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The Top Ten

Parvati Shallow - Winner - Micronesia
While I think she is a good player, Parvati is a bit overrated, especially for her game in Micronesia. He is attributed with the blindsides of Ozzy, Jason, Alexis, Erik, Natalie and was called the "leader" of the black widow brigade. I believe most people believe she was the leader of this alliance because she created it which does earn her some strategic credit. However, making an alliance is great but to be the leader you have to be the decision maker on who goes home. In that aspect her game lacked. Cirie had the idea to blindside ozzy not parvati and organized the votes to do it so she should get the credit. The decision to blindside Jason was pretty unanimous, they had all the votes, all they had to do was make sure he didn't play the idol since he went to exile (a potentially dumb move on Natalie's part to send him to exile knowing she wanted him out and knowing there was an idol there)but all they had to do was reassure him he wasn't playing the idol in the first place. She did have the idea to blindside Alexis instead of Natalie at Final 6 but it really didn't matter who went. Amanda did the work to make sure they were in fact voting for her (Another dumb move by Cirie, Natalie, Alexis, and Erik by TELLING HER that they were voting for her knowing she had been to exile, of course she was going to say she didn't find it). The plan to make erik give up immunity was proposed by cirie, thought up by cirie, and executed by Cirie (remember after talking to Natalie Erik still didn't want to give up immunity but after talking to cirie he felt guilty) so cirie deserves credit for that. Finally the elimination of Natalie was a consensus decision. After analyzing it, Cirie was the real player of FvF other than making the alliance, parvati didn't do much but be a loyal vote.
Parvati is the best Survivor player ever. While some criticize her flirty ways in cook islands she managed to go relatively far even when she was on the outs. In FvF she decimated. If you watch tribal councils in the final 4 and 5 every suspects Amanda to take home the million. However between those tribals and final tribal Parvati manages to put herself in the perfect spot to win. It is more or less accepted that two of the best moves on survivor history were when Parvati handed out two idols to her fellow villains and of course Erik's tragic blindside. Both of these moves Parvati played an essential role in. In HvV Parvati had a target on her back from literally day one. Somehow, though a whole tribe was focused on getting her out, she managed to make it to final tribal. She never managed to get paranoid and ended up playing not one but two idols for her tribe (an underrated move in my opinion). To those that suggest she just let Russell make the moves let me point out that this move was unknown to Russell. I know many Rob and Russel supporters say Rob should of won All stars and Russell should of won Samoa. While both men played brilliant games in those seasons no matter what anyone says they did not win and Parvati did. Rob played flawless in redemption island. That is undeniable, but the skill level of his competitors was in no way as high a caliber as Amanda, Ozzy, and Cirie (who Parvati beat in FvF) and Rupert, Colby, Amanda, Rob himself, and Russell (who Parvati beat in HvV). Parvati makes bold moves, she dominates challenges, she has mastered the social game, and she won unlike Russell and took only two seasons to do it. Parvati is the queen of survivor!


Watching the FvF season, she is magical. Never bitchy, always cunning, always playing and always smiling. She had fun every season she was out there and won the respect of chauvinists like Coach, Russell, Jonathon based on her strategic/physical play. She never flies under the radar, she manages to make the bold plays to keep herself in the game. Case in point if you have Russell vs. Parv - remember when she played her 2 idols and gave one to Jerri, one to Sandra and saved her whole tribe in one fell swoop? The look on Russell's face said it all.

