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These scooters leave me speechless they are spectacular!

They make some of the strongest wheels and bars

These should be 5 because of the wheels


Good headset


Don't get urban art I have an urban art trial deck is has 17 cracks in it is snapped the clam in about an hour and the forks bend so easily apex 100 all the way

Super strong but a bit heavy, good for street riders, should be much higher than 25

Awesome scooters. Just got a new custom with limited edition deck and bars. Love it. Pricey, but worth it

Excellent scooter for parks and street. I recommend the primo complete

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25Team Dogz

These are very very light and very very cheap! Not the most advertised scooter brand but someone at my local skatepark has one and it's super easy to whip on and bar!

Team dogz probably has the best scooter petrol rainbow scooter

I got a few wheels and they are really good and smooth

Best scooter

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I think zincs are the best because the zinc boos has the proper stunt wheels that role.

It was my first stunt scooter it was good

This is my first and current scooter, not for serious riders (or skate parks) but it is OK. Looking to replace it with a Pheonix now.

Epic scooters number 1

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28Royal Scooters

Royal are really cheap but really good if your looking fora full pro scooter with full metal core wheels get the royal a core but if you have less than a 100 dollars get the royal p core go on amazon it's cheap there

I am getting one my self and sounds good says it bulit proof but is it really when I jump more and more stairs.


Cheap, awesome, light, fast and a bunch of other great qualities every scooter rider wants. Why not get one?

Very good heavy and one of the best scooters I road

Havocs are great for you second scooter

Light and easy and good for tricks

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30Pro Stunt Scooters
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I'm a beginner and I have a rage my brother is a beginner too he has a razor

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It's the best I got it at least 6 years and its still great

If someone says micro, I think 5 year olds

The new micro mx range should be up at number 1, the organal and still the best. Sick.

Micro is the 1st one I think

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Fully sick scooter. Love it to bits.

Chilli sucks! Once I tried umbrella DECK SNAP!

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39Fuzion Elite

I love these scooters my friend had one and I loved it so whoever says these suck they don't know what they are talking bout because I love fuzion scooters they are a bit heavy but not to heavy in my opinion this is one of the best scooters I've ever rode!

The fuzion elite is a very fast and smooth scooter. It beat my friend, Zack who had a lucky in a race. Zack says my brother's cheap madd gear is better, but the madd gear is not very fast

These scooters are probably by far the worst scooters I've ever ridden on! Sure they're cheap, but they break easy and it's a waste of your money! These things are only good if you can only do a bunny hop!

These scooters suck and break in 2 seconds they are the worst scooter I have ever seen

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100 quid in tesco

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