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The Top Ten

First day I listened to this song, then I repeated it again and again until my ears nearly bleeding. Really love this one!
I fell in love with this song the moment I listened to it. Absolutely and I mean absolutely amazing piece of art this one is.
I just love Sum 41! They are my favorite band and pieces (song) is genius! Close contenders are motivation and blood in my eyes! Fat lip is well worth it to, I have almost all of their music!
[Newest]Man the lyrics are made for everyone.. this song is the best sum 41 song
More comments about Pieces

2Still Waiting
Awesome energy, awesome chorus and good drumming and guitar work should minimally be at the second spot. Besides it is so ' catchy that I kept humming it for almost 6 months after hearing it!
Favorite song by far, shows his vocal range excellently. I hope they do this type of music from now on.
Stil waiting is so much better then Fat lip

1)stil waiting
2)with me
3)the hell song
5)Fat lip or noots
[Newest]Great song show that they are heavy punk band and the express themselves

3In Too Deep
Awesome song! Good solo and chorus! Cool music video! What more do you need?
This is their best song, should be top of the list not Pieces. This has the best lyrics, meaning, vocals, solo, beat, everything. This is their signature song. Vote!


[Newest]This song is beast

4Fat Lip
best song, this one inspires me to want to be a punk
It's hard but fat lip and in too deep are their best songs.
This song is amazing! I love songs like this, but this is my favorite rock song. It's SO amazing and good. Ugh, why can't I post yet. Oh, now I can.
[Newest]Great song good for a party well a wild one so much energy in this song and they brought a new kind of punk in this which people have never heard before.

5With Me
I have absolutely no idea how Pieces is ahead of this song... this has even BETTER lyrics than Pieces, he shows more emotion when singing this and it has thundering guitars along with acoustic! I mean, this song has it all! It's better than Fat Lip too!
top 5 should be:
1. with me
2. in too deep
3. were all to blame
4. still waiting
5. over my head
With Me is an awesome song!
It has such a great contrast in style.
This is easily Sum 41's best song!
[Newest]The lyrics hit you hard, and perhaps it is because of the aching simplicity of the emotion involved. I cannot get over this song!

6The Hell Song
Best song ever made in my opinion. Theres nothing bad to be said about the song, it makes you feel how no other song makes you feel
"The Hell Song" is an awesome song. I think "Still waiting" and "The Hell Song" are both top songs. But Hell Song is really awesome.
THe hell song is the best but I think "walking disaster" is also in the top ten list...
[Newest]Best Song with underclass Hero!

7Walking Disaster
What?! What?! WHAT?! This song is like - SUM41 - right there! how is it not in the top 3... at least in the top 3? OK now, I want all you Sum41 fans out there to get your clicking faces on and start voting for this song... Pretty please!
This is great song. Great music composition and great music video and great lyrics and everything's just great. Sum 41 rocks and they are the best punk rock band. So love Sum 41.
Kick ass song, for sure one of their best! Plus the music video is awesome
[Newest]Quite possibly the greatest song of the punk-rock era... Definitely up there.

8We're All To Blame
This song is, in one word incredible. A perfect song with a huge amount of meaning, and the chorus just keeps getting better and better until the finale. I love this song so much! Keep it up, Sum 41 fans!
How does "Pieces" have so many votes? It's a good song obviously but this is the BEST song from Chuck with better lyrics and way more Punk, this is Hardcore Punk, top 3 at least! "No Reason" should be higher too, both higher than "Pieces".
Either pieces or this one... But so many great songs to choose from.

9Screaming Bloody Murder
Great guitar work, much more intense vocals, everything is awesome
Heavy, Catchy, & Badass. Deserves Top 10 for sure
What an incredible song. This is the start of a new era for Sum 41.
[Newest]Can't stop listening to this song so awesome

10Underclass Hero
My favourite Sum 41 song changes every few days, but this song is so amazing, it cheers me up, motivates me to be in a band, and just overall makes me feel awesome. This definitely deserves to be in the top 5!
I LOVE THIS SONG <3 It's the best and it always cheers me up! :D
I now question the overall reliability of this site to rank songs after observing such a low rating for "Underclass Hero". This is easily top ten if not number one material.