Parv rules!
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2Rob Mariano - Runner Up - All Stars
Rob is the best. To me, he won twice, the first one was just conceded to his wife. The second win was epic, to win when you should be the biggest target proves your the best. Russell made it to the finals two season in a row, but made people so mad, that he couldn't win. He was definitely my favorite to watch. Had to see what he was going to do next. Third is Parvati, she is not good looking, but her looks are personality just draws you in, and you start to think she is better and better looking. You want her around longer and vote out other people. Bring two idols to tribal council and saving her alliance and changing up the whole game was one of the best moves ever. Next is Sandra who won twice, but I just think she is at right place right time, but to do it twice is pretty impressive. Coming in Fifth is Richard Hatch. He started it all, jumping off the final immunity to eat, knowing, either of the remaining players would take him to final two, that was amazing. My top five list is Rob, Russell, Parvati, Sandra, & Richard. I believe this is the most accurate list.
Rob has showed that he's the best because he controls what people think and do. Although I love how Russell plays the game, at the end it was all the same, over and over, from season to season.
Rob Mariano is by far the best survivor in history. Russell "beating" him in Heroes v. Villains? Yeah, that never happened--he would've been out only a few weeks in had it not been for Tyson. Rob has played flawless strategic games and has proved himself to be physically and mentally dominant over all. He carried Amber to victory in All Stars, was robbed of playing more in Heroes v. Villains, and embarrassed every single player in Redemption Island. He is strong, charming, and smart--and he outwits, outplays and outlasts every other survivor in history
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3Russell Hantz - Runner Up - Samoa
Russell is the king of survivor for making survivor what it is today. His victory went beyond simply getting to the end;instead went to rival over all through outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting those who failed to see his greatness out of despise and jealousy. His vigorous and almost clairvoyant game-play made not only the survivors tremble in confusion but also had the viewers waiting for more of his "evil" magic. Clearly Russel is highly intelligent although he cannot be a superior man by definition due to the virtuousness and righteousness qualifications needed as stated by Confucius;Russel can be king. Boston Rob and Russel Hantz had a lot in common in terms of gameplay, however, Boston Rob does not hold a candle to Russell because of his inability to highlight the numbers. Rob sees his fellow survivors as numbers, while Russell sees them as pawns capable of damage through his influence to rival the numbers. This key feature is what put Russell above others, especially in a numbers game. Moreover, his... Immunity idols...
Played the best strategic game ever. Gained the trust of Foa Foa premerge and was never in danger of going home. Controlled the vote by controlling how everyone else voted. Once the merge came, his tribe was down 4 members to 8, but he took out all 8 Galu members and made the finals. Unfortunately, the bitter jury did not recognize how great he played the game. Still, had it not been for him, Natalie and Mick would never have made the finals, and Brett would have won. No player can predict the future, they can only make their best move given their current situation, and Russell did that. He played the best game, but as game theory goes, the best players does not always win.


Was ripped off in Samoa and again (Though to a lesser extent) in Heros vs Villains, Utterly controlled the game in Samoa and did similar in H vs V, and only didn't win both seasons because the jury was too bitter to reward good gameplay. The master of mind games, always seemed to know exactly what to do in order to manipulate the situation at hand and almost always got things the way he wanted. (If you need examples of that, just look all through Samoa and especially at the Boston Rob and Danielle eliminations in H vs V) The ultimate supervillain of survivor.
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4Sandra Diaz-Twine - Winner - Pearl Islands
Sandra is the greatest player ever. She won twice, which is very impressive because she only played two times. She is a liability in challenges, but this is best survivor players, not best challenge winners. She's very good at lying because she speaks her mind so often that people think she always tells the truth, so when she lies, nobody can tell. She's also good at changing peoples votes even when they're not in her alliance, like in heros vs. Villains when she made russel's alliance change their vote. People always underestimate her until she makes it to the end, where she blows away the jury in final tribal council to the point where they can't vote for anyone but her. I would love to see her in another all-star season.

Why did Russel win? The only reason he made it to the end twice is because people brought him there because they knew they could easily beat him in the final vote. That's why Sandra, Parvati, and Natalie are great players, and Russel is not. Russel sucks! Go Rob!
Sandra has won twice, and still is not believed to be the best player. This fact only accentuates her skill which is to this day unmatched. She always does whats needed for her to survive another day, never more and never less. Others do more or less, where when they do more the jury turn on them, and when less they get voted out. She is honest and outspoken, which fools other contestants to believe the jury wont like her. But they do. Sandra rarely have to defend her actions because she is consistent in her game play, and pretty much bring her reasoning out in the open.

Because Sandra is still underestimated she stands a good chance to win again if there was another all star season. My favorite player ever.
Won twice, let other players take the bullets while she stayed out of the line of fire, made lasting relationships with fellow players which allowed her to get crucial jury votes, and knew exactly who's name to write down and when, while making important moves behind the scenes. Simple as that.
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5Yul Kwon - Winner - Cook Islands
Yul is the best strategic player out there. He totally should have been in another season.
1) Yul should automatically be in front of Parvati as he ousted her in the season they played together. Parvati wasn't even a threat in that season because Yul was too smart for her.

2)Yul should be in front of Rob because it took Rob four seasons to finally win the game and it only took Yul one. And people seem to forget that Rob didn't do anything the first season he played. He was gone early.


3) Russell is a great player but he still hasn't won the game because he pissed everyone off. He got a lot of help from hidden immunity idols too. Yul is easily the best player that I have seen.
How is russel number 1 if he never won? Yul was the ultimate player
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6Todd Herzog - Winner - China
He should be higher. He was brilliant, and knew how to keep his allies from flipping, and decieved them in such a way that they still liked him enough to vote for him in the end. His brilliance at the last tribal council didn't hurt either.


Todd absolutely dominated his season, and I'm not sure if he should be # 3 or if Parvati should be, but to me these two are pretty well tied.


