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I mean, sure mabe not top 3, or even top 10, but this song is the most touching piece of music ever (EVER) written, and is a definite top twenty.
Anyone try to tell me that these lyrics aren't touching, you try getting divorced and see just how closely this song applies.

I don't want to be the typical guy in love with this song. I wanna to be the guy who puts this song in the first place. Sum 41 farted a very beautiful song called "Crash". I never heard something as beautiful as this song. Piano, lyric, voice... What the hell else? Thank you Sum 41, Thank you.

Where exactly this song stands, I'm not sure, but definitely a LOT higher than this. This song is incredibly deep and touching and it is a beautiful change of pace for the band.

34? This is my favorite one!

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42Holy Image of Lies

This song is so amazing the second half would be beast live. The end is so epic each time I hear it it makes me smile and think everything is possible - pageg

How are Jessica Kill, Skumf and Blood In My Eyes better than this!? The second half of this song is the best bit of music in the entire album! Should be in the top 15 at least! Listen and vote!

43Dave's Possessed Hair/ What We're All About

That song that randomly appeared on the original Spiderman DVD and in Fat Lip's music video intro. Love it.

This was the first time I heard sum 41, and I hated it. Mind you, I was like 6...

4413 Voices
45What Am I to Say

Easily the most epic song off Screaming Bloody Murder! Top 10 worthy easily!

46Pain for Pleasure

Sum 41 gone traditional heavy metal! I like it - wolphert

This is my favourite. I love all of their songs but this one is unique and extremely good. Totally in love with it!

Such a great song and tribute to their metal influence

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This song should be first, not 48th! Listen to it! It is seriously awesome! I guarantee you that you will like it!

How the hell is this song not first, so damn emotional I bloody love this song

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48Slipping Away

This song is actually really beautiful and it makes me sad that people don't give it the recognition it deserves.

49Time for You to Go

This song is the best 37 seconds of my life.

51March of the Dogs

Can people LISTEN to all the songs on the list before VOTING! It's not all about Pieces and Fat Lip, listen to ALL the songs! Also, Pieces and Fat Lip aren't even their best songs, In Too Deep, With Me and Still Waiting are. This should be in the top 20 too.

Although I prefer pieces this shouldn't be 51!
Such good lyrics and great beat how is this not higher

52Speak of the Devil

All underclass hero (album) is really cool, but this song is exceptional, it should be way higher

Outstanding song. Whenever I feel like listening to Sum 41, I always think of this song and listen to it first.

Listen to it! This IS the best one of the Sum 41's songs. I'm a great fan, this is the best punk rock band ever! I've all of their music's trust me, Speak of the Devil is the best of all.

This song is amazing it should be in the top 20

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53Back Where I Belong

This is one of their best songs and Screaming Bloody Murder their best album


I love this song whys it barely make top 50?

This song is awesome! Why is it so low?

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55Dear Father

Awesome Song... Should be way higher... Come on guys give this song a chance... Great efforts by Sum 41.

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56Reason to Believe
57Heart Attack

Honestly the most relatable song by them. Who doesn't love sleeping?

They didn't even include the best part of the song! Its the chorus part right before the sample begins :
"Turn my head its back to bed with no delay, can't be bothered by the phone ten times a day,
Why get up my morning doesn't even start till two?
Forget reality waking up is hard to do"

58Fake My Own Death

One of the best comeback songs ever, just heard it live recently and it was incredible.

An amazing comeback for sum 41! Best song of 2016.

I prefer faking my own death rather than not voting this song. Lmao vote this guys, it's an order. Fantastic song! - Gesueildb

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59Mr. Amsterdam
60Angels With Dirty Faces

I listened to the Album Chuck one day, and this song really stuck out to me. Why isn't it higher on the list?!? I love how It starts off slow and gets faster as the song goes on. I highly recommend this song.

This is by far the best song by sum 41. I have all killer no filler, underclass hero, and chuck (complete albums) and this song is by far my favorite.

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