so much emotion can be expressed through it! I play the cello and it is my therapy, I love my cello dearly - it is so gorgeous and I think of it as a human, that is how much emotion it shows. (Not to say that other instruments aren't good).

Don't listen to those stereotypes! Cellists are not dumb hicks! I play the cello, and I have skipped three grades in math and two in all of the other subjects. Take that!

The deep soulful voice of the cello just melts me. It's so emotive and has a beautiful range that can be low and rich and also reaches relatively high melodies. Doesn't hurt your ears to listen to like the violin and doesn't sound too low and dark as the bass sometimes can. My perfect instrument - love at first sound!

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The viola has a deeper sound, so it's better in contrast to the violin's nails-on-a-chalkboard sound. They're also not too tiny like a violin or too big like a cello. They're right in between. Without violas, the orchestra's songs wouldn't sound as good; they wouldn't have the harmony that pulls it all together.

Violas make the best sound, especially with their c-string. It is also not the easiest instrument to play especially since we play "backing up" most of the times

I love the viola! I have played it for 5 years. Like the violin it is very difficult when you first start. Once you have it, it is beautiful sounding.

Always overlooked because of violins, but once you play it, you never want to go back

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I own a ukulele and I have become so popular at school. It is so easy to play and I would recommend it to any people looking for a start in string instruments.


May have less octave range compared to guitar's but they require more skill in the end

Why oh why is this above bass?

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Harps are amazing! They are the soothing sound of silk

It just takes you to an alternate universe when you here the beautiful sound.

Okay fine, harps sound like angels descending from the sky! - keycha1n

The harp has a beautiful music

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Very old, but some of the best songs ever played long ago were from people who played the Sitar. Not the best, but it is one of the most legendary. - booklover1

Classical Indian music is incredible, in the sense of buildup and release, it is very much like metal.

George Harrison played one its a Classic Indian Music Instrument That is very old and was played for centurys - nickallsop

The most melodious instrument

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I'd put guitar at number 1 because its such a versatile and badass instrument that is used throughout multiple genres and violin at number 2 because of its sheer difficulty and history. But I voted for bass because of its highly underrated and really does make good tones and spreads good vibes to those who listen to it. You disagree? Listen to soul to squeeze by RHCP and you'll see that the bass can be a melodic and cool instrument. I just love the way a bass feels under my fingers as I'm doing a lick... Even though I'm primarily a piano player. I use finesse when playing the keye, but with that bass you really gotta manhandle it with a big screw you. Bass is awesome lol

Really I believe it is one of the most important out there for a band and it's the best and coolest. I'd like to learn. I love bass and every band needs it no matter what!

Bass is just so amazing. You pour the cement to the foundation of a song, you also find bass in technically all types of music out there, you can't beat it, its so relaxing and just so much fun to sit there and play jazz, and them some metal.

Why is this so low?

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Banjo music makes me feel fun and alive. It is the epitome of the American spirit. In Teluride Colorado they have a Bluegrass Festival that is amazingly fun and the most featured of all the instruments seems to be the banjo along with the fiddle.

I love playing the banjo after a hard day of work on the farm

Banjo has a cool sound most string instruments can't make.

Is a beautiful instruments, gets you beautiful girls.

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It is really cool instrument to play

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It is really cool instrument to play


There are so many beautiful piano pieces that I just love to listen to because they take me somewhere. It has such an amazing range of sound and is such a thrill to play. Other instruments often require piano accompaniment which is a true testimony to the quality of this instrument

...even if it is technically a percussion instrument...

Piano is a unique instrument. It's a little sad that it's so large, therefore, difficult to carry around, but it's really beautiful.

Although the piano creates sound by hammers hitting strings, it's actually a percussion instrument. 👌

When you here the beautiful range of the piano it makes you go into a trance just with you and and the beautiful music

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A Pipa is a Chinese lute with a strange but great sound. Plan on learning somehow.

I don't even know what a Pipa is

I think pipa is a good instrument


I like fiddling with my fiddle.

17Chapman stick

Common people, look it up...


You never get wrong on it


I swear somebody is making these up...

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