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All Killer, No Filler
Cool album. I love their humour on this and how they're so happy and stuff, and also the intro is really funny. I hate how they dropped the humour in Underclass Hero and Screaming Bloody Murder.
Sum 41's first full studio album and it was amazing. Huge hits Fat Lip and In Too Deep are in this and then there's Motivation, another great single, Handle This isn't bad either. This is Sum 41's best selling album to date possible due to it being the most mainstream (a lot of Pop Punk) and possibly their best, or both. This album has sold over 3.5 million copies and is by far Sum 41's most successful.


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2Does This Look Infected?
The most raw of their releases. It seems even more raw than Half Hour of Power. Seems to be influenced by thrash, and the song titles are genius. The most punk of all their releases.
Amazing album, how can it not be first with amazing songs like The Hell Song, Over My Head, and Still Waiting?
STILL WAITING is the absolute BEST PUNK song of the last decade! Because of that song alone this is the best album of this band!
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I still listen to this album since 2004 and it won't get old to me... it's not just the best Sum 41 album but overall I think it's the best album out there and I don't really think that anyone will top this one. so Go Chuck Yourself
Their heaviest (Hardcore Punk and best to date in my opinion. Has so many great songs such as No Reason, We're All To Blame, Noots, Open Your Eyes, I'm Not The One etc and then there's the amazing Pieces which doesn't really fit into the album but it's a great song nonetheless. This album has also won a few awards and has sold 2 million copies.


As of June 2011 Sum 41 have sold over 12 million albums worldwide (about 5 million of those from All Killer No Filler), this only includes album sales (From Half Hour Of Power to Underclass Hero as of 2011).


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4Underclass Hero
This is obviously the best album by Sum 41, with walking disaster, Best of me, speak of the devil, Underclass hero, With me... and every single single song in this album is just.. AWESOME! Sum 41 is the best band ever! nothing to say about that!
Chuck, All Killer no Filler, Does this look infected, are very good, but this one is the best one, for sure! :)
I've always loved every Sum 41 album. This album was the last one I heard by them because not as popular as the others. Which is sad.. Because this album showed meaning in every song from start to finish. This album shows what reality is like for those who are stuck in the hardest times. This is by far not only the best Sum 41 album ever, but possibly the best album ever! However, not my favorite band.. Top 3 though. Blink-182 will always be my number one!
Come on people, let's be honest here Chuck was great but it was more or less Alternative Metal than Punk. This is more Punk. Best songs are: With Me, Walking Disaster, Confusing and Frustration, Underclass Hero, Speak Of The Devil, March Of The Dogs and Best Of Me. That's 7 good songs on one disc! The rest aren't bad either by the way.
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5All the Good S***: 14 Solid Gold Hits, 2001-2008

How can this NOT be first!? It has most of their best songs on it like In Too Deep, With Me, Still Waiting, Hell Song, Fat Lip etc.

6Screaming Bloody Murder
I'll admit- when I first heard a few tracks from this album, I was really shocked to see the direction that Sum 41 has taken. I stuck to their older stuff for a little while, but I found I always came back to the title track, so I bought that. Then I found myself coming back to another song (Skumf*k I believe it was? ) and so I bought it. And I did the same with another track, and another and so on. Eventually, on itunes, the rest of the album was like two dollars so I just went ahead and bought the whole thing. When I started listening to the album in its entirety I was completely blown away. I remember when I first listened and how amazed I was by the beginning of Reason to Believe, with the epic silence between the guitar parts. And I remember getting excited whenever songs I previously bought came on, such as the title track, or Skumf*k. My favorites are probably Skumf*k, Jessica Kill, Blood in my Eyes- Oh hell, they're all amazing


Very beautiful album! I love what am I to say and blod in my eyes they're awesome! But certainly all sum's song are awesome!
At first I didn't want to listen to the album cause I was afraid it would be too different frome the other albums. However a couple months later I did buy it and I LOVED it. It had great songs, it is a bit less pop and more punk and the sound overall is just great. Blood in my eyes is now my favorite song off all times.
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7Half Hour of Power

I know it has the least singles but come on these are all solid songs, they have dome of the best riffs and lyrics ever and I think it deserves more

Sum 41's first album, includes the hit Pop Punk single Makes No Difference which was later included in the Uk version of All Killer, No Filler.


8Go Chuck Yourself

9Does This Look Infected Too?

10Rock Out With Your C*** Out

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