The Contenders

11Over My Head
This is the best song by Sum 41... Nothing can rival it...
AWESOME guitars...
Catchy bass...
Great drum patterns
How can it get any better that this...
The guitars are perfectly in sync...
This is the best song ever!
Definitely the best song, I don't know how you can make a song that's better its just got such a great beat and overall the easiest Sum 41 song to listen to over and over and overr.
Simply an original song, made when Sum 41 where in their aspect. Number 1.
[Newest]Amazing over all and relatable should be higher

12There's No Solution
Why this song is still in No.14? This is the best song of Sum41. Greatest music, awesome song n wonderful lyrics. The tune in this is absolutely brilliant. Chorus of this song is getting better n better till the end. Keep on voting because this is very low ranked n it deserved to be ranked well.
What... Can't believe this... This song must be at the top... Best of the best of the best...
No words to sat... Sum 41's best song it is much better than any other
This is undoubtedly their best song. I regret "Holy Image of Lies" being so low on the list too, but I have to vote for this instead.

13No Reason
The intro makes this whole song worthwhile, the intensity is unmatched
this should be way higher... the 3 best songs are this fat lip and motivation
This is so like their best song! starts with a bang and helds it to the end
[Newest]Possibly the best chorus of any of their songs. :D so catchy.

This song should be at least in the top 5 if it is not rated as the best song. It has the best riff and the way the song goes up and down is just perfect. The tapping in the solo is awesome. People should appreciate the instrumental aspect of the song not just the lyric! Best song ever
The lyrics is so catchy... Great music... What else it needs... Deserves to be in a place much better than this... ///
what the hell? where is all the true sum 41 fans? if you listened to all of sum 41's song, you will know this is definitely the one of their best! listen to it! it is an awesome song!


[Newest]The instrumental in this music gives me life... Among MY top 3 definitely

15Makes No Difference
Love this song so much


This one represents Sum 41 in a happy and joyful manner. Such a great song but I'm saddened to see it down here
What the hell is this song doing down here

16Some Say
This song is a perfect representation of growing up and searching for independence: "You don't seem to realize that I can do this on my own". You'd be hard pressed to find someone who couldn't relate to this song at some stage in their life.
Is awesome it should be on the top 10 makes me think about things that have never before asked me
It's best Sum 41 song for me. Good rhythm, good feelings.
[Newest]It's best song I've heard!

First song I had from Sum 41 and is always the last, and it is my favourite!
This should definitely be in the top 10!

can listen to this song over and over never gets old
Such a kick ass song! And Great music video too!
[Newest]One the best and a classic!

18Nothing On My Back
Best song off All Killer No Filler, so awesome and kickass, much better than Fat Lip, should have been a single.
This song is pretty badass. Sum 41 rules

19Open Your Eyes
How is this not in the top 10!? Definitely one of the best from Chuck, it's so powerful and the bit near the end with the riff is awesome! VOTE!
Such a great song
Best song by Sum 41

20Pull the Curtain
EXTREMELY UNDERRATED! I loved every single song from Underclass Hero, it is hands down Sum 41's best album. This along with Confusion and Frustration and March Of The Dogs are the 3 most underrated songs on the album. Also With Me should be top of the list or In Too Deep or Still Waiting and Walking Disaster should be in the top 5. Get this list sorted!
Why is this so damn underrated!? Have people actually LISTENED to this song!? Stop voting for just Fat Lip Pieces... They're good but they're not even the best songs by Sum 41, In Too Deep, With Me and Still Waiting are better... Anyway this song should be at LEAST in the top 15-20. Listen to it then come back here and vote.
22nd? ):< yeah good lads, don't even listen to it sure. Lyrics in this song make it. Flawless, top 5 at least!
[Newest]Definitely the most underrated song. Love it so much

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