Great game all around. Text book final tribal council. Hands down, amazing player.
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7Cirie Fields - 4th Place - Exile Island
Whenever she was in jeopardy, she pulled some sort of strategic move in order to stay safe. This continued until she wasn't in jeopardy anymore.

When it was a toss-up between her and Melinda, Melinda continued to use the phrase "I'll be pissed! " at tribal council, while Cirie cried and explained how dissapointing it would be to have to leave. Who would you vote for? Filled with kindess and "I'm sorry", she quickly made it to the Final 4 after pulling one of the brightest number moves and eliminating Courtney.

This continued in Micronesia, although her couch-mother strategy was changed to a more strategic game. She managed to blindside person after person including Yau-Man, Joel, Ami, Ozzy, Jason, Erik, and finally Natalie.

Despite her performance in Heroes vs. Villains, she is the ultimate strategic player and is able to analyze you and boot you off with a sweet smile and a funny laugh.
C unning
I ntelligent
R eliable
I ngenious
E xtraordinary
The queen of the under the radar strategy has proven that you don't have to be the leader in order to get things done. In Survivor Micronesia, Cirie has proven that if she wants you gone, you're toast.
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8Kimberly Spradlin - Winner - One World
"the ultimate strategic game. Always positioned herself so that everyone was on her side. Dominated the individual challenges. Played flawlessly. "
She was so good at lying while still having everyone like her!
She was very composed. Simply flawless. Her charisma is one of a kind. Physically and mentally and phycological dominated the game.
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9J.T. - Winner - Tocantins
He was seriously hot and amazing guy. I loved the way toward the end, some people even knew he was going to win, but they took him to the end anyway. All without even trying. He was just the best.
Simply an awesome country boy.
Sad Sad J.T.. Had a perfect game in Tocantins, and controlled the game in heores vs villians pre-merge, but was decimated by Russell Hantz.


10Richard Hatch - Winner - Borneo
Yes, he was the first Survivor winner. Yes, he "invented" the game. But let's face it: He was playing against a bunch of morons.
He created the way Survivor was played. His innovations are still being used today, above everyone else's

The Contenders

11Oscar (Ozzy) Lusth - 2nd Place - Cook Islands
Ozzie is my favourite player of all time. Yul won that season, and deserved to win for playing the best strategic game. But Ozzie was equally deserving as he played the best physical game. If you remember, this was the season when the teams were divided into cultures: Caucasion, Latino, Asian, and African-American. When there was a mutiny, both Candice and Jonathon went back to their own team, leaving Ozzie, Yul, Sundra, and Becky in a team of 4 against the team of 8, which included Parvati who took another two tries at the game before winning. Because of the fabulous way Ozzie and Yul played, the underdog team of 4 took it right to the end. Yul got 5 votes against Ozzie's 4, but Ozzie won the car. They got to the end without scheming and lying, and cleaned the faces of the stronger team of 8. Both Yul and Ozzie should be much higher than the likes of manipulative Parvarti, and controlling Boston Rob.
Best performing player in the Survivor: South Pacific... Deserves to win the game... He fought all the way to survive, winning every challenge and every competitor that came in his way... The only reason he lost: He did not win the final immunity challenge and other contestants need to get rid of him or else he will definitely win the USD1mil if he gets to the final 3! Well played Ozzy!
Bye far should be a lot more up in ranking. He's probably the best physical player out their. Without some tiny mistakes he could of one all 3 games he's played.
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12Amanda Kimmel - 3rd Place - China
She Came runner up twice. She Would have won, though she was bad at final tribal councel in Survivor China. She went staright into micronesia, without seeing survivor china, So she couldn't fix her FTC Mistakes. She Was a powerhouse on Survivor Heroes vs villains, but she only lost because the heroes sucked at strategy. She was a big target at the merge, and that's why she got eliminated. Russell Hantz called her the female version of Boston Rob
Amanda orchestrated the blindside on James in China and Alexis in FvF she deserves credit where credit is due. She also plays great strategic and social game every time, her only fault is her jury answers.
Amanda is a very good player. She knows who to make alliances with and for how long should she keep it. She could have won both china and micronesia if she only had better jury answers.
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13Malcolm Freberg - 4th Place - Philippines
Why survivor producers? You people designed the final immunity challenge for Malcom to lose. Why do that? I would think that as a producer, you would want to prevent this? Anyways, if you think about any positive aspect that you want to see in a survivor, Malcom had most of that quality. The sad thing is, other survivor contestants will be VERY aware of this.
Malcolm is amazing. Strategic player and a physical threat, he ultimately was voted out in Phillippines because the others saw him as a threat. Had he won immunity, he would of definitely won. Malcolm is SO HOT AND AMAZING can't believe he was voted out of Caramoan. Now that Reynold's gone and Eddie's demise cannot be far, Survivor Caramoan officially just got worse. I LOVE MALCOLM!
He played a strong game both times. The only reason he was eliminated from either season was that he was a threat to win! He managed to carry his Three Amigos alliance into the merge and got both of them farther in the game.
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14Chris Daugherty - Winner - Vanuatu
deserves respect and praise, totally dominated his season. He had control of his original tribe, twist tribe, and after Twilas plan he had control of everyone and everyone trusted him, after backstabbing all of his friends, he gave the best BS at tribal and is the first and best at perfecting BS, better than Tom westman, needs another season
I think Chris is very underrated. As is the season. Even Probst said that this was one of his favorite winners. Chris played a great social game and played every single person while laughing and making jokes. Hell he won even though there were 6 girls against his 4 guys and it's true, he was saved by Twila, but every winner needs that once in a while. Every winner has been saved by an alliance or fellow contestant before. This guy is great.
Definitely in the top ten of all time. To start so weak and then to survive and win over the woman's alliance... That was absolutely incredible and he does not get the credit he deserves. Very smart mental player who should have been in at least one of the "all-star" seasons.


