Best Sum 41 & Blink 182 Albums

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The Top Ten

Enema of the State - Blink 182

2All Killer No Filler - Sum 41
The Original Punk Album!

3Chuck - Sum 41

4Take Off Your Pants & Jacket - Blink 182

5Does This Look Infected - Sum 41

6Blink 182 - Blink 182

7Underclass Hero - Sum 41

8Dude Ranch - Blink 182

9Half Hour of Power - Sum 41

10Screaming Bloody Murder - Sum 41
Creative, intelligently written, and badass
Definitive, rejuvinating sound, sign of diversity from Sum 41

The Contenders

11Neighborhoods - Blink 182

12Cheshire Cat - Blink 182

13All the Good S*** - Sum 41

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