Top Ten Best Submachine Guns


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The Top Ten

Heckler & Koch MP5
The MP5 is the standard weapon of the SAS. Loved by all western counter-terrorism units. A high rate of fire and good accuracy. Extremely versatile.
There's a reason this gun is very, very popular... It's made by Heckler & Koch that's all a fast, light, military approved gun needs. Besides it's very accurate for a SMG. Let this gun do the talking!
Well it's the most used sub-machine gun in the world police, military, sas and the list goes on. The mp5 fires 3 different rounds the 9à - 19mm Parabellum10mm Auto (MP5/10).40 S&W (MP5/40). This guns very reliable.
[Newest]This gun was used by the Navy SEALs and is still used by the British Special Air Service today, despite it was designed in the 60s and 70s. Very versatile, accurate and reliable. With its decent rate of fire, it overcomes the fact that it has a small round, and is the most recognized 9mm weapon in the world. Heckler and Koch puts "German Engineering" at its finest quality with its superb weaponry.

2Heckler & Koch MP7
Compact, low recoil, small but fast round and can be used with one hand; Ammo may be difficult to purchase; Execellent weapon that has excellent range even when suppressed.
Best of the best!
Is more accurate than the mp5 but the 4.7mm round has less “stopping power"

This is actually the successor of th mp5, which means it's better
Chose it cus seen gun in action and ah ouch
I'd put this at the top with the kriss #2, and maybe mp5 #3, as to the other, you can't beat the Thompson for classics, but it is outdated, as for the m3, really? Really? It's basically the cheapest thing we could come up with, the mp7, uzi, and fn p90 are all good reliable guns, and as for the aks, I be tit's maybe better than a lot, if not all of these guns, but it's not really in their category, as for the glock, it's classified as a machine pistol (yes there is such a thing.

You honestly expected Al Capone's boys to use BARs and M1903 Springfields against Bugs Moran?
It has a 100rd drum, 50rd drum, 30rd, 20rd stick magazines. And the most bad ass, coolest looking gun. I just wish WE THE PEOPLE, would demand immediate change to allow all guns to be purchased without Tax stamp and background check.
This gun is a classic ww2 weapon, but it was everyones primary weapon. 40 rounds in this magizine will kill at least 30-35 people. If they had it in the army, this gun would be B-A!


[Newest]Say hello to my little friend

5FN P90
Great rate of fire, great range, great accuracy, and great size. Used by the secret service, Belgan military, and over 40 nations. Has a reflex sight, a 50 round horizontal magazine, and shoots up to 2,000 yards.
Better than the thompson, MP5, MP40, Uzi and the Kriss Super V in every way. Very accurate and exreamly popular. Awesome fire rate at 900rpm.
Brilliant unique design. 50 round magazine is a big plus... Good rate of fire, and the magazine lays horizontally on top of the gun right near your face so you can see how many shots you have left.
[Newest]High magazine capacity and is amour piercing!

Safe, simple, rugged, reliable, time-tested, and very popular. The 9mm ammunition is admittedly weak, but it is readily available and the slow rate of fire means that you do not use bullets up too fast. While it may not be the most accurate smg, I feel that the "peoples weapon" aspects outweigh this.
Mini uzi variant is tough to beat high rate of fire and comparable muzzle velocity to full size uzi. Regular uzi still excellent
best submachine gun in the world also it was the standard submachine gun in the dutch army in the cold war
[Newest]I used it, very good

7Sig Saur MPX

It has considerably little recoil, is very accurate, and is more powerful than the MP5.
Low recoil great accuracy with low muzzle jump in semi-auto.45acp

9Glock 18 In Full Auto
Glock makes the best pistols so their sub machine gun is perfect
Glock is very strong and I don't know the oder guns
It definitely hurt. Trust me, I kill with it and they all dead now.

This should be at least #3, the Kriss super V has broken a whole new barrier for weapons development since the m16, maybe even the 1911! This gun houses the one and only super v system that separates it from all other firearms because it's bolt drops back and down (decreases recoil and weapon jam)! Plus, this little bitch houses A.45 cal round which packs a huge punch and is fairly accurate for what it is!
Hell yes! Super V is one of my all time favorites. The only bad thing is that it goes dry of bullets, like, √ľber fast. But I mean hey! Check out that RPM; sick! :O
Why on earth is this not the number one SMG? It's got everything for heavens sake! Pinpoint accuracy, damn cool power and very little recoil. For me this is my fave!
[Newest]It's most power full sub machine guns

The Contenders

11Skorpion EVO
Not only is it sexy as hell but it's wonderfully balanced...
Fire rate is a charm