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15Tom Westman - Winner - Palau
Are you kidding? 27th? He played a perfect game. First he led his team to the most dominant immunity challenge streak ever. Won individual immunities. Then he got rid of his greatest threats in order. Coby, Stephenie and Greg. Then at the end in the greatest final immunity challenge ever he guilted the only person that could maybe of beaten him into quiting. WTF? Dominated physically. Dominated socially. Dominated strategically and mentally. Never lost his cool. Never got into trouble. Always maintained control and managed jury votes. He should of won a clean sweep but Coby voted for the other person just to be different. Even more dominant than Boston Robs Redemption Island win.
The best all-round player ever. He was the leader of the most dominant tribe in survivor history. He ran the show with his social and physical game. He was a provider for the camp. He was tough as nails in the elements without any sign of weakness or wearyness. He made all the right strategic moves for a decissive victory.


The forgotten winner.. Played fair, smart and good in challanges he deseves another play without doubt.
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16Rob Cesternino - 3rd Place - Amazon
He was a great player and a credit to all of the other players in the horrendous amazon season. He called the shots on who when t home and when. He also brought humor and fun to the amazon season, unfortunately his time was cut short on All Stars
The "best player to never win" made it to the final three by flip flopping alliances more times than had ever been done.
Best player ever to not win the game, screw you Russel Rob Cesternio could take down you and everybody else on this list!
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17Brenda Lowe - 9th Place - Nicaragua
By far my favorite survivor player ever to play from the seasons I have seen (only a few). I really wish she won Survivor: Caramoan but there is always another chance. Now she is pregnant and is ready for a whole new adventure. Brenda is the best!
She works hard every season she's played. She's ready to win Survivor: Caramoan
Probably better than Parvati when it comes to physical strength. But I like them both. I hope for a showdown like Heroes vs. Villains 2. Brenda for the hero and Parvati for the villain.
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18Amber Brkich - Winner - All Stars
In amazing race as well


19Colby Donaldson - 2nd place - Australia
Colby is extremely strategic and athletic. He has amazing attributes both socially and physically. He plays a game with ethic and moral as he allowed Tina to be in the final three in season 2 and he should have won, but kept true to his alliance. A trustworthy, smart, strong man that has every right to win
His Heroes vs Villains performance was the most pathetic that I ever saw.
Colby had athletic strength, and he was a smart player. He is also known as "America's Sexiest Male of Survior"
He should've won in the Australin Outback instead of Tina.

20Yau-Man Chan - 4th Place - Fiji
One of the players that deserved to win a million. He used the idol in a right time. He honored his words with other contestants. He is forgiving, after Dreamz not giving his word to Yau, Yau still forgave him. Yet, still he is underrated, Yau should have a spot in returning to survivor again, in Fiji he is the only one that brightens the heart of those watch that season. So sad that he did not last longer in Micronesia, He is so likable that Cirie wanted him out immediately even though the rest of his tribemates did not want him go. And, after he got voted out he is still a good sport in the end. Hopefully we will see Yau in future survivor seasons, it's nice to watch good heart people in the show again.
Got robbed by dreams who wouldn't his necklace away. Super smart
While probably not THE BEST player ever, he had the potential to be, and at 61 still could win a season if they brought him back, which is not unlikely.
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21Stephenie LaGrossa - Runner Up - Guatemala
She made it to be the last person left on her tribe twice, and the first time, it happened before they even merged. She outlasted more tribal councils than the winner, and then in Guatemala, she came back with a vengeance, knocking out any allies at any time, and controlling everything the way she wanted. Unfortunately for her, the jury of Guatemala were still holding grudges, and gave the money to another worthy player, Danni.

