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41Fox Pro

Excellent fluid movement through the handle bars

I take back what I just said they r 10/10 - mikey123

WOW, I love it its smooth as you ride it durable including the clamp it doesn't loosen itself and the wheels don't square off. Very cheap as well I got it from amazon and its £52.99 plus £5.99 shipping just simply type in "Fox Pro Scooters" scroll down it should describe it as a zest

I have a custom fox pro scooter

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42No Fear

Great scooter Had one loved it. would recommend think it should be in top 30. - mikey123

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43Pro Xx

First stunt scooter I ever had was not bad. Had it for 1 1/2 years. Was cheap but the only reason it broke so quick was because I grinded on the curb so much. - mikey123


Very good for stunts but the grip is not very well made

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46VortexV6 Comments

Good scooter I got one myself

50Monster Energy

Monster energy is amazing


Really good round the block and on any skate park. Really cool at doing tricks.

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52Madd Gear

Mgp should be first because there the best for tricks and stunts on half pipes unlike all the other scooters the decks are easy to break to but on this they are hard to break

What idiot put this on here? MGP is already on here, it's number 2!


Truly amazing may be expensive but recommend


The best in the world. Nothing can beat an tornado.better than mpg to be honest


These scooters look really cool

Yooo this is the best scooter in the world landed a 720 triple backflip double tailwhip.

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Blitz has made me the happiest out of the 13 scooters that I've ridden. I love their ability to move freely around with the rider. They're light, strong, easy to ride, easy to learn/do tricks on, they land comfortable and ride comfortably. I recommend this scooter to all them scooter riders out there! Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Awesome scooters. Light, easy to ride, fair price, strong, made to suit so many different riders. I recommend this to anyone that wants a good scooter

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Those scooters have great decks and there just as good as MGP so don't waste your money and get grenade scooter!

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