This is the best of the best right here, this gun could beat any other gun I would put my money on it we Russians pride ourselves in what we we make and stand behind it (yes I'm Russian)
Truly Russian and they make good guns. The best in country and the world!
Best nation that ever existed

Please get your facts right before you post something you know very little about... too many Call of Duty gun experts on here I swear to god. And how the hell is the MP7 number 2? It hasn't been for long enough to really prove its worth (but it was oh so good in Call of Duty right? ).
Best design and fast rate of fire, still my favorite gun of all time nothing can compete!
Good thing, Russian should again begin to produce many different good things, I think they could make a good competition to all
[Newest]This weapon should easily be in the top ten.

14M3 Submachine Gun (Grease Gun)
Cheap to make, very reliable, can be controlled with one hand,
Very cheap great accuracy. Used by American ray in WW2.

15MP 40
I have one, super reliable, impressive technology.
Why is the Grease Gun above this? The Grease Gun is just a rip off of the MP40, designed to be cheaper (at the cost of its reliability).

Much the same way the Galil was based off the AK as a cheaper, but less efficient version.
I say this is the best sub-machine gun of ww2 and is still used today so that is why I rate it so high


17Steyr TMP
A tmp was made after the steyr aug. An auto pistol. Somtimes used by the marines.


This thing is a beast! I play airsoft and played with this for a year and it is the best gun on the field!


Forgetting its low range, rate of fire and low ammo because of its RPM, it's the best SMG me
2nd place gangster gun. 1st is the Tommy Gun. But this SMG will outshoot pretty much every gun when it comes to rate of fire.

20Sterling Sub Machine Gun

21PP-19 Bizon

22Owen Gun
Reliable and fulfills the ideological and doctrinal needs of a submachine to a Tee. Nothing better
Great in all conditions and still works well
What about the Owen
Because of its lightness and robust has saved
Many a "Digger" in war stituations

23KRISS Vector
How is this not first? It's the most accurate out of all of these rifles with a high rate of fire and reliable it also has a devastating round.

24Type 100

This is an assault rifle but it is a good gun
Best gun ever, sick accurate and mad damage.

26Modern Sub Machine Carbine (MSMC)
Best look ever with great penetration against body armor, it is a carbine

27Sten Mk. II
Although not the safest or most reliable sub-machine gun, where the Sten excelled is in providing a logistically perfect weapon, a cheap and easy to make weapon for both commandos and freedom fighters.
They were easy to build that's why the British loved them so much.

28Suomi M31/KP31
That is true. It has a decisive role in saving the independency of Finland in the WWII - especially in Winter War and it changed the tactics of the Red Army.
An effective weapon that was notified both Russians and Germans. We can say it was one of the main reasons which forced Stalin to improve Red Army in 1940.
How can ppsh-41 be so much above this. After all ppsh is reverse engineered version of suomi kp.



Mac 11/9 has really great rate of fire that tops uzi any day.
Light and good workmanship
Second most customizable subgun out there behind the m16/9

The best ever sub machine



It's what chief keef use

Originally designed from the Heckler and Koch MP5, this is a shorter variant of it. Because of its shorter nature, it is a lot more compact and can be fired with one hand, fitting the criteria for a Submachine gun quite easily. Its rate of fire is also vastly increased, and even variants of this firearm have stocks, allowing better control of the gun, alongside the grip.

37Colt 9mm SMG




41AEK-919K Kashtan

42Lusa A2

43PDW 57
Not even a real gun

44Walther MP

Replaced Oween Gun in 1970's double sided top loaded magazine of 34 9mm rounds. Fired from open breech position, same controls and pistol grip as SLR (FN-FAL) slow rate of fire, good trigger control - burst control. Can be fitted with bayonet and sling. use low to ground or cover As magazine not in the way, quickest to reload amongst SMG's. Just tuck it in your armpit and it points naturally, paralel to the ground. Fitted with pitcanney rails and would still hold it's ground with lights & laser.

46Beretta ARX160
Controllable in one hand, easily customized and cheap ammo with a good rate of fire

47Spectre M4
Cannot beat this Italian stallion
Fifty round mag (9mm), strong Italian make. Comes in 9mm. 40 s&w and.45 acp. Heavy gun but fast rate of fire. Consealable and did I mention the 50 red mag?

48Skorpion vz. 61
A great SMG first produced in 1959 in chekslovacia (If I spelt that correctly.


50PM-63 RAK
Looks like an alien and fires faster than a lot of other sub machine guns, it's vicious


52Zastava M92


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