22Tina Wesson - Winner - Australian Outback
Doesn't deserve to be in the top ten but is very underrated. She orchestrated Mitchell's blindside by flipping Colby getting her Keith and Colby in power which led to them becoming the final 3. She and Colby also decided when to take out amber and jerri so they'll still have the majority.
This sweet southern nurse knew how to scheme with a smile. Her biggest accomplishment? Getting Colby to take her to the final two over the unlikeable, completely beatable Keith.
Almost the Second Two-Time Winner

23John Cochran
One of the most deadliest villains, he turned on his tribe at season 23 and had his tribe eliminated almost one by one, then on season 26, he pulled off the most cruel blindside EVER: Brenda's Blindside.
On season 23 cochran turned on his whole tribe and had them eliminated almost one by one, after that on season 26, he pulled off one of the biiggest and THE coldest blindsides in survivor history; Brenda's Blindside

24Jessica Sugar Kiper - 2nd Runner Up - Gabon

Good vs. Evil was the main priority for this pin-up model, who knew she could not win because she was hated by the jury, so she did the best she could to make sure a good person, particularly Bob Crowely, did win. She manipulated the game any way she could to make sure that happened, and it worked. Sugar was right about the jury hating her, but she was successful in getting Bob a million dollars.

25Danni Boatwright - Winner - Guatemala

With a sly smile and cunning sneakiness, Danni showed that it is possible to survive after your entire alliance has been voted out.

you made a great job in guatemala...

I don't care how many of you disagree with me, I prefer her overbsteph any day in everybway

26Bob Crowley - Winner - Gabon
This guy is one of the greats. I would put him at number three. That's how good his game was. I think Parvati is highly overrated. Bob, on the other hand, played a magnificent game while still being sophisticated. Plus, he wore his buff like a bow tie!
Oldest survivor in history, also played an amazing strategic game, making easily the most convincing fake immunity idols of all time.
This guy played the game perfectly, and deserved to win.
And he is the oldest winner ever in survivor!
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27Courtney Yates - 2nd place - China
She is Survivor's ultimate bitch. She is the smallest person to ever play Survivor and yet she manage to finish in second, ahead of Amanda. In Heroes vs Villains, she did get voted off but still made sure her only ally left in the game, Sandra, was going to win by manipulating the jury. If it wasn't for her, Parvati would of been the only person to win Survivor twice, not Sandra.
Personally courtney is my favorite I love that she is so funny and intellegent!
Survivors most personable player in history she is the Queen Bitch of Survivor in a good way you don't need to be good at challenges to be good at Survivor and she proved it.


28Ciera M. - Blood vs Water
Though I don't think Ciera is the best Survivor player ever, it is important to remember that from day 1 her and the other girls were targeted. Not only did she manage to survive, but she ended up becoming a dominant player in Survivor Blood Vs. Water. She took great lengths to prove her loyalty but was also unafraid to make strategic moves such as drawing stones and voting her mother out. I'd say easily one of the most underrated players in the game.

29Stephen Fishbach - 2nd Place - Tocantins
The brains of the greatest bromance in Survivor history. Hero's vs. Villains proved what kind of strategic game JT had without Stephen.

30Ethan Zohn - Winner - Africa
One of the most undeserving winners. He only got to the end because Lex carried him.
Really? 51st? He doesn't below here, in my opinion Ethan should be at the top ten. He played with integrity and strength.

31Earl Cole - Winner - Fiji
A highly underrated winner. Earl is one of the few players that worked side by side with another and knew when the right time was to cut them off. He also never had to win immunity, got every jury vote, and only got one vote against him the entire time. If there were to be an all winners season, I would bet on Earl to win in a heartbeat.

32Tyson Apostal - Winner - Blood vs Water
The guy was quite a character and added tons of laughs in Tocantins although he basically voted himself out in Heroes vs Villains. But in Blood vs. Water, he was a machine. When the merger happened, he proved time and time again he was the smartest player as well as dominating in challenges. He played, in my opinion, a pretty flawless game from Day 1 to 39. Won more challenges than any season 27 competitor, stuck to alliances, manipulated players like Monica and Sierra, and when he made it to the final tribal council, we all knew who would win. He won 7-1-0 with only Vytas voting for Monica. Tyson, based on his season 27 performance alone should be in the top ten players list because he took over the game start to finish.
Funniest player to win and one of the smartest. Domination is the only word worthy of describing of his winning season. In the final tribal council, the other players had nothing to say because he led the alliance and made all the moves. Plus Gervasse annoyed everyone and Monica was just so paranoid and naive.
Never has a season been so thoroughly dominated
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33Jerri Manthey - 8th Place - The Australian Outback
Jerri made a huge turn around in gameplay in heroes vs. Villains... She was an inch away from a million dollars
Jerri was the only player to go through heroes vs villains without making any ennemis... She was half a second from winning that final immunity challenge and if she would have won, she would of won the million. She went from being a so so player to one of the best the game has seen in heroes vs villains
Love her my fave since season 2 never lied or backstabbed any one.

