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1 Super Bowl 36 (U2)

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best halftime show EVER. How can we forget The Streets have no name with the 9/11 backdrop.

Few can argue the greatness of U2, and few can argue greatness of the show.

Tear dropping amazing show, was not fancy either.

2 Super Bowl 41 (Prince)

. . . excellent, exciting performance; professionalism in spite of challenging conditions (weather, which actually enhanced the performance); Prince worked well with the band and selected good songs that fit with keeping up the spirit of a Superbowl game. . .

To end the show so with so much energy makes this a deserving halftime show.

U2 was great, especially coming after 9/11, but Prince put on a better show. For once the music took center stage.

This should be number one it was awesome I loved every second! - steelers1979

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3 Super Bowl 43 (Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band)

From the Cardinals and Steelers introduction, through the energy roaring in the stadium, to the thrilling fireworks at the end of 'Glory Days', this show had the crowd on their feet the entire time.

Why isn't this higher?!?!? It was by far the best performance

4 Super Bowl 38 (Jessica Simpson, Janet Jackson, and Justin Timberlake)

"better have you naked by the end of this song! " (rips off janet's top, exposing her breast on live T.V.)
that moment was classic!

5 Super Bowl 39 (Paul McCartney)

A protective choice by the NFL after "nipplegate", still managed to keep the crowd engaged thoroughly.

6 Super Bowl 35 (Aerosmith, 'N Sync, Britney Spears, Nelly, Mary J. Blige, and Tremors)
7 Super Bowl 48 (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bruno Mars)

Bruno mars and the red hot chilli peppers had a lot of energy - Ajkloth

8 Super Bowl 42 (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers)

I'm voting for this because the heartbreakers played during the super bowl where the patriots failed to complete the undefeated season. It's ironic actually.

9 Super Bowl 40 (The Rolling Stones)

Part of that was censored.

10 Super Bowl 27 (Michael Jackson)

A household name, a great set list selection, and a wonderful halftime show.

I was there at the game in Los Angeles, he was not that great. Would much rather have seen the Stones or McCartney.

Best superbowl in the world really

#10? Are you kidding me?! Put this at #1 right now.

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11 Super Bowl 50 (Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Beyonce)

Everything was okay until Beyonce ruined it. Instead of performing a song called "Formation", why not sing her previous hits such as "Irreplaceable" or "Diva". Seriously? Forget what the critics said all about Coldplay. Of course, Coldplay unfortunately had to condense their songs in a few seconds to make room for Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk, Beyonce's Formation, and jam pack everything else in about 15 minutes on stage.

So much better than the ghastly mess that is the halftime show with Katy Perry. No stupid sharks or lions, just great music. At least with the show this year, it has been projected to the world that Coldplay actually has fans in real life, can you believe it?

12 Super Bowl 48 (Katy Perry, and Missy Elliott)

Whoever made this list did it wrong! Katy Perry performed last year in super bowl 49. Bruno mars and red hot chili peppers performed in super bowl 48. - steelers1979

13 Super Bowl 47 (Beyoncé)

Beyoncé almost never fails to put on a good concert, and the same goes for this halftime show.

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14 Super Bowl 37 (Shania Twain, No Doubt, and Sting)
15 Super Bowl 44 (The Who)

The set list which featured their greatest hits provides a boost in the rankings.

16 Super Bowl 46 (Madonna, M.I.A., and Nicki Minaj)

Could have been a better quality show if there were less people to keep track of on stage.

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17 Super Bowl 32 ( Boyz II Men, Smokey Robinson, Queen Latifah, Martha Reeves and The Temptations)

Not much to say, just a mediocre show.

18 Super Bowl 31 (The Blues Brothers)
19 Super Bowl 45 (The Black Eyed Peas, Slash, and Usher)
20 Super Bowl 33 (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Stevie Wonder, and Gloria Estefan) V 1 Comment
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