34Aras Baskauskas - Winner - Panama
He had a great game controlling the votes.


While I don't think Aras is the best player to play the game he is at least a top 20 player and in no way is he he a worse player than the likes of Sugar, James and Naonka. This list erodes my faith in peoples judgement.

35Deena Bennett - 8th Place - The Amazon

36Alexis Jones - 6th Place - Micronesia
Don, t know why she is on this list

37Matty Whitmore - 4th- Gabon

Although he is generally not looked at as an all-star, he was the piece that held the weak foa foa tribe together. He was a fantastic challenger, and a great social player. He is without a doubt my favorite survivor to watch. He would have won, if he had defeated Bob in the sudden death challenge too.

38Robert "Bob" Crowley - 1st Place - Gabon

39Erik Reichenbach - 5th Place - Survivor: Micronesia

40Rafe Judkins - 3rd Place - Guatemala
Rafe should be before danni he played strategic and he was also good at individual challenges great player

41Candice Cody - 8th Place - Cook Islands
Candice was called the strongest female on Survivor Heroes vs Villians by fellow contestant Parvati Shallow, and even in Cook Islands she was proved her strength when fighting off Parvati and Rebecca in a reward challenge in which the time it took them to get Candice, her own tribe had even gotten 2 while she was still not even across. Then in HvV she proved her superiority to Parvati when she tackled her into the mud during a immunity/reward challenge.
She's a great physical player, no doubt about that!

42James Clement - 7th - China
Remains one of the most physically strong players ever to play the game. He manages every time to play a good social game, just needs to work on his strategic game.
Geniune at soul, and the strongest physical player of the game, had he played both Idols he would have one surely, because everyone liked him.
Jammes is stronges player ever

43Jane Bright - 6th Place - Nicaragua
Never judge a book by it's cover, Jane is a living testimate to this because she looks like an old lady, but, she did really well in challenges.

44Phillip Sheppard - Runner Up - Redemption Island
Hilarious! He made me choke!


45Ami Cusack - 6th Place - Survivor: Vanuatu
First truly dominant female player in Survivor. Orchestrated the first powerful female alliance. Made a mistake at final 7 in agreeing to vote out Eliza rather than Chris (she would have cruised to a win otherwise). Strong physically, strong strategically, and underrated socially.
Extremely cunning. Strong physical player. Works well in alliances. A player that can easily take the bull by the horns or disappear into the shadows. By far one of the best to never win the game. She could win, but she can't let her heart get in the way of the game like it did the last 2 times she played.

46Terry Deitz - 3rd Place - Exile Island

47Frosti Zernow - 8th Place - Survivor: China

48Susie Smith - 2nd Place - Gabon

49Denise Stapley - Winner - Philippines
Been at every TC. Survived and won the game. Should be at top 10 at least.

50Abi-Maria Gomes - 5th Place - Philippines
The atitudial little brazilian girl! She was funny!

51Ken Hoang - 5th Place - Gabon
Ken was the villain of Survivor Gabon, he blindsided Ace by manipulating Sugar, he convinced Susie to flip and blindside Marcus (with help form Crystal) he blindsided Charlie for revenge by manipulating his own tribe, Sugar and Susie, he also outsmarted Corrine by making a brilliant plan which ended up blindsiding her, and made a great plan to blindside Bob, but it ended up going wrong. He dominated Survivor Gabon and also when Fang was down to 4 members and Kota had 6 members, he managed to vote every single Kota member off the game exept for Bob.
Underrated strategic player. Great Blindside on Ace, lying to sugar to save himself. Controlled quite a few votes. He was kind of Annoying complaining about the immunity deal with Bob though.

52Gervase Peterson - 11th place - Borneo
So good only reason he didn't win was that he was a threat and so he should have won

53Natalie Bolton - 4th Place - Micronesia

Pulled off a big blindside with Jason, and with help from Cirie, pulled off the biggest blindside ever with Erik.

54Sonja Christopher - 16th Place - Borneo

55Michael Skupin - Runner Up - Philippines

56Angie Jakusz - 13th Place - Palau
Possibly the strongest female contestant on Palau and one of the nicest and most intelligent. She had amazing strategy, and could have easily won if Ulong hadn't failed so badly.

57Eliza Orlins - 4th Place - Vanuatu
An extremely underrated player, she deserves a lot more credit then she's given. Everyone wanted her gone since Day 1 and she lasted until the last episode, with only one immunity under her belt. She won around 2/3 of the reward challenges and was part of the all-female alliance that conquered the game, up until final 7 when Eliza turned against them and got LeAnn and then the ringleader, Ami, out. She was an entertaining player and made a really good underdog. One of my top favorites
Smart player what else can you say! She made an alliance got to the top 7 with them and voted out the leaders of it when needed if she won that immunity challenge she would've won Vanutau

58Sash Lenahan - 3rd Place - Nicaragua

59Kat Endorsson - 7th Place - Survivor: One World

60Marty Piombo - 11th place - Nicaragua

61Dawn Meehan - 10th Place - South Pacific
Dawn played a awesome gme the second time. She should have won! Cochran could do nothing without her. She blindsided Corinne and Brenda. Brenda was too bitter. 3>


62Leif Manson - 9th Place

63Shannon "Shambo" Waters - 6th Place - Samoa

64Lisa Whelchel - Runner Up - Philippines

65Taj Johnson-George - 4th Place - Tocantins
She pulled her weight where ever she needed and showed she was never the weakest and for these things she was never targeted! She made it to the end and only lost to JT who we all know was going to take Stephen. She made a fake idol, a secret exile alliance (eh), a strong alliance of 3 that went up against 6 others and all made it to the end, and with all of this maintained a great social game and making sure if she made it to the end she would've gotten all the votes. And trust me she would've cleaned up at Final Trobal Council with then laugh out loud. Three words. Smart Stratigic Social
What did she do bad? (nothing) Had the most secret Survivor alliance ever!
She made a fake idol people. Like really. Who thought of that one... Oh yea Taj did seems pretty smart to me
More comments about Taj Johnson-George - 4th Place - Tocantins

66Jonas Otsuji - 12th Place - One World

67Rudy Boesch - 3rd Place - Borneo

68Francesca Hogi - 20th Place - Caramoan
Francesca may not be the best player in the world but she had the most potential to be. The both times she played she was voted out first because she was a threat. In Redemption Island Rob got rid of her because she was only one with the balls to go after Rob and in Caramoan she was voted out because she was leading the alliance that was against Phillip's. In both games she played, although she wasn't there long, she played a clean cut game, if either of the votes had gone her way Phillip would be gone and she would have been relatively in power.

69Tarzan Smith - 6th Place - One World
Although it may seem like an odd suggestion, Tarzan really did use the 'fly under the radar' approach to the game. Although he could be loud and somewhat random at times his strategy of what can be looked at as 'whatever goes' really helped him outlast all the men. Even when he was the last man standing he still used Kat's childish behaviour to his advantage and got her eliminated. I believe he was a great Survivor player because he did not go down without a fight and when he fought, he fought like he was half his age.

70Christine Shields-Macroski - 13th Place - South Pacific
Christine earned her place on the list because, not only was she one of the only people on Upolu to see through the headlights of Coach but she was also a fierce fighter on Redemption Island. The only thing that stopped her was Ozzy's rather dumb move to vote himself out and go to Redemption Island to eliminate her. If Christine had come back she probably would have fought hard to stay in the game and turned on Upolu like she promised the Savaii tribe she would whilst she was on Redemption Island. Furthermore she was taking on people half her age and she was still winning to such an extent that the most athletic guy on the island had to take her out.
She doesn't get enough credit for beating so many people on Redemption Island and on top of that being considered an older woman. Also, she lost to not just anybody, but she lost to the challenge dominator! Let's be real here, she lost to Ozzy.

71Sally Schumann - 8th Place - Panama
Awesome, smart, strong, and screwed by being in the minority. She really needs to return!

72Jenna Morasca - Winner - Amazon

73Hayden Moss - 6th Place - Blood vs. Water

74Monica Culpepper - Runner Up - Blood vs Water

75Aaron Reisberger - 12th Place - China

76Jill Behm - 13th Place - Nicaragua

77Sarah Naomi Dawson - 13th Place - Philippines

78Holly Hoffman - 4th Place - Nicaragua
Although she was seen as somewhat of a mean player the moves she made were some of the best that anybody had made. Not only did she blindside the biggest threat, alliance leader Brenda, but she also managed to survive besides doing this long enough to nearly get to the Finals. Although the cast weren't that fond of her, it is pretty obvious that Holly really di shape the way the game turned out through her actions.

79Kelly Wiglesworth - Runner Up - Survivor: Borneo

80Fabio Birza - Winner - Survivor: Nicaragua

81Carter Williams - 6th Place - Phillipines
One of the best players of the season, and super loyal to whoever he was with. Should have won the season. And he won challenges like crazy.

82Elisabeth Hasselbeck - 4th Place - The Australian Outback

83Christy Smith - 6th Place - Survivor: The Amazon

84Lex van den Berghe - Third Place - Survivor Africa

85Tom Buchana - 4th Place - Survivor: Africa

86Angie Layton -16th Place - Philippines
Angie Layton was a favorite. If Russell wasn't in control of Matsing, Angie would've made it really far with Malcolm & Denise. Such a shame that a great player got voted out so quickly by a returning player :(

87David Samson - 1st Voted Out - Cagayan
Only reason he went out early was because Garrett was a baby.

88Colleen Haskell - 6th Place - Survivor: Borneo

89Greg Buis - 9th Place - Survivor: Borneo

90Kathy Vavrick O'Brien - 3rd Place - Survivor: Marquesas

91Sean Rector - 5th Place - Survivor: Marquesas

92Jonathan Penner - 7th Place - Philippines
He was targeted right from the start by Jeff Kent, but through a combination of challenge wins, smooth talking, and immunity idols he schemed his way to the final seven. He would have won if he had joined Lisa and Skupin. He never gave up, which is why he got so far. He is a consistently strong finisher.
43? No. His game in the Philippines was amazing. His only flaw was not agreeing to the alliance with Lisa and skupin
This guy was so enjoyable and charismatic


93Jon Jonny Fairplay Dalton - 3rd Place - Pearl Islands
The infamous Jonny Fairplay managed to get to the final three despite being the most untrustworthy, unlikeable contestant in the history of the show.
I wish he won. He played the game the way you're supposed to play it


He was one of the sneakiest, sliest, and one of the most manipulative player to ever play the game not to forget the dead grandma lie was halirious

94Shii Ann Huang - 6th - All Stars
Without a doubt one of the most intelligent people to play Survivor. She was a great player who just never really had numbers. No one listened to her in All Stars (which a lot of them obviously should have done) and she got screwed by a stupid twist in Thailand. I think she would've gone all the way had it not been for that twist.
She is one of the most overrated players in Survivor history. Nothing compared to Brian Heidik.

95Benjamin "Coach" Wade - 5th Place - Tocantins

First two seasons werent that great, but in South Pacific, he really called the shots. That isn't to say Sophie was undeserving, but its always hard being a returning player, and to play the game that Coach did, I really think he should have came away with the million dollars

96Natalie White - Winner - Samoa
Natalie really did play under the radar in the sense that she played as one of the less threatening players, only when the game came to it's final stages did her manipulation of Russell start to show when she went al the way to the end with him, she knew she would be more likable than he would be and that's why she won.
She played Russell like a fiddle, and let everyone think he was lying to them, when she was very sibtly doing the exact same thing. Plus, she made the crucial move of getting people to like her, which is what Russell failed to do, and why she beat him in the end.
She was weak but had a good personality that made her like able
More comments about Natalie White - Winner - Samoa

97Erinn Lobdell - 3rd Place - Tocantins

They should bring her back! She deserves it!

She was a smart and subtle strategist, who manipulated the whole game until JT won the final immunity challenge, which was the only thing that could've happened that would've stopped her from winning.


If she won that final immunity challange, she would of been the first player to jump boat and win.

98NaOnka Mixon - 9th Place - Nicaragua
She may have been an ahole and a female dog but she was smart... Admit it! She scared people and they hated her the whole game until she quit. How far could've she gotten with the idol she had. Who knows maybe to the end?
"She played the game very well! If she did not quit she would of maybe won!

99Colton Cumbie - 13th Place - One World
I watched survivor one world and I want him to win... Sadly with a little bacterial infection he lost the game... Hope he's one of the 3 returnees in survivor philippines
Scrampo everyone knows colton eliminated to muscle in the tribe in a couple of tribal councils makes him a powerful king/queen
If He should stay up long he could be like russell and boston rob one of the biggest survivor villains for me

100Rupert Boneham - 8th Place - Pearl Islands
If Richard Hatch didn't event survivor Rupert would had been number 1. Everybody focuses on strategy. He brings survival into the game. Focus on survival now. God, he knows how to go far without strategy and without riding people's coattails.
Loved Rupert from the first episode. He should come back again for another go-around.
From the minute he took the other players shoes... I was hooked on the show and loved Rupert!
More comments about Rupert Boneham - 8th Place - Pearl